Assange denied bail

After ruling for Assange against the Trump regime’s extradition request, UK Judge Vanessa Baraitser denied his legal team’s bail request for urgently needed/long denied medical care—unjustifiably saying the following on Wednesday: “I am satisfied that there are substantial grounds for believing that if Mr Assange is released today he would fail to surrender to court to face the appeal proceedings [sic],” adding, “As far as Mr Assange is concerned, this case has not yet been won…The outcome of this appeal is not yet known.”

His legal team will appeal Baraitser’s ruling in Britain’s High Court for justice long denied him.

A Trump regime appeal is expected in the coming days to reverse Baraitser’s extradition denial.

Trump and hardliners surrounding him want Assange crucified for exposing US high crimes of war and against humanity.

They want him eliminated behind bars by deprivation and slow-motion torture.

They want nothing interfering in their war on humanity at home and abroad.

They want his endless persecution to warn other truth-telling journalists at home and abroad they they’ll face a similar fate if dare expose US imperial high crimes.

That’s what Assange’s persecution is all about, why Chelsea Manning was persecuted much the same way.

Last September, Baraitser denied Assange’s bail request for the same dubious reason.

When legitimate ones aren’t available, phony ones are invented.

Assange legal team member Edward Fitzgerald argued that denial of the Trump regime’s extradition request “massively reduce[d]” his motivation to “abscond again”—words Baraitser used in her ruling.

Fitzgerald stressed that Assange “has every reason to stay in this jurisdiction, where he has the protection of the rule of law and this court’s decision.”

WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson called denial of bail for Assange “unjust, unfair, and illogical when you consider her ruling two days ago about Julian’s health,” adding that sending him back to prison hell unjustly “doesn’t make sense.”

He’ll remain there if his legal team’s appeal fails again, what’s most likely because of enormous US pressure to deny him freedom.

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