As 10th anniversary of Bali attack approaches, new clues and new interest

(WMR)—Additional evidence pointing to Israel’s involvement in the “sticky bomb” false flag terrorist operations in Bangkok, New Delhi, and Tbilisi has investigators looking at Israeli involvement in another false flag attack, the nightclub bombings in Bali almost 10 years ago. The renewed interest in Bali comes at the same time new networks are in the early stages of preparing their tenth anniversary specials on the October 12, 2002, bombings that killed at least 202 people, including 88 Australians.

Just as Indonesian authorities doubted the U.S. and Australian spin that the deadly bombings in Bali were the work of the “Al Qaeda” Southeast Asian affiliate, “Jemaah Islamiya,” Indian officials are now questioning Iran’s role in the bombing of the car of an Israeli defense mission official in the Indian capital. On February 22, The Washington Post reported that an anonymous Indian government official told the paper that the bombing in New Delhi could have been the work of the Israeli government.

Although a series of sham trials have taken place in Indonesia to pin the blame for Bali on Jemaah Islamiya, questions remain about the role of a DeHavilland Dash-7 aircraft spotted at Denpasar airport in Bali four hours before the explosion at Bali’s Sari Club. After the explosion, the plane departed Denpasar. Although the control tower entries for the aircraft were whited out, the apron logs at the airport were not altered. The Dash-7, according to previous WMR reports on Bali, departed Denpasar for Singapore and ultimately landed in Israel.

On March 27, 2007, WMR reported: “A DeHavilland Dash-7 aircraft registered in Queensland, Australia, landed at Denpasar Airport in Bali only hours before a massive explosion ripped through the Sari Club, killing over 200 people, many of them vaporized.

Our sources claim that an Israeli military team arrived at Denpasar Hospital a after the explosion and claimed four bodies of white men in uniform and flew them out of Bali on the Dash 7. The plane took off an hour after the explosion. Our sources have revealed the plane was permitted to pass through Singapore for an unknown destination.

After the bombing and the plane’s departure, the tower logs were altered at Denpasar Airport . . . However, in a major oversight, the apron logs were not tampered with. Our sources have revealed the Dash 7 was Israeli-owned.”

The destination of the Dash-7 on October 12 was erased from the arrivals and departures log in the control tower. The aircraft’s own flight log, a copy which was provided to Denpasar airport officials, listed the plane as having arrived from Dili, East Timor and returning to Dili the same day.

The Dash-7 (registration C-FWYU) was sold by Canada’s Conair Aviation in August 2002 and was no longer listed in Canadian aircraft registration records.

C-FWYU was most recently spotted with United Nations fuselage markings in Faro, Portugal on January 21, 2009.

The FBI attempted to find out what two newspapers had discovered about Bali by wiretapping their Jakarta-based reporters. The following is from WMR, August 12, 2008: “Recently, FBI director Robert Mueller called New York Times executive editor Bill Keller and Washington Post executive editor Leonard Downie, Jr., and apologized for the FBI improperly obtaining phone records on their Jakarta, Indonesia-based reporters in 2004 during a “national security investigation.” FBI agents apparently by-passed judicial authorization in declaring that an emergency existed in their desire to discover with whom the reporters were communicating.

The reporters affected by the FBI surveillance were the Post’s Ellen Nakashima and Natasha Tampubolon and the Times’ Raymond Bonner and Jane Perlez.

WMR has learned from another Jakarta-based journalist that the FBI was attempting to discover what information the journalists may have obtained on a false flag operation involving the deadly 2002 bombings in Bali that was blamed by the United States on Jemmah Islamiya, the Southeast Asian affiliate of ‘Al Qaeda.’”

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