Soros attempting to co-opt Occupy Uganda movement

(WMR)—According to sources in Washington and London, the George Soros global network of non-governmental organizations is trying to co-opt the nascent Occupy Uganda movement, which hopes to oust long-serving Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni from power.

On November 18, 2012, we reported: “WMR has been told that the main opposition to Museveni, the Uganda National Front, (UNF) now stands ready to ‘Occupy Uganda’ through a campaign of peaceful protests inside the country and abroad at Ugandan diplomatic missions. ‘Occupy Uganda’ is calling on other Occupy movements around the world to support its efforts.”

It appears that the United States, Britain, and the Soros network, not pleased with the independent nature of the UNF’s Occupy Uganda movement, have decided to set up a rival “anti-Museveni” organization, the Uganda National Alliance for Change (UNAC).

The London-based UNAC is being supported by a number of Ugandan exiles linked to the Soros-funded human rights network. In addition, UNAC has received the support of diplomats from the U.S. embassy in London, members of the British Conservative, Liberal Democratic, and Labor parties. A recent meeting of the UNAC in London was also attended by representatives of the Libyan National Transition Council and the opposition Syrian National Council.

2011 presidential candidates Norbert Mao and Kizza Besigye, who charged Museveni with stealing the 2011 election, are not included in the UNAC construct. There is also the strange visit to Museveni’s guest house in South Africa by the widow and son of Milton Obote, the man who Museveni ousted as President. Although Museveni was officially in South Africa to attend the ruling African National Congress’s 100th anniversary celebrations, the word is that the Miria and Jimmy Obote, secretly met with Museveni while he was being treated for a medical condition in South Africa. The meeting is an indication that the Soros “democracy engineers” are attempting to return Uganda to the status quo ante by easing Museveni out of power in favor of one of the two Obotes, ensuring a circumvention of the true Ugandan opposition in favor of one controlled by the West.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

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