Ohio ’04 election was not challenged to protect CIA election rigging technology

(WMR)—A source with close connections to the GOP has revealed to WMR that the 2004 presidential election, which saw votes for Democratic candidate John Kerry flipped to George W. Bush primarily in Ohio, used election “engineering” technology previously used by the CIA in eastern and central Europe and some western European countries like Sweden to ensure the results wanted by the United States.

In November and December 2004, this editor wrote a series of articles that pointed to foreign programmers, offshore CIA money tranches, and shady CIA contractors being involved with flipping the votes recorded by electronic voting machines in Ohio. The reaction was ridicule about the reports—but not from the expected Republican peanut gallery, but from Democratic quarters, including then-MSNBC host Keith Olbermann and non-governmental organizations funded by George Soros.

The following is what this editor wrote about the Ohio election fraud: “Sources within the U.S. Intelligence Community provided information on the financing—via foreign funding sources, covert intelligence networks, and illegal pseudo-banking routes—of programmers, election officials, and others to ensure that Bush and Cheney captured Ohio’s critical 20 electoral votes . . . in Delaware County, Ohio, an armed, uniformed security policeman working for an entity called Global Security Services (GSS), LLC, headquartered in Severna Park, Maryland, interfered with the team of researchers who attempted to examine punch card ballots. GSS’s web site says the firm is composed of ‘former career U.S. Secret Service and FBI Agents, Customs Agents, CIA intelligence and operations specialists, Special Operations personnel, U.S. Marshals, former state and local law enforcement and emergency services professionals.’”

And in a revelation that supports this author’s original findings that the 2004 vote fraud had significant foreign and U.S. intelligence links, including off-shore banking connections, the GSS web site states the company has “a carefully developed a network of 11 affiliated offices in the United States and an additional 43 offices throughout Europe, Russia, the former Soviet Union and the Western Hemisphere. The network of affiliates and contacts also include a presence in the ‘off-shore safe havens’ found in the Caribbean, Europe, South America, Asia and the South Pacific.” This author’s November and December 2004 articles stated that the money for the throwing of the 2004 election was tied to accounts in the Isle of Man, Vanuatu and the Cook Islands (South Pacific), Nevis (Caribbean), and the Bahamas.

On November 25, 2004, I wrote the following: “November 25, 2004—According to informed sources in Washington and Houston, the Bush campaign spent some $29 million to pay polling place operatives around the country to rig the election for Bush. The operatives were posing as Homeland Security and FBI agents but were actually technicians familiar with Diebold, Sequoia, ES&S, Triad, Unilect, and Danaher Controls voting machines. These technicians reportedly hacked the systems to skew the results in favor of Bush . . . In one unprecedented action in Warren County, Ohio, election officials locked down the facility where votes were being counted. The officials said this was in response to a Level 10 high-threat terrorist warning being issued by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI for Warren County. George Bush won 72 percent of the vote in Warren County, much larger than his percentage of victory statewide.”

Olbermann wrote about my story about foreign money and CIA involvement in the Ohio election as follows: “if any part of Mr. Madsen’s writing on the election is proved and valid, I’ll not only repeat my offer to pay his way for him to pick up his Pulitzer Prize—I’ll physically carry him there myself. There could very well be facts—even important facts—hiding in there somewhere.”

It should also be noted that Olbermann’s big boss, Jeffrey Immelt, General Electric’s CEO, was a generous donor to George W. Bush’s presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2004.

There was a very good reason why the story of election fraud in Ohio was tamped down and censored by the corporate media: those involved in the fraud can be tied directly to CIA election tampering operations in countries like Croatia. And one of those responsible for implementing the election fraud overseas died in a suspicious plane crash in Ohio. Mike Connell, the GOP’s information technology maestro was killed in a suspicious plane crash in December 2008 while flying from the Washington, DC area back to Akron, Ohio. Connell, who was due to give testimony in a federal court in Cleveland on the election malfeasance in Ohio, was involved from 2001 to 2004 in providing technical assistance for Croatian journalists in reporting on, primarily, elections in that country. Connell carried out his work on behalf of the CIA-connected U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the International Republican Institute (IRI), both of which were recently nabbed in Egypt conducting similar election “engineering” operations. USAID funds election engineering abroad through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). IRI, an affiliate of the U.S. Republican Party, and the National Democratic Institute, an arm of the Democratic Party, are among the implementers of the CIA’s election tampering and fraud abroad.

SmarTech, the same Chattanooga-based firm that had provided the email servers that allowed the White House to communicate with the Justice Department privately and outside the jurisdiction of the federal archival laws and regulations, also ran the operation that permitted Karl Rove and other White House and Republican National Committee and state of Ohio officials to monitor and alter the election count in Ohio before the results were known to the press. SmarTech used then-state-of-the-art technology based on “onion routers” to mask its connections into the vote tabulation and counting systems in states like Ohio.

Connell’s GovTech Solutions and his other firm, New Media Communications, were closely linked to the Ohio election fraud. GovTech Solutions was hired by then-GOP Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell as a consultant to the office of the Secretary of State for the election. New Media Communications set up hundreds of Republican web sites, including gwb43.com, which was used by Bush White House staffers to send politically-connected emails in violation of government policies on mixing official duties with political work.

Blackwell also contracted out backup servers to SmarTech. However, SmarTech did not develop its sophisticated election surveillance and engineering technology on its own. WMR has been informed by a GOP insider who was once closely connected to Rove that SmarTech of Chattanooga’s technology came from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)-funded research at nearby Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), the non-profit branch of the Georgia Institute of Technology, that focused on covertly and securely “fixing” elections. We have been told that it is no coincidence that the technology database at GTRI is also known as “SMARTECH.” GTRI’s election research, which was actually funded through DARPA by the CIA and USAID, is based on the use of heuristic genetic algorithms to carry out massive election fraud where millions of votes must be altered to arrive at results that are logical and believable.

The CIA/USAID election engineering program has an important sponsor in the U.S. Senate: Republican Bob Corker of Tennessee. WMR previously reported on Corker’s ties to SmarTech: “SmarTech’ servers were placed in the basement of the old Pioneer Bank Building in downtown Chattanooga. The parent company for SmarTech is Airnet. The SmartTech-GovTech Solutions-Media Communications operation resulted in the election tampering in 2004. There are also questionable ties between SmarTech and former Chattanooga Mayor and now U.S. Senator Bob Corker. There are reports of a connection between SmarTech’s predecessor firm ST3, another web service provider called Coptix, and Corker. It also just so happens that Corker is the ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on International Development and Foreign Assistance, Economic Affairs, and International Environmental Protection, the sub-committee having oversight over USAID’s budget.

Reverend DeForest “Buster” Soaries, Jr., the former New Jersey Secretary of State who was appointed by George W. Bush as the first chairman of the new Election Assistance Commission, had one major task: to ensure that the methods used to flip votes, all considered CIA secret proprietary data, never came to light. Working with his friend and fellow African-American Republican Blackwell in Ohio, Soaries ensured the CIA’s secret was safe and that its election tampering technology would not be discovered to have been used inside the United States, a supposed violation of U.S. law. Soros was activated by his CIA task masters to put out the order that no NGOs funded by him were to investigate Ohio’s election as fraud. This editor was with one such NGO. I continued to investigate Ohio against the wishes of a friend of Soaries and was terminated as a result. The official reason was that there was “pressure from above.” The pressure was, in fact, coming from Soros and his CIA controllers.

The early reports that Ukrainian and Brazilian programmers were used to write the software code that was later inserted into Ohio and other states’ election tabulating systems is bolstered by new information that these programmers were first used to alter elections in Europe and other countries where USAID election “assistance” was rendered.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

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