No red wave, no surprise

Americans not only get the best “democracy” money can buy, they get results determined by brazen fraud.

An open, free and fair process is pure fantasy.

The same reality applies to democracy, the real thing abhorred and not tolerated throughout the US-controlled West.

Given a dissatisfied/angry public over the dismal state of the nation in decline under undemocratic Dems, Republicans should have overwhelmingly triumphed on Tuesday.

While they look set to regain House control, final Senate results can go either way.

“No signs of a red wave,” press agent for undemocratic Dems and Biden, NYT, gloated, adding:

Dems “defied predictions of a midterm electoral drubbing” — the old-fashioned way, the Times left unexplained.

Most likely, it’s because of election-rigging in similar fashion to how they stole 2020 elections, notably for the White House.

While Republicans may regain House and Senate control, it’s too close to call for the upper body.

Will election fraud decide things?

Judicial Watch highlighted one example.

It sued the state of Illinois for “allow(ing) vote-by-mail ballots received up to 14 days after the polls close on election day to be counted as if they were cast and received on or before election day.”

Tens of thousands of mail-in ballots can “materially affect” election results by brazen fraud.

“The Delaware Supreme Court recently struck down that state’s vote-by-mail and same-day voter registration statutes for violating the Delaware Constitution.”

The US Supreme Court should address this issue.

Ideally, the High Court should rule against the current system as unconstitutional — for breaching the First and 14th Amendments.

It should mandate same-day voting by use of verifiable paper ballots, banning electronic and mail-in ballot voting — the latter permitted only for the disabled and overseas-based US military personnel.

And this from Dem press agent WaPo: Dems “defy expectations…Republicans fall short in several key races.”

While ignoring the unseemly side of US politics, a system rife with fraud, WaPo gloated over a “vaunted red wave never hit(ting) the shore in midterm” selections.

And this from WaPo: “(S)ome (Dem) senators are defying political gravity to win or lead key elections” — the old-fashioned way, left unexplained.

In Georgia, neither Dem candidate Raphael Warnock or GOP aspirant Herschel Walker got 50% of the vote so far to declare victory.

Without it, there will be a December 6 runoff.

Overnight, House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy said “when you wake up” Wednesday morning, Pelosi’s days as Speaker will be numbered.

Despite McCarthy being poised to replace her as House Speaker, she changed the subject by touting better-than-expected results by Dems.

“No sweep for Republicans after all, Dem press agent AP News reported, adding:

“Republicans hoped for a wipeout. They didn’t get it.”

It’ll be days before final results are in.

Only three times since 1906 did the party of the White House incumbent gain House seats, including during the Great Depression.

It turned out this way six times in the Senate.

From 1934 – 2018, the party of the White House incumbent lost an average of 28 House and four Senate seats in midterms.

With divided government for the next two years, beginning in January, Biden is a lame duck.

The regime he heads in name only will likely face a number of House (and perhaps Senate) probes — notably on throwing good money after bad on Ukraine, the Dem-orchestrated Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol Hill false flag and toxic flu/covid mass-jabbing.

While all of the above and more of the same may produce more smoke than fire for political reasons, it’ll be refreshing to hold the feet of undemocratic Dems to the fire for any reasons.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.” Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

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