Sophistication of fascist coup attempt coming to light

America is just starting to discover that it came within a hair’s breadth of witnessing its Constitution upended and a fascist dictatorship declared by Donald Trump as a result of the January 6 insurrection targeting the U.S. Capitol. Indeed, it is all but certain that Trump was borrowing a page from Adolf Hitler’s playbook in ordering Brown Shirts to set fire to the Reichstag in Berlin in 1933 and blaming the arson attack on “Communists” as a reason to suspend the democratic guarantees contained in the Weimar Constitution. According to those few witnesses to Trump’s expletive-laden rants in the Oval Office, the would-be dictator continues to blame the non-existent “antifa” for the attack on the Capitol. Bogus “antifa” attackers in 2021 are as much a propaganda device for Trump as fake “Communists” were for Hitler in 1933.

Perhaps Fred Trump, Sr. recalled to his son Donald how successful Hitler’s operation was to scrap the Weimar Constitution, while also using the Reichstag arson to round up German Communists and Socialists. And old man Trump was very likely to have been aware of and supported the planned but aborted 1934 fascist coup to overthrow President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

With the historical and ideological basis for the January 6 coup attempt established, we can now look at the planning for the operation, which involved at the very least two freshman Republican members of the House of Representatives, both Qanon cultists: Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Marjorie Taylor-Greene of Georgia. Both are currently under a criminal investigation by the US Capitol Police and FBI for permitting January 6 terrorists to reconnoiter the U.S. Capitol complex on January 5, the day prior to the attack. Boebert and Taylor-Greene face expulsion from the House if they are found to have provided coup participants with inside information regarding the location of offices of the House Speaker, the Senate Parliamentarian, offices of individual senators and representatives, and Capitol security systems. Allegations that certain Republican House members assisted in the raiding of the Capitol have come from Democratic Representatives Mikie Sherrill of New Jersey, former Army Ranger Jason Crow of Colorado, and Sean Maloney of New York. Some Capitol Police officers agree that the takeover of the Capitol was aided by members of Congress. Adding to the belief that the insurrection involved House Republican members, former Republican House Speaker John Boehner confirmed that there are “Nazis” who are members of Congress.

Giving impetus to the belief that the coup attempt was well-planned and had inside help from the Capitol Police and other congressional insiders is the fact that panic buttons installed in the office of Representative Ayanna Presley’s office had been ripped out prior to the attack. Presley, a member of the House Democratic “Squad,” discovered as the Capitol came under attack that the panic buttons had been removed. Two Capitol Police officers have been suspended while another 20 remain under investigation for their varying degrees of connivance with the insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol. Involvement in the attack by officers from the Houston and Los Angeles Police Departments has also been discovered.

Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), a disabled veteran, believes that, in addition to former and retired military personnel, active duty members of the armed forces may have taken part in the insurrection. She has demanded the Pentagon investigate reports of active duty military involvement in the coup attempt. It is now being revealed that planning for the coup involved encrypted applications and the storming of the Capitol itself relied on the walkie-talkie app Zello.

Law enforcement intelligence is providing additional details about the coup attempt. It also included the occupation of the White House to prevent Trump being removed from office. In addition, the U.S. Supreme Court was as much a target for the insurrectionists as the U.S. Capitol.

Federal investigators are looking at potential foreign diplomatic support for ther coup and the communications of the Washington embassies of Brazil, Russia, Hungary, and Poland, as well as the diplomatic office of Taiwan, are of particular interest.

As with any failed coup d’état, details about the principals and abettors will soon come to light. It is doubtful, given the involvement of top Republicans in the attempted putsch, that the Republican Party in its present form will survive the coup postmortem investigation. Heads are going to roll, from Donald Trump to individual members of police forces and the military.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

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Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist and nationally-distributed columnist. He is the editor and publisher of the Wayne Madsen Report (subscription required).

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  1. It is so sad! …
    Bev, I hope this image, so telling of what Donald John Trump has done to the United States Democracy, will be OK to post … It is from an editorial at the NCR