The Lower-Than-Whale-Poop Awards

There were many deserving entrants for this year’s LUV News Lower-than-Whale-Poop Awards, but we thought National Public Radio was most deserving for the way it has completely eliminated discussion on public interest candidates for president, while endlessly discussing its own version of faux democracy.

For the past year we have heard, in nearly every Morning Edition, All Things Considered, or Talk of the Nation, candidates representing religious extremism, war mongering, environmental polluting, bankstering scams, and defense cheating, but not one candidate representing the public interest.

A casual look at polling shows that the American people want the wars ended, defense spending cut, government health care provided, and Social Security and Medicare preserved.

All of the candidates allowed airtime by NPR have gone against these things, showing they are clearly not on the side of the public.

Candidates who have embraced the public interest, such as Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson, have been shut out by NPR. This lack of exposure, then, is used as an excuse to not give them air time—after all, they’re unknown!—a perfect Catch-22. Yet hundreds of hours of coverage have gone to those selling out the public interest and ignoring the desires of citizens.

The other mass media have behaved similarly in their “news” reporting, but the others admit to being corporate owned. NPR was selected for its pretense to be “public” radio, although it takes millions of dollars in corporate money from polluters, defense cheats, and banksters and boosts the same corporate-funded candidates.

We wanted to get this out before the lesser awards programs, such as the Academy Awards, since we feel this honor is more important. Congratulations NPR, you’ve done it again. We knew we could count on you.

Jack Balkwill does the web site Liberty Underground of Virginia and has written for publications as varied as the little-read English Honor Society’s Rectangle to the millions of readers USA Today. Sign up for LUV News here.

3 Responses to The Lower-Than-Whale-Poop Awards

  1. Spot on again, Jack!

    And thanks for supporting the most recent offering from Class War Films, which can be seen at:

    This is a primer for activists.

  2. Something not mentioned above in Jack’s bio is the book he wrote entitled “An Attack On The National Security State”.
    It is imo, a must-read for those truly wanting to understand the slide of the US into police statism.
    Keep up the great work, Jack. Your LUV newsletter is a great aid in keeping me up-to-date in the world.
    With great admiration and respect,,,

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