Going, going, gone

In 11 hours and 48 minutes from midnight, Donald J. Trump will no longer be president of the United States.

Instead of attending the inauguration of his successor, Joseph R. Biden Jr., Trump has finagled one last ride on Air Force One, heading for Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, where he intends to reside despite having signed an agreement in 1993 with the Town of Palm Beach that in converting the property to a moneymaking private club it could not be used as a permanent home. Just another mess to add to all Trump’s other legal messes.

If Trump had the capacity to understand how he has wrecked his life, which his niece, Mary L. Trump, a clinical psychologist, says he lacks, he would rue the day he rode down the escalator of his Trump Tower in New York to announce his candidacy for president.

Not only is Trump a malignant narcissist, a sociopath, but other being able to promote himself, he is stupid. Despite having attended the best schools, he learned nothing. His only talents, besides promoting himself, is screwing other people and thanks to the tutelage of his mentor, Roy Cohn, was getting away with breaking the rules/laws. The latter may be coming to an end and Trump could spend the rest of his life in prison.

The corporate media could have spared the country and the world by acknowledging what Trump is. Instead, they chose to try to normalize him because he was great for their bottom line. In 2016, then CBS chairman and CEO Les Moonves was giddy about the ratings and the money Trump was bringing into the network. “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS,” Moonves said. This is what happens when money people gobble up the news media, but that’s a story for another time.

With Trump gone, this is a day for some celebration. Some will sigh with relief. Others will cheer. Only Trump and what is left of his cult will be angry and insist the election was stolen from him.

Whether Trump recognizes it or not, he has disgraced himself, got himself impeached twice (it would only have been once if the Senate Republicans had convicted him the first time) and now faces another Senate trial in addition to all the other criminal and civil legal actions he is facing.

As to where we go from here, it falls to Biden to clean up Trump’s messes—and there are many messes, from COVID and deregulation to treaties and immigration. Biden can rise to the level of a Franklin Roosevelt in helping the people or do the bidding of the corporados and banksters at the expense of the people.

Bev Conover is the editor and publisher of Intrepid Report. Email her at editor@intrepidreport.com.

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One Response to Going, going, gone

  1. I, too, hope Biden, “can rise to the level of a Franklin Roosevelt.”
    May the corporados and the banksters not get hold of Biden and may his aching heart and his vision of hope, be the pulse and compass that keeps him on track on the side of the people.