Liberté, égalité & fraternité on the march

Although the Bastille and Versailles are safe for now, NATO tyrants and their flunkeys are once again becoming fair game.

The spirit of La Marseillaise, that greatest of all national anthems, is again infusing citizens in countries as diverse as Ukraine, Canada, England, Sri Lanka and the Netherlands, where the banners for liberté, liberté chérie are again unfurled against NATO’s “horde of slaves, traitors, plotting kings.”

In Sri Lanka, they have hunted down the sycophants, invaded their safe spaces and sent the President, the Prime Minister and their incestuous toadies packing. In Canada, truckers assailed dictator Trudeau, who took himself, his young son and his Imelda Marcos collection of socks off to grand stand in Ukraine to escape their wrath. In England, trade unionists like Mick Lynch have arisen to give voice to the legitimate grievances of Her Majesty’s long suffering subjects, those matchstick masses who never make it to the RoyalsWimbledon catwalk. The women and children of Ukraine’s eastern regions have had a gut full of NATO’s criminality and the farmers of the Netherlands have showered their masters in cow manure.

July 2022, like July 1789 before it, is a great time to be alive. It is a time of hope, a hope that trade unionists will be given a living wage and that farmers and truckers will retain their autonomy in the face of the machinations of Schwab, Trudeau, von der Leyen and the wretches of the Dutch Royal Family.

Not only are these Dutch farmers and Canadian truckers an endangered species but von der Leyen and Schwab want to extirpate their livelihoods altogether so that the World Economic Forum’s business plans of conquest and subjugation can proceed. Because these truckers and farmers are independent, masters of their rigs, the World Economic Forum must crush them for both ideological and practical reasons. Not only is their independence an affront to the power plays of Trudeau, Schwab and that idiotic von der Leyen woman but their ownership of trucks, trailers and tractors and their willingness to deploy those machines in the service of liberté, liberté chérie make them a formidable enemy Trudeau and his fellow fascists must crush by fair means or foul.

The same in spades, of course, applies for France’s own gilets jaunes, France’s yellow vest protesters, whose forefathers won their rights to liberté, égalité & fraternité in wars so terrible their craven government rightly fears them to this day. And so, as Macron and his cronies take the French Foreign Legions Bastille Day salute, France and the wider world she inspired salute the older, nobler and infinitely more anarchistic legions that stormed the Bastille on July 14, 1789.

This is not to say that Dutch farmers are an unorganized Parisian rabble but to claim the very opposite. Those Dutch farmers who survived the earlier machinations of the World Economic Forum and their EU Presidential drunkards became Europe’s most efficient farmers and, unbeknownst even to themselves, a threat to the power grabs of von der Leyen,Trudeau and Schwab’s other stake holders in controlling Europe’s food supply.

But, if Dutch farmers should be reduced to selling wooden clogs by the pavement and other token entrepreneurial efforts by von der Leyen’s enforcers, what hope have the farmers of Galicia, Romania and other areas which depend on machinery the Dutch jettisoned 30 years ago? Whom can they beg from, if von der Leyen reduces us all to permanent penury?

The French are no strangers to this dilemma. They faced it once before, from 1776 to 1789 and they faced the wrath of the world as a consequence. The Serbs, who sided with the Allies in two world wars, must still pay an awful price for their defense of liberté, liberté chérie and even Moscow’s own children find themselves bereft of freedom fries as McDonalds and other NATO outlets jump ship.

But denying Russian children that junk might be the straw that breaks NATO’s back. Not only are Russian children better off without such gruel but NATO’s other targets, China primarily, are sponging up all these experiences both big and small. China must pay particular attention to NATO’s East European machinations for not only does she share a massive 4,200 km border with Russia but China knows, should East Europe fall to NATO, she too is slotted in for a date with NATO’s butchers, who have made no secret about any of that.

If we reduce these struggles to a few basic variables, we see NATO amassing its forces on Russia’s borders, whilst Russia, China and Iran, like seasoned boxers, keep their heads down and their fists up in preparation for the slug fest coming their way. The questions then are who should prevail, BIR or NATO and what, if any, are the rules in this looming no holds barred war?

Militarily, BIR must have the edge. Russian sappers will dig in deep into Eastern Ukraine and God help any NATO lemmings sent to wrest it back from them. Economically, Germany once again needs Russian oil but, as Russia has a willing China to supply her technological needs, Germany is in for cold comfort this winter with no heat and no money to pay for it.

As is Japan, which is following the German model of fighting needless wars on two fronts with Russia’s embargoed oil to the north and China’s growing navy to the south. Still, if Japan feels self-destruction is worth an American pat on the head, they should go full steam ahead into their own abyss, which Siberia’s icy winds will bring them this winter.

Although we can discount the threats of General Philip Breedlove, NATO’s former supreme commander for Europe and NATO’s other Colonel Blimps to blow the Crimean bridge for the Walter Mitty nonsense that it is, we can expect more probing, more excursions to unearth Russia’s Achilles Heels, Russia’s soft underbellies. Although Ukraine was to be that Achilles heel wedged into Russia’s underbelly, that has, alas, proved to be nothing more than an expensive NATO wet dream. Eastern Ukraine is Russia’s Toulon, L’Eguillette, “the Needle” from where Bonaparte destroyed the British Navy, liberated Toulon, secured Southern France and allowed the Armies of the French Republic to march on Cologne and the Netherlands, where they drove out the House of Orange’s Royal parasites and established the Batavian Republic.

Those were heady days we might yet relive. Although NATOs crackpots are ranting that conspiracy theorists (sic) are rallying behind the Dutch farmers, Canadian truckers and British trade unionists as once they rallied behind the Boer (and Irish) heroes of the Second Anglo Boer War, far more important than those empty vessels are NATO academics like Carole Nahle of Surrey University and NATO’s Middle East Institute being paid to claim that Russia is running out of gas and oil and Irish state controlled media giving her a free platform to spout her nonsense. If Russia was low on fuel, then Japan, Shell and other NATO oil companies would not have invested so heavily in extracting those phantom reserves.

That Carole Nahle is regarded as an oil expert just shows how deeply NATO is mired in the sludge Dutch farmers are lacing Dutch authorities with. Although the heads of the British and American secret services can, like drunken bar bums, issue as many threats to destroy China as they wish, and von der Leyen and NATO’s other jumped up tea ladies can make as many self-enriching plans to rebuild the failed Ukrainian state as they like, reality, the same reality Napoleon’s la Grande Armée and Hitler’s Wehrmacht met in Eastern Ukraine, is the toughest of all task masters.

Germany, with Holland, has surrendered her Central Bank’s discipline to von der Leyen’s wet dreams of eternal NATO bondage, to being the toothless attack dogs for Joe and Hunter Biden, and Klaus Schwab’s other unaccountable stakeholders. As NATO piles up the children’s body bags in the Alley of the Angels, in Gaza, in Syria and Yemen, these arrogant criminals forget that the artillery men of Luhansk and Donbas also have dreams, children and long memories, the same dreams and memories that two centuries ago got the French to storm Versailles and put the fear of God into despots everywhere.

Although the Bastille and Versailles are safe for now, NATO tyrants and their flunkeys, and not just Sri Lanka’s Rajapaksas, are once again becoming fair game. Although the Dutch farmers and the Canadian truckers still lack their Napoleonic Grande Armée, they are following La Marseillaise’s calls to aux armes, citoyens! formez vos bataillons! to “Grab your weapons, citizens! Form your battalions!” so that tyrants and traitors will tremble and tumble like skittles. For me, for British trade unionists, Sri Lankans, Dutch farmers, Canadian truckers and tens of millions worldwide, the imprecations and invocations of La Marseillaise are music to my ears, just as they are warnings to Trudeau, Schwab, von der Leyen, Zelensky and Macron to beware the coming deluge their greed fomented.

This article originally appeared in Strategic Culture Foundation online journal.

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