Russia stunned after Japanese reveal plan to evacuate 40 million people

[Editor’s note: Some may feel that the below is disinformation or a hoax. That is a possibility. However, it seems the Japanese government has not been fully truthful with the Japanese people and the situation at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plants continues to deteriorate. The Huffington Post’s Bob Burnett reported on April 27, “More than a year after a tsunami swamped the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plants, the radiation peril continues—reactor 4 is teetering on the edge of collapse, which would force the evacuation of one-third of Japan’s population.”]

According to an April 15 article in the European Union Times, a new report circulating in the Kremlin, “prepared by the Foreign Ministry on the planned re-opening of talks with Japan over the disputed Kuril Islands during the next fortnight” states that Russian diplomats were ‘stunned’ after being told by their Japanese counterparts that upwards of 40 million of their peoples were in ‘extreme danger’ of life threatening radiation poisoning and could very well likely be faced with forced evacuations away from their countries eastern most located cities . . . including the world’s largest one, Tokyo.”

Can you imagine looking for a new home for 40 million Americans? All because of the Fukushima Daiicha Nuclear Disaster. And all because (TEPKO) the Tokyo electric company went on the cheap and used second rate General Electric Nuclear Reactors that caused a series of equipment failures, meltdowns, releases of radioactive matters at the Fukushima 1 Nuclear Power Plant, following the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011. It seems too much for any one people to bear, starting with the release of radioactive nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the 6th and 9th of August 1945.

And 66 years later, here they are. The Russians must be in shock as well. This would be the largest migration of human beings since the 1930s, when Soviet leader Joseph Stalin forced tens of millions of people to resettle Russia’s far eastern regions. If that is not bizarre enough, Japanese diplomats were also “seriously considering” an offer by China to relocate tens of millions of Japanese citizens to the China mainland to live in what are called the “ghost towns,” built for reasons still unknown. Yet the towns are described in part by London’s Daily Mail Online in a December 18, 2010, article, The Ghost Towns of China: Amazing Satellite Images Show Cities Meant To Be Home To Millions Lying Deserted that says:

“These amazing satellite images show sprawling cities built in remote parts of China that have been left completely abandoned, sometimes years after their construction. Elaborate public buildings and open spaces are completely unused, with the exception of a few government vehicles near communist authority offices.

“Some estimates put the number of empty homes at as many as 64 million, with up to 20 new cities being built every year in the country’s vast swathes of free land. The photographs have emerged.” Most interesting in this warning about them: “Photographs have emerged as a Chinese government think tank warns that the country’s real estate bubble is getting worse, with property prices in major cities overvalued by as much as 70 per cent.”

Is a housing bubble really an excuse to exclude 40 million people from possible homes? What the Chinese built, it seems, ended up as overvalued homes, but by as much as 70 percent?” Could they have missed their numbers that badly?

Will the Japanese accept the inflated prices? If so, this could dent or crush the present Chinese market.

The Daily Mail gave more detail, “Of the 35 major cities surveyed, property prices in eleven including Beijing and Shanghai were between 30 and 50 per cent above their market value, the China Daily said, citing the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

“Prices in Fuzhou, capital of the southeastern province of Fujian, had the worst property bubble with average house prices more than 70 per cent higher than their market value, according to the survey conducted in September.

“The average price in the 35 cities surveyed was nearly 30 per cent above the market value, the report said.

“Property prices have remained stubbornly high despite the government adopting a slew of measures since April including hiking minimum down payments to at least 30 per cent and ordering banks not to provide loans for third home purchases.

“Prices in 70 major cities were up 0.2 per cent in October from the previous month and 8.6 percent higher than a year ago, official data showed.

“The increase came after prices gained 0.5 per cent month on month in September, which was the first increase since May.” You can follow the cities and their condition in the link to Towns of China. . . . Certainly, a readjustment in prices could be made to these Japanese who have all lost their homes.

In regard to Japan, the European Union Times noted, “To how dire the situation is in Japan was recently articulated by Japanese diplomat Akio Matsumura who warned that the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant may ultimately turn into an event capable of extinguishing all life on Earth.’

According to Prison Planet News Service: “Matsumura posted [this] startling entry on his blog following a statement made by Japan’s former ambassador to Switzerland, Mitsuhei Murata, on the situation at Fukushima.

“’Speaking at a public hearing of the Budgetary Committee of the House of Councilors on 22 March 2012, Murata commented that “if the crippled building of reactor unit 4—with 1,535 fuel rods in the spent fuel pool 100 feet (30 meters) above the ground—collapses, not only will it cause a shutdown of all six reactors but will also affect the common spent fuel pool containing 6,375 fuel rods, located some 50 meters from reactor 4,’ writes Matsumura.

“In both cases the radioactive rods are not protected by a containment vessel; dangerously, they are open to the air. This would certainly cause a global catastrophe like we have never before experienced. He stressed that the responsibility of Japan to the rest of the world is immeasurable. Such a catastrophe would affect us all for centuries. Ambassador Murata informed us that the total numbers of the spent fuel rods at the Fukushima Daiichi site excluding the rods in the pressure vessel is 11,421.”

According to the European Union Times, “Disturbingly, the desperate situation facing Japan is, also, facing the United States as Russian military observers overflying the US this week as part of the Open Skies Treaty are reporting ‘unprecedented’ amounts of radiation in the Western regions of that country, a finding that was further confirmed by scientists with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute who have confirmed that a wave of highly radioactive waste is headed directly for the US west coast.

“Important to note is that this new wave of Fukushima radiation headed towards the US is in addition to earlier radiation events that American scientists are now blaming for radioactive particles from Japan being detected in California kelp.

“Though the news of this ongoing global catastrophe is still being heavily censored in the US, the same cannot be said about Japan, and as recently reported by the leading Japanese newspaper, The Mainichi Daily News that reports:

“’One of the biggest issues that we face is the possibility that the spent nuclear fuel pool of the No. 4 reactor at the stricken Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant will collapse. This is something that experts from both within and outside Japan have pointed out since the massive quake struck. TEPCO, meanwhile, says that the situation is under control. However, not only independent experts, but also sources within the government say that it’s a grave concern . . .

“’The storage pool in the No. 4 reactor building has a total of 1,535 fuel rods, or 460 tons of nuclear fuel, in it. The 7-story building itself has suffered great damage, with the storage pool barely intact on the building’s third and fourth floors. The roof has been blown away. If the storage pool breaks and runs dry, the nuclear fuel inside will overheat and explode, causing a massive amount of radioactive substances to spread over a wide area. Both the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and French nuclear energy company Areva have warned about this risk.

“’A report released in February by the Independent Investigation Commission on the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident stated that the storage pool of the plant’s No. 4 reactor has clearly been shown to be “the weakest link” in the parallel, chain-reaction crises of the nuclear disaster. The worse-case scenario drawn up by the government includes not only the collapse of the No. 4 reactor pool, but the disintegration of spent fuel rods from all the plant’s other reactors. If this were to happen, residents in the Tokyo metropolitan area would be forced to evacuate.’

“Even though this crisis in Japan has been described as ‘a nuclear war without a war’ and the US Military is being reported to be now stocking up on massive amounts of anti-radiation pills in preparation for nuclear fallout, there remains no evidence at all the everyday people of the world are being warned about this danger in any way whatsoever.” Those who suffer the most will know the least.

Yet, one more flabbergasting fact should be noted from The European Union Times. The Foreign Ministry experts in this report mention that should Japan accept China’s offer, the combined power of these two powerhouse Asian peoples would make them the largest super-power in human history, with an economy far larger than that of the United States and European Union combined and able to wield a military force of over 200 million.

Beyond that, could this be the event that either liberates the world from the use of nuclear weapons or ends it in annihilation? Or can the imagined scene be so horrific that the human species will finally get the idea: No Nukes. I sincerely hope so. Hopefully, this is not how the world goes out, not with a bang and not with an endless whimper.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer, life-long resident of New York City. An EBook version of his book of poems “State Of Shock,” on 9/11 and its after effects is now available at and He has also written hundreds of articles on politics and government as Associate Editor of Intrepid Report (formerly Online Journal). Reach him at

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5 Responses to Russia stunned after Japanese reveal plan to evacuate 40 million people

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  2. Randall Tillotson

    The headline of this article “Russia stunned after Japanese reveal plan to evacuate 40 million people” is totally bogus. Mazza is simply repeating bogus information from a well-known bogus website, “European Union News.” This site is in the same league as the so-called Russian Orthodox nun who is alleged to run a “news” service out of Russia. Even the name being used to identify the nun is clearly [out there], “Sorcha Faal.” What? Here’s a link that debunks this website. And even more hilarious is the fact that this debunking site is itself a bogus site. So we have a bogus site, debunking an easily exposed fraud to make itself seem factual. Welcome to Newspeak. Double-plus good, eh?

    I would like to ask Mazza, the self-confessed newsman, where his source is for this sensational headline? The first link on his European Union News links to a Russian site that, surprise, surprise, is the Russian language version, so I would suspect that most folks would stop there, but wait. There’s a language choice at the top that Mazza seemed to miss, if he even checked. Here’s the English language version. What is this news brief about? Why the Middle East, not Japan or the islands that Mazza wants us to believe that 40 million Japanese people are going to inhabit, with Russian blessings, of course. No mention about evacuation in this link. What does the second link tell us? Why the Russians are willing to negotiate with Japan on the fate of the islands, essentially a story about diplomacy. No mention about evacuation or resettlement on some islands that are likely small rocks that might hold 40 million people if they stood on top of each other for several thousand feet. Who knows?

    What happened in Japan on that fateful day? Yes, the site looks to be a gigantic danger, waiting to kill a lot of people, but if the West Coast of Canada and the U.S. are vulnerable, why did the Canadian and U.S. governments shut down their radiation monitors? Is it because as conventional conspiracy theory says that they were hiding the high levels of radiation coming to North American, or is it because there isn’t a high level of radiation coming? I personally have a Geiger-counter. I’ve read stories that consistently claim that radiation is coming to my neck of the woods, yet I check my monitor on a daily basis since that fateful Fukushima day, and it is not above background levels.

    What about the “greatest ecological disaster in our time” that is alleged to have occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, caused by a “blowout” by B.P.? We were shown weeks of grainy videos of what we were told were broken pipes with “brown oil” spewing out. Later, we were finally shown videos of a better quality that claimed to be the broken pipe. Was this true? How can we know this is truthful, because Wolf Blitzer tells us it is, or Brian Williams, or any of the rest of them? Where was the oil on the Gulf Coast beaches with weeks of oil gushing out? If that event was as real as we were led to believe, we should have had massive oil deposits on the beaches all the way to Florida. Where was it? Millions of people walk on those beaches with cell phone cameras. Where are their shots of massive oil pollution on the beaches? When those photographic evidences didn’t appear, the story changed to “the oil is on the bottom of the ocean.” Right, oil mixes with water and doesn’t float. Just look at the back of a boat with an outboard motor. What’s that shinny stuff on top of the water? It ain’t soda pop. And again, the news reports claimed at the time that no cameras of any form would be allowed to be used in the Gulf. Why? Was it because the state didn’t want us to see that there was practically NO oil? There is no way that the government could stop people from photographing all the beaches in the Gulf, so where are the pictures of this marine disaster?

    This is fear-based mind control—keep the American public in a state of constant fear, with a fear inoculation from time to time, like the anniversary of 9/11 or reports about wildlife injuries attributed to this oil spill in the Gulf. How do we know some substance called Corexit was being sprayed? Where is the proof? We’re planes even spraying in the Gulf? Where are the photographs or videos from private citizens? Where is the evidence that this chemical or any chemical was being sprayed?

    For young people that were not alive at the time, this kind of reporting is called pre-traumatic stress induction. In other words, as Gilad Atzmon tells us, people that were not even alive at the time of the event are being inoculated with exposure to something that they never experienced, to invoke that trauma into them. For the rest of us, it is our booster shot of fear.

    Have a look at this documentary film on this case of fear-based mind control surrounding the B.P. oil spill that didn’t turn out to be the greatest ecological disaster in our time.

    Now, is Fukushima being hyped like this? How do we know what the hell is going on over there? Yes, obviously is was a disaster, but how bad it is it? Can we believe Sorcha Faal or European Union News? Can we believe Jerry Mazza’s report, based on a known bogus website? Will Mazza pull this story like he pulled his book review of Where Did The Towers Go?, even though that review was accurate, but someone above or around him spanked him for publishing it? Up is down, and down is up. Don’t take my word for this. Look at the links Mazza used as references. Is this the sign of a veteran investigative reporter, as he claims he is? Why should we believe anything this “reporter” writes?

  3. Pearl Volkov

    I would like to reply to Mr. Tillotson’s lengthy comments about Jerry Mazza’s report about Russian reports of massive evacuation of Japanese people due to nuclear fallout from the earthquake, Tsunami, etc. Obviously a hoax was perpetrated by some fun loving individuals who enjoyed discomfitting and frightening others about a very serious and dangerous event.

    Following the results of the meltdowns of the nuclear facilities in Japan, by my reading scientific articles from concerned experts from various parts of the globe, a highly critical situation which is difficult and almost impossible to control is indeed occurring. Time will tell what havoc it has caused and the exaggerations of evacuation possibilities are not beyond possibility.

    As to your damping down the reports from the Gulf of Mexico you keep asking where is the evidence of a widespread oil spill which has affected sealife so seriously? Obviously you have not included many scientific reports from worldwide oceanographers and others in your reading material or seen actual photographs of the damage to ocean beds and sealife which is ongoing or watched interviews with residents in the Gulf area who are horrified by what they are observing around them.

    I can’t help but wonder if you consider the reports about global warming and its undeniable effects on our earth to be exaggerated and therefore, in addition to the the crises you have mentioned, can therefore be ignored and filed away.

    Personally insulting Mr. Mazza for his journalistic failures as a result is cowardly and inappropriate. Obviously you have not followed his carefully researched work on many important topics of the unsettled times we are living in which have been corroborated by many readers and colleagues.

    I too, believed the deliberate misrepresented report of the evacuation of millions of people because it was entirely plausible given the circumstances involved and if the continuation of ineptitude and greed for profit goes on in so many areas of our political and social lives, we will have far worse reality reports to deal with.

    Sincerely yours, Pearl Volkov, B. Sci.

  4. There will always be sociopaths, and there will always be those who fall for it in large numbers and vote them into power, or they just take it anyway, thus there will always be nuclear weapons.

  5. Yes, Paul, “there will always be sociopaths,” but the problem occurs when our society allows sociopaths and/or psychopaths to be those personalities best suitable for elevated positions in our institutions, such as corporations, governmental agencies, political office etc. We’ll never rid of such personalities. So it’s best to change to structure of our institutions.