Twilight of the Gods

Europeans have embraced American manacles more readily than any other subjugated people have in history.

Not only has America slain all Europe’s gods but our moral cowardice ensures there can be no room for either our gods or us in Valhalla. We are a sorry, doomed lot. We Europeans have embraced our American manacles more readily than any other subjugated people have in history. The best protest we can manage is that of the German football team who were laughed out of Qatar all the way back to their obese nation.

Our boxing, it seems, must now be elided from the Olympics, Coca Cola’s modern parody of our ancient Grecian games when the Spartans and their many enemies put aside their differences for a couple of weeks of frivolity, pitting their skills in archery, boxing and wrestling against one another.

Boxing’s proximate problem is that Russians excel in it and Russian Umar Kremlev is not only an organizational force in it but he has secured funding for it from Gazprom which, horror of horrors, is a Russian gas giant with infinitely more money to burn on such frivolities than do you or I.

It seems all NATO’s vassals are so punch-drunk we don’t know our arses from our elbows. No sooner had I written about Welby, that ecclesiastical Anglican fraud, prancing about like a baby lamb in the Ukrainian snow, than Stephen Karganovic penned a beauty on the text book genocide Zelensky’s iconoclasts are conducting on those parts of the rump Reich still under that coke head’s control. No word from Welby or, more importantly, men of the cloth like Pope Francis on this re-run of MI5’s Syrian genocide. How odd it is left to us!

What deft writers we must be, up there with Serenus Zeitblom, the narrator in Thomas Mann’s Faustus, whose sons serve in the Wehrmacht as he narrates Germany’s Dark Age descent between the years of 1943 to 1946, a far different era from 1940 when the entire Reich welcomed their tin god’s triumphant return from conquered Paris. It seems we too have been swept along, Pied Piper style, by Hollywood’s jingoism, just as the ordinary Germans were in this Cabaret clip. Whatever opiates NATO has us imbibing, they must be as soul destroying as those WEF dictators Ardern, Trudeau, Marin and Clown Prince Zelensky shove up their noses, Scarface style.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. After Pope Benedict’s XV1 accession to the Papacy, his late brother Georg explained that one either joined the Hitler Youth or one stayed at home; Nazi conditioning left you with no other choice just as American conditioning leaves today’s youth with no other choice than vegetating like walruses on the sofa wallowing in Netflix, cans of cider and bags of coke, with no one besides holograms of Kim Kardashian and Clown Prince Zelensky to provide intellectual stimulation.

Our European gods have been saccharined to death and replaced by cut-price politicians like Ursula von der Leyen, who enthrals the Irish Parliament with her Hibernophobic tropes as she urges us to throw ourselves on Europe’s pyre.

But, as that takes too much effort, we are being swamped with the families of the Ukrainian iconoclasts, who are feted as heroes rather than as accomplices in the war crimes adumbrated above. Though we have the strange situation that each and every one of our politicians acts against our interests, we cannot really complain as we vote them in, no matter how umbilical is their connection to organized crime, Orgy Island and international cocaine syndicates.

Though the Irish are bottom of the class in the Nazi collusion stakes, the British score card would say that they at least tried. They rallied behind Jeremy Corbyn who was then slated on everything from his sartorial style to his probity by over dressed crooks, who are more Kim Kardashian than Kim Jong-il. The British voted for Brexit, abandoned the Red Wall and found themselves abandoned and betrayed at every turn. No wonder they waste away drinking their tepid beer and watching their lukewarm football team kick ball.

What’s the point of getting up off their arses? If they drive down to the shops for milk to put in their tea, they are killing the planet and are worse than Hitler and almost as bad as Putin who, their own Von der Leyen clones tell them with a straight face, is worse than the devil himself for, if anyone protests or if there is ever a mishap on Albion’s remotest farms when a cow is being calved, Putin is to blame.

To say otherwise is mis-information, according to Aoife Gallagher, whose book on the same topic is so mis-informed it begs the question as to why such hirelings are hired and why and how they help lead us by the nose in contrast to Andrew Doyle’s infinitely more substantive work.

The only reason I can give is, as Doyle and former CIA spook Zbigniew Brzeziński both separately explained, that Gallagher, Welby and their ilk are part of a huge gulag system imprisoning our minds, to dumb us down to such a degree that we don’t know our arses from our elbows. Or anything else besides.

This is not intellectual elitism or anything of the kind. The need for the scribes and office clerks that populated the works of Charles Dickens are gone; the World Economic Forum has no need of them or of anything or anyone that cannot be monetized in today’s Coca Cola age. Forget French or Italian cuisine. Just think salt, onions, pepper and sugar to flavor your cockroaches. Klaus Schwab has said as much and written as much many times already.

Europe’s American masters have certainly no need of NordStream. Too bad for our Dutch and German grannies who are freezing to death but, hey, wasn’t it worth it condemning our grannies to an awful death to give Putin a black eye?

Speaking of that Putin fellow, there is a plan afoot to cap his (sic) Russia oil at $60 a barrel. But outside of the insurance issues that gives rise to, is there another agenda afoot there too?

Looking at past data, unless the British Special Boat Service try a NordStream attack in the South China Sea, it is very unlikely Russian oil will be the source of a major insurance disaster. And, if oil was really the issue, then surely NATO could ramp up production in its subjugated Libyan, Syrian and Iraqi colonies. Though Russian oil flows are very substantial, they are nowhere as pivotal as is the Suez canal, which is firmly in NATO’s strategic pocket.

NATO’s game plan, then, is to do a Syria on Russia, to make a pariah of Russia, her products, her culture and her peoples and, so their joke goes, to build back better, much like their Nazi proxies in Ukraine and their ISIS proxies in Syria and Iraq, whose looted artefacts “surprisingly” ended up like stuffed parrots in British museums.

Though the Wehrmacht 10th Army, on their retreat from Monte Cassino, made considerable efforts to preserve its priceless art collection, NATO and their Nazi and ISIS enforcers have no such qualms. Schwab’s build back better business plan consists of exterminating the Yezidi, the Druze, the Alawi and those Ukrainians who read Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Mann or Feuchtwanger as well as anyone with an ear for Tchaikovsky or Wagner, whose music, for NATO, belongs only in Hollywood’s Bugs Bunny, Apocalypse Now or Birth of a Nation.

Götterdämmerung, Twilight of the Gods, the final part of Richard Wagner Ring Cycle series of music dramas, has the goddess of nature recount how Valhalla is sacked and the gods slain. If Europe is to preserve its gods, its industries, its cultures or anything else worth preserving, then it must expunge the Americans, who have militarily occupied large swathes of our continent, as well as key Japanese hubs, since 1945.

When the Japanese surrendered to the Australians, British and Dutch in Tokyo Bay they had to, like Cleopatra and the asp of old, embrace the uncceptable and unpalatable which in their case, like the Philippines at the start of the twentieth century, meant American military and intellectual occupation. The Americans continue to use Japan, the Philippines and all of Western Europe as their toilet paper, defiling them, like they did Cuba under Batista. Wherever they are, they are a curse.

Gone like the wind from Japan are the spirit of the daimyo, bushido, samurai and kamikaze, the divine wind that stood against Genghis Khan and was prepared, in summer 1945, to defend to the death the Japanese motherland against the marauding Americans. The only hope now for Japan, for the Philippines, for Vietnam and for all of Europe is a return to that spirit, last seen in Hanoi when American war criminals were paraded like the ungodly curs that they were through the streets there and in Saigon when the last of those war criminals, like the French before them, ran away with their tails between their legs.

Vietnam was no picnic as the gallant Vietnamese died in their millions at the hands of the American and their Khmer Rouge allies. Still, at least the Vietnamese, like the Syrians and Russians, can say their sons and daughters were faithful and they fought for all that is good and holy. Germany, like Japan, can make no such boast. The best these German dogs that don’t bark can do is cover their mouths as their bosses blow up their pipelines, drown themselves, Duke of Clarence style, in their beer and impose American puppet and all round imbecile Ursula von der Leyen on the rest of us. They, and we, are a sorry, doomed lot.

This article originally appeared in Strategic Culture Foundation online journal.

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