Israel better think twice

As the rift between Israel and Turkey deepens, the Israeli media are preparing their crowd for another possibly exciting bloody conflict.

Israel’s leading news outlet Ynet published Tuesday a detailed comparison between Israel’s and Turkey’s military capacity—it outlines the size of the air force, navy, ground forces in the respective countries. “Turkey,” it says, “posses much bigger navy but our air force is larger.’

I guess that this is what one would expect from Israel, a morbid collective driven by war enthusiasm and some bizarre craving for bloody conflict.

We have to remember, that at least on the face of it, this new emerging rift between Israel and Turkey, is not about land, oil or assets. It is all about apology. Relations between the two old allies have soured further in recent days after the publication of the UN investigation into Israel’s murderous assault on the Turkish Mavi Marmara on the high seas. In the attack, nine peace activists were murdered; some of them were clearly executed in cold blood. Turkey demands Israel’s apology. For some reason, Israel failed to react. The meaning of it is simple. Israel prefers the prospect of a violent development instead of confronting its sin.

I will make myself as simple, short and clear just to make sure that the Israelis and their allies around the world understand how futile their agenda is.

Islam is unbeatable and indestructible. The Israelis should remember their latest military blunders. In 2006, its army was humiliated by the Hezbula, a small Lebanese paramilitary organisation. In just a few weeks, the heroic Hezbollah managed to bring Israel to its knees. In 2008–9, the Israeli Army mounted a massive attack on Gaza, the initial objective was to dismantle the democratically elected Hamas. Israel murdered more than 1,400 Palestinians but it achieved none of its military objectives. Hamas and Hezbollah won these battles without an air force, navy or tanks. In fact, its resilience was enough to defeat the IDF.

But Israel is not alone, The English speaking Empire is also heavily beaten in Iraq and Afghanistan. Similarily, the Iraqi insurgency and Taliban do not posses tanks, F16s or submarines. In the age of Islamic resistance, tables of contents with numbers of tanks, vessels, and airplanes are obsolete. It is the spirit and the will rather than the tank that wins the battle. This spirit would better be called The Islam Spring, and it is unbeatable indeed.

The message for Israelis is plainly clear. Israel and its supporting lobbies had better learn how to contain their inherent violent tendencies. Israel cannot win this battle. The sooner the Israelis encompass this obvious fact, the better it is for Israel and for world peace.

Gilad Atzmon is an Israeli jazz musician, author and political activist. His new book, “The Wandering Who,” may be ordered from or

One Response to Israel better think twice

  1. -
    i’m not sure where to begin

    we have the same father
    our mother is the earth
    we are all gods’ children
    from the moment of our birth
    how we treat each other
    is how we will be judged
    you can call yourself
    whatever you like
    a point i won’t begrudge
    you’ve been given gifts sublime
    but not for waging war
    can’t you see i trust in you
    to realize what they’re for?
    can’t you see your the hope
    the worlds been waiting on?
    when are you going to cut the bs
    put an end to the endless con?
    when will you find the courage
    to trust in the good of a man
    that you haven’t met
    and never will
    if you continue with this plan
    how can you judge another
    and give yourselves a pass
    picking off folks helicopter gun ship
    always seemed a little too crass
    if you want to kill a man
    you must look him in the eye
    put your hands around his neck
    and listen to his cry
    listen to his pleading
    ‘i’m not ready to die’
    take his life into your hands
    and let his spirit fly
    then you will see his sorrow
    then you will see his fear
    you should know better after all
    when death is always near
    it’s just a suggestion
    i’ll throw out
    and only for what it’s worth
    why don’t you give those nukes up
    save yourselves
    and the rest of this earth

    and this goes for all of ‘us’