Consciousness is all there is

As Mark Twain once said, “It’s not what you don’t know that gets you in trouble, it’s what you know for sure but which just isn’t true.”

Humanity is now in trouble because its fundamental assumption about the nature of the universe just isn’t true. The materialist worldview that has dominated science and philosophy for the past 200 years has crumbled. Discoveries in quantum physics have disproven it, but no consensus has been able to take its place. Materialists and idealists have been arguing back and forth for decades.

This lack of shared understanding has repercussions that go beyond the laboratory. Without a consistent, agreed-upon worldview, societies don’t function well. As cognitive confusion spreads, our common basis for problem solving weakens.

Now Dr. Tony Nader has developed a holistic worldview that resolves this deadlock. The new knowledge is presented in his recent book, One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness, and in a series of 14 videos, Consciousness: A New Paradigm. In these works he unifies the dichotomy between matter and spirit, integrating what had been previously thought of as mutually exclusive opposites into a coherent synthesis. In doing so, he makes the paradigm shift complete. And he communicates this in a way that makes these profound topics understandable and relevant to our personal lives.

By overcoming the conceptual gap separating matter from mind, science from spirituality, the human from the divine, he takes us beneath these superficial dualities into the wholeness of life. He conveys the unity underlying all diversity, and he resolves the apparent contradiction between free will and determinism. He even makes the dynamics of spacetime understandable.

Dr. Nader convincingly refutes the prevalent view that our consciousness is just a product of electrical or biochemical activity in the brain. Expanding on the latest developments in unified-field physics, he establishes consciousness as an infinite reservoir of creativity and intelligence out of which matter and the entire universe manifest. Consciousness is all there is. It is every person’s true Self and the ultimate reality of everyone and everything.

He states that understanding and expanding consciousness is fundamental to any attempt to solve the existential, environmental, and social problems we all face today.  The way to develop our personal consciousness is to directly experience the unbounded ocean of pure Consciousness, which is the source of every person’s thoughts and feelings. Accessing it is not difficult; on the contrary, it is simple, easy, effortless, and natural.

When you experience this unbounded ocean of Consciousness, you are experiencing a fourth state of your personal consciousness. This state is entirely different from waking, sleeping, or dreaming. This transcendental consciousness has its own physiological parameters and mental characteristics. It is more restful than deep sleep and more mentally alert than ordinary waking consciousness.

Dr. Nader describes how to reach this fourth state and also higher ones in One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness and in Consciousness: A New Paradigm.

William T. Hathaway is an emeritus Fulbright professor of American studies at universities in Germany, where he currently lives.

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