How did it take this long for courage to get to Wall Street?

Perhaps we should begin by calling them financializers . . . or, swine for short? Like all elite swine, they’re so full of hubris it’s made their tails curl. Whenever there’s a major upward transfer of wealth debacle like the dot com bubble or the savings and loan scandal, they’re always nearby.

These swine create overwhelming misery by diddling wealth from those who actually create value, plug it into their casino-juju machinery, extract vast profits through every kind of criminal manipulation and speculation, and end up controlling everything, including governments. Through government control, they further bleed populations into turnips; then they demand ever-increasing public bailouts when their casino chicanery runs up against reality. Repeat cycle until the amount of toxic waste on the books from casino-derivative side bets equals more money than there is on the planet, and only WWIII might bail them out.

Their doomsday mission is to perpetually seek out new ways to bleed wealth with new and more complex leeches, and to boldly accumulate more debt slaves than any man before.

And now, at long last, vestiges of Americans that still cling to courage are protesting at the main sty, peaceful demonstrations aimed at those who have all but wrecked the country, much of the world—and have yet to get up a really good head of steam. And guess what?

It didn’t happen. “Occupy Wall Street” continued not to happen for almost two weeks . . . or at least mainstream corporate media (CorpoMedia) has tried to bury it, but that pesky Internet—that thing the swine haven’t been able to fully control, yet—it blabbed about the protest all over the world. Time for a second line of defense.

Ad hominem attacks

Sure, standardized police brutality and intimidation are always there to fall back on, along with just about any inhumanity imaginable, but the Swine have earned an image problem; no sense expanding that problem if not absolutely necessary. Besides, Americans have been conditioned to get jollies from trash talk—look how much traction it’s given repugnantcans (GOPers) and their rancid wings.

So attack the character of these upstart protestors in “Grand Old . . . (style).” Sting them with choice adjectives, such as, “dirty hippies,” “aimless,” “spoiled brats,” “ungratefuls,” “juveniles.” Taunt them, jeer at the most courageous among us from lofty perches while sipping champagne and snapping cell-phone pictures for fellow swine to laugh at. Then, hammer home the “aimless” . . .

No clear message, no leadership

Imagine a swine/corporate Malignancy gleefully attacking life on Earth—attacking the planet’s ability to sustain life—in the blind pursuit of profit. A monstrous evil energized by pure greed, hell bent on destroying you, your world, and inevitably, itself, all in the name of insatiable reptilian drive for personal accumulation. And there are people among us courageous and focused enough to make amazing personal sacrifices protesting the Malignancy’s culture of uncontrolled greed . . . and the Malignancy maligns the courageous for not having a “clear message,” or a defined CEO (leadership). Well, it’s all unfolding in clear view for CorpoMedia to pull out a full-court suppress against. Sounds like the very definition of “malignant.”

If this were (their) Hollywood, perhaps the “clear message” might be: “Your mother sucks cocks in hell” (from “The Exorcist,” Warner Bros., 1973).

But instead of Hollywood, this is an unbelievably life-supporting speck of oasis in an unimaginably immense and hostile universe. Malignancy bent on destroying our oasis for profit employs as a second line of defense against its detractors, an attack for not having a “clear message”—that’s almost beyond Hollywood.

The grievances are so expansive, hardly conducive to a nice, tidy, vetted, “clear message.” Anyway, a “clear message” would probably incite a full frontal assault of litigation involving hordes of parasitic Malignancy lawyers and going clear up to the corporate Supreme Court, where charges such as defamation would stick, maybe even charges that the protestors are terrorists that should be vaporized in the interest of national security.

Besides, if the Malignancy has to be told, has to have a “clear message,” it would at least pretend not to understand the message.

And regarding leadership: America has no leadership, simply Malignancy in utter control. So what’s all the fuss about “no leadership”? Patent infringement?

How might YOU contribute to the courage?

The rewards of freedom, or more accurately, liberty, and (representative) democracy (alas, we hardly knew you) requires sacrifice and eternal vigilance. The Malignancy must be hit where it’s sensitive—the bottom line . . . where they can’t obfuscate, deny, taunt, jeer, or wash away with Dom Perignon. Sure, they might try, but. . . .

The truly courageous among us have touched off a spark! If the rest of us let it go out without burning out the Malignancy, so much for courage in America. And how much courage would it really take to disable your TV and cancel your subscription to the heart of CorpoMedia? Certainly nothing like the courage of those “dirty hippies” occupying “Wall Street.” But a little is better than nothing, and if multiplied by a million, it’s not little anymore.

For a discussion of the advantages and challenges of kicking TV addiction, please go here.

If only a million American households—a tiny fraction—freed themselves from a debilitating habit, it would hurt the Malignancy. It’s really one of the best ways to show solidarity with the courageous, to impact the Malignancy, help onself, and get courage in America off the endangered species list.

But what will we DO?

For Christ’s sake, how will we find out what’s happening in the world?!

Okay, I know, excuses swarm in fast to pester you back into your comfort zone. Plus, if you think watching TV is actually doing something, and that CorpoMedia TV is anything but mind control—propaganda aimed not at informing you about what’s going on, but at filling your head with what Malignancy wants you to believe, well . . . sorry I said anything.

But a new study just cited in “Parade magazine” (10/2/11)—the study found that parts of the brain suppressed when watching TV, especially those involved in thinking and memory formation, they “ . . . light up when TV is turned off.”

Courage is sparking around the country, finally, and the Malignancy is concerned. They might have to pull off a false-flag “terrorist attack” diabolical enough to declare martial law. They are capable of doing whatever it takes to snuff this courage thing permanently. Again, they continuously prove that nothing is beyond their inhumanity. Profit is all that matters.

But if millions of people have enough courage to sever their CorpoMedia mainline—cancel their expensive satellite/cable Malignancy feeds, that would be a stealth attack, which they never would have imagined could come from their programmed Americans. Open protest they can simply snuff if it gets too troublesome, but a show of courageous intelligence would really catch them off guard. Don’t get me wrong, Occupy Wall Street is definitely courageous intelligence, but the brave and intelligent need massive reinforcements. And then, the real courage will have to kick in. The across-the-board hit to the bottom line would wound the Malignancy. A cornered wild animal is dangerous, but a wounded one is far more dangerous.

Since Supreme Court hijinks have ultimately, under the Constitution (that goddam piece of paper), bestowed upon corporations more rights than those of living persons, corporations are, if nothing else than legally . . . wild animals.

Duck and cover

Seems we might have only two choices, now that we’ve fiddled and shirked around seeking comfort zones plenty long enough for Malignancy to establish—almost—total control. One, we can keep our heads down, whimper for the best, and let Malignancy enjoy final consolidation of their power and render Earth uninhabitable. Two, We can muster courage to survive by burning down the Malignancy while we still might be able to. Peaceful protest in the face of confident, smug and smarmy Malignancy, hidden from awareness of so many CorpoMedia junkies is one thing; stealth protest aimed at the heart of a Malignancy getting scared is another.

Blood would be spilled, barrels of it—and WWIII could make the gushing Macondo wellhead blowout in the Gulf seem like a little squirt compared to the gushing of blood the Malignancy will set in motion if this “courage thing” doesn’t die down.

The malignancy is already taking everything down; if they are forced down prematurely, they’ll take everything else down with them.

Courage versus Malignancy. Life versus death. Our most courageous have given us a spark that I believe will be the last of such sparks of hope, our final chance. Whether or not enough courage exists in America to keep the spark from going out—even fuel a cauterization of the current controlling Malignancy . . . I am not optimistic. In fact, I have little hope that a nation of TV addicts has much courage left at all; certainly not the intelligence for a stealth attack.

A flash in the pan, few reinforcements on the way. A flash the Malignancy won’t ever allow to happen again. I’m very sorry for believing this . . . but the overt courage of a few Americans has moved me so much I just had to say something. And of course, I’ve been wrong so many times; of all those times, being proved wrong here might be the best thing that ever happened . . . to all of us.

All that is Holy . . . please let me be wrong.

Rand Clifford’s novel Castling, the classic “Story of the Power of Hemp,” and the sequel, “Timing,” are published by StarChief Press. The novels, “Priest Lake Cathedral,” and “Voices of Vires” will be available soon.

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