Soros’ and Sunstein’s joint censorship strategy

WMR has recently learned that international financier George Soros, a major backer of President Obama and other Democrats, does not take criticism lightly. In fact, Soros has been engaging in a tactic usually favored by right-wing corporations: shutting down critics with a legal instrument known as a “strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP).”

SLAPP suits are intended to silence critics by forcing them into expensive litigation stemming from charges of libel. Ultimately, the charged parties are forced to retract unfavorable articles or be faced into bankruptcy as the result of costly judgments.

The SLAPP tactics of Soros have been aimed at websites that criticize globalization and Soros’s role in it. Obama’s chief of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Cass Sunstein, wrote in his 2003 book, Why Societies Need Dissent, about how dissent benefits society. However, Sunstein has flip-flopped on his previous stances and now favors proactive disruption of websites critical of the government, measures he has labeled “cognitive infiltration.”

The information disruptors of the so-called “progressive left,” including Soros, appear to be taking Sunstein’s censorship tactics to a new level by engaging in SLAPPs. WMR knows of one case where Soros is suing a bona fide progressive organization for $500,000 for an article suggesting that one of Soros’s foundations has promoted violence by supporting certain “themed” revolutions. WMR is on record in many past articles citing the same violent elements embedded in Soros’s support for themed revolutions, many of which dovetailed and were coordinated with CIA, National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) political disruption operations. The violence associated with Soros’s themed revolution activities were particularly noticeable in Iran, Tibet, Burma, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China, and more recently, in Egypt, Libya, and Syria.

Sunstein’s wife, White House National Security Council adviser Samantha Power, was one of the driving forces behind Obama’s decision to engage militarily in Libya at the outset of the rebellion, part of which was supported by Soros’s vast array of non-governmental organizations. Many of these NGOs have adopted the “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) doctrine of Powers and the doctrine was behind the activities of various factions in the “Lotus Revolution” in Egypt and the “Jasmine Revolution” in Tunisia. The Libyan rebels’ use of Facebook, a common tactic for the Soros gang, had some dubbing the Libyan revolution the “Facebook Revolution” at its outset.

Soros and his lawyers have not shown any signs of backing down in its SLAPP tactics against critics of his themed revolutions. However, with more publicity, George Soros’s Internet disruption tactics may go the way of Righthaven, a company that specialized in using copyright infringement lawsuits against websites and bloggers availing themselves of Fair Use provisions in order to force them into costly litigation and ultimate bankruptcy.

Righthaven, facing legal blowback from its activities, recently filed for bankruptcy. Hopefully, Mr. Soros will also face such blow-back with his insidious scheming and relationship to Obama’s and Sunstein’s draconian information policies being exposed for all the world to see.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

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Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist and nationally-distributed columnist. He is the editor and publisher of the Wayne Madsen Report (subscription required).

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