Trump’s last hurrah?

So Baby Don was “in a good mood” this week, according to reports. Of course he knew he would be acquitted, and he would be able to squawk again about being “totally absolved” in Trumpian manner, the “witch hunt” and blah blah blah.

And it gave him a chance to once again show his total power over the cowards of the Republican party, nearly all of whom bow at his feet. To borrow a phrase from Jimmy Kimmel, they would eat Donald Trump’s hair out of the bathtub drain.

But most of all I think fundamentally his joy was simply about being the center of attention again, recovering that position as the one thing that is getting more attention than anything else. That’s what he craves most of all. On the basic id level—and Donald Trump is the pure expression of the id—attention is all he cares about. Without it, he is bereft.

So he had his brief return this week, got to fill our world with his malignant presence one more time. I’m sure he loved seeing the footage that made most people want to vomit or sob, because it was a demonstration once again of his great power to move masses of people to his will. Unfortunately when he has that power in his hand, he can only think of negative ways to use it because that’s all he is. Donald Trump is just pure negativity surrounding his ego.

Okay, so he got his encore performance, and now he plans his revenge tour. He wants to get out on the road, get his crowds around him again, use his savage base to terrorize anyone who ever resisted anything he demanded. But for those of us not in the Trump cult, his absence was wonderful, and his return was a nauseating, heartsickening reminder of the five years of horror and degradation that was the Trump era.

I suspect his power will wane now. He will try desperately to keep it going, to revive it, build it, restore his position as the world’s greatest threat. As the world moves on into “broad sunlit uplands” in the joy of his absence, he will become increasingly irrelevant. As he tries desperately to cling to center stage he will probably eventually overreach again and get in trouble again. And at some point, he will go too far and he will get caught up in his own web of crime and depravity. And finally he will confront some accountability. People like Don, born tyrants and bullies, cannot stop, they can’t restrain themselves. He has no moral compass, only his ego, so he will eventually get tangled and tripped up. It seems inevitable.

So now the world can move on from this horrible, bestial period in our history. We can start to feel our optimism again, which was blossoming in his short absence. Tonight we drink, tomorrow we forget.

David Cogswell publishes HeadBlast.

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