We are taking a break

Last week was a grueling week and this one started off no better.

Last Tuesday, a friend and neighbor wound up in the hospital on an emergency basis due to an extremely low oxygen level, and she is still in the hospital. I have been taking care of her 90-pound (think he’ over 100 pounds now) puppy—actually a giant dog—which meant I had to go to her house several times a day to let him out, feed him and fill his water bowl.

Being a lovable pooch—if you don’t mind having him slam his full weight into you—everything was going well until Friday evening when he gave me a tad of difficulty about going back inside. Saturday evening, he gave me an even harder time but I managed to get him in. Sunday evening, he decided he didn’t have to mind me at all and there was no way he was going back into the house. Since one can’t simply scoop up a dog of that size, after a half-hour of coaxing, pleading, cajoling and cussin’, I gave up and he spent the night outside.

While he was more or less safe in the fenced property, I spent a restless night worrying about him. This morning (Monday) he was fine and very playful, not that playful was much help because there still was no way he was going into the house.

I called my friend to tell her what was going on with her overgrown puppy. By the way, he has the apropos name of Rebel. She had me call the place she takes him for grooming and which also does boarding. The groomer he is fond of came and after a bit of a tussle once we opened the gate, he was ready to go.

So Rebel is now safe and in good hands and I can catch up on the things I couldn’t do last week, plus be ready to pick my friend up when she is released from the hospital.

I will be back to publishing Intrepid Report as soon as possible.

Bev Conover is the editor and publisher of Intrepid Report. Email her at editor@intrepidreport.com.

2 Responses to We are taking a break

  1. You did the right thing in getting help. I’m glad everything turned out okay.

  2. Whew! How exhausting. It also sounds like Rebel wanted to know where his Mommy-Keeper was and wanted to be with her … he just didn’t want to be without her and he was making it known… In a way I think he was saying, “take me to her!”

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