NATO’s five steps to control any country

NATO employs the five basic processes of location, dependency, bribery, civilian control and force to subjugate every country that makes it onto their hit list.

NATO must first decide on which country it wants to colonize at any particular time. This is, of course, a movable feast because, as Churchill explained, NATO has no permanent friends, only permanent interests. These interests motivate NATO to target countries like Nigeria or Iraq that are resource rich or others, like Ireland, Serbia or Estonia that might supply geographical or political leverage at any given time.

Having picked its quarry, just as a parasite makes itself indispensable to its host, so also must NATO make its prey dependent on it for survival. Because this is best done by controlling the prey’s export revenues, NATO must make those revenues dependent upon what NATO’s The Economist magazine calls Free Trade, NATO’s rules based order, where the host can only export on NATO’s terms and in NATO’s currency of choice, now almost invariably the Yankee dollar.

Thus, after the British set up its puppet Irish Free State in 1922, Britain’s fifth columnists still controlled Ireland’s beef, banking, biscuit and beer industries. Just as that regime was in no position to challenge its neo colonial master, so also are all of the resource rich Latin American and African countries in NATO’s orbit in no position to challenge their masters, whether it be France looting Yemen, the United States looting Iraq and Syria or the European Union using Ukraine as a money laundering and white slave trafficking hub.

In the increasingly unlikely event that Ireland, Nigeria, Ukraine or anywhere else could, like Syria, produce a leadership cadre capable of challenging NATO, they would still have to contend with the fact that NATO controls its export revenues, its inward investments and its taxes. This can be seen most clearly in Ireland, which has been colonized by America’s Silicon Valley companies, whose employees pay the bulk of Ireland’s income tax and whose basest needs keep Ireland’s escort business booming. If America were to pull the plug on Ireland being its EU hub, then the Irish economy would suffer a meltdown. If readers wonder why countries like Ireland, Britain and Ukraine have such inept leaders, it is because they are selected to serve NATO’s interests, Silicon Valley’s interests, rather than that of their own peoples. Thus, when one today speaks of the permanent government, one must not speak so much about the civil service but of those NATO aligned companies, who call the shots behind the scenes.

The politicians and other peoples of interest in those target companies are controlled by massive NATO bribes. Take, for example, NATO’s proposed reconstruction of Ukraine, where the Irish regime has promised to rebuild Ukraine’s Rivne Oblast. Crucially, however, what that means is massive contracts for CRH, Ireland’s huge builder suppliers’ company, which has been a byword in massive corruption since almost the foundation of the Irish Free State. If any patriotic Ukrainians with no political connections to the rotten Zelensky junta think there is anything for them in that promise, they are in dreamland as bribery does not work that way.

American billionaires Chuck Feeney and former Nazi collaborator George Soros have been major conduits for sending billions in bribe money into Ireland. Feeney’s billions were particularly instrumental in buying off for the CIA the leaders of the IRA’s Sinn Féin party, whose key leaders have been shown to be on Soros’ payroll. Because Fine Gael, Ireland’s major conservative party, was colonized as long ago as the early 1970s with the promotion to international stardom of Goldman Sachs bigwig Peter Sutherland, Ireland’s corrupt leaders are now fully on board with Team NATO. The Irish Labour Party, founded by the legendary anti imperialist James Connolly, is now headed by trust fund babe and rabid Russophobe Ivana Bacik, whose grandfather ran four massive factories in Czechoslovakia for Hitler’s Waffen SS and the Irish Green Party, like Green Parties elsewhere, has never seen an environmental friendly NATO war it did not unconditionally support.

The key thing to remember about all such politicians is that, irrespective of what French or Italian tailors they use, they are just NATO’s maidservants, just as are the khaki loving Zelensky or the British gangsters who ran India through the East India Company for 200 years and those NATO aligned gangster families who have been raping Kurdish held Iraq since the First Gulf War. Indeed, with regard to Iraq, isn’t it incredible that Kurdish held Iraq, which is so rich in oil, is one of the main sources of illegal immigrants to the EU, that NATO, with all its talk of nation building, democracy and trans pride parades, treats its Kurdish killers so brutally? And, if the ordinary Kurds get such a raw deal, can you imagine how Iraq’s Mandaeans, Yezidi, Syriacs and Chaldeans are faring as NATO rapes their homeland around the clock? And, can you imagine how Crimea would have fared had it not been reunited with its Russian motherland just when Pussy Riot were desecrating its churches and Shell and ExxonMobil, who are at the heart of the Ukrainian crisis, began drilling for oil there?

Bribery, then, has been a most useful tool and not only for the Romans, who famously got their hands on Jesus for a fist full of shekels. NATO has successfully played that Judas card time and again because it knows that most of those in the middle can be bullied, bought or bribed to help undermine those who resist Empire.

NATO does, alas, have to deal with the slow learners, those who rule places like Iran, Syria and Russia who don’t want to sell their souls for penny rolls and streaks of hairy bacon. And, though NATO fears such folk might be the kindling to start wider fires of resistance, if they can be deprived of oxygen, then NATO can carry on regardless. As long as civilians can be kept on life support with bread and virtual circuses, NATO’s pilfering continues.

That is where mass propaganda, charities, NGOs and D listers like Greta Thunberg and Zelensky come in for, once the populace can be kept idle, slothful and indifferent, all will be well. It is important to say, in this regard, that folk could not be more wrong when they assert that things would improve if Americans knew what their armies were up to with little Iraqi and little Afghani girls and boys. The fact of the matter is the general public not only do not care but have never cared. American Sniper, Black Hawk Down and Rambo are the pinnacle of their understanding. More Parisians turned out on the streets of Paris after France won the World Cup than when De Gaulle entered it on its 1944 liberation.

When the sexually ambivalent Roderic O’Gorman became Minister for Children in the current Irish government, he immediately declared his top priority was to expedite sex change operations at England’s now totally disgraced and discredited Tavistock Clinic for those Irish children he claimed were born in the wrong sex. O’Gorman will never be held to account for castrating those hundreds of Irish children because the American pharmaceutical companies, who are at the heart of the Irish economy, will ensure he survives to blight not only the political landscape but thousands of vulnerable children for years to come; their profits depend on it. For any Irish person wishing to defy this very sinister overlord, they will find, just as any Briton trying to defy Tony Blair will find, that there are vast networks of fake NGOs and charities on NATO’s payroll supporting him and that these are usually sufficient to see off any challenge that might arise.

And, if not, NATO always has as Smedley Butler, the Fighting Quaker, explained in War is a Racket, recourse to brute force and enforcers like Butler to obliterate those who might dare resist. When we look at resistance in Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Saigon, Santiago, Warsaw or Belfast, we must always factor in The Cry of the Morning, NATO’s proxies dispatching Assange, Lumumba, King (who had been protesting against Coca Cola the day they executed him), Saro-Wiwa, Darya Dugina,. Daphne Caruana Galizia and so many hundreds of thousands more, the list of NATO’s victims never ends.

And nor does the diagnosis. Or indeed the prognosis, where we can see, in the broadest of brush strokes, what must be done and what must be undone to unloosen NATO’s death grasp. Although the two sided sword of foreign help is needed, NATO’s World Economic Forum minions are busily draining the swamp under their Green banner, building their one dimensional New Jerusalem, even as their Eternal Rome disintegrates in front of them. As can be seen with the fascistic crushing of independently minded Canadian truckers and the last of the Dutch, German and Italian farmers, Oliver Goldsmith’s truism that “a bold peasantry, their country’s pride,. when once destroyed, can never be supplied”, especially if Klaus Schwab’s dystopian Brave New World is to be realized.

This is not to abandon all hope but to acknowledge realities, the lie of the land. NATO’s leaders and those who serve them are no different from the Famine Queens, the Caesars and the oligarchs of bygone ages, who sent little English children up chimneys and down coal mines. They believe that we exist purely on their sufferance and, to the extent that we buy into their scam, they have a point.

But only a point as this dialectic between right and wrong, truth and falsehoods will never end. Good souls like Julian Assange continue to fight the good fight in the direst of circumstances and, in these days of ignorant and ill-informed Russophobia, we might turn to Tolstoy’s War and Peace, to Austerlitz, Napoleon’s greatest triumph, where Field Marshal Kutuzov observes how wars turn on a dime, on the actions of solitary individuals and Prince Andrey, staring up into the face of Napoleon, reflects on the nothingness of greatness.

And so it is that we meek will indeed inherit the earth when enough of us put our shoulders to the wheel to kick NATO off their pedastal, for this fight can end in no other way but with the predators being vanquished and their victims able to say, in the words of Martin Luther King’s old negro spiritual, free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I am free at last., free, like Julian Assange who, though chained in one of NATO’s most notorious gaols, is still in heart and conscience free.

This article originally appeared in Strategic Culture Foundation online journal.

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