The War Against the World

In a war that is many wars conducted and staged from at least a thousand bases around the world by some 250,000 military personnel, burning up more fuel than any single source on the planet, what chance does the national debt have of declining, even through the awful austerity programs aimed at slashing entitlement programs of all kinds by the profiteers of this egregious excess continue to starve the consumer economy of capital with endless debt, leaving the specter of declining jobs and an evaporating currency for our so-called capitalist system to live on?

The charade of the two-party system is no help in solving this problem, because, inevitably, the programs for better or worse of each party cancel themselves in political gridlock bought and paid for by Citizens United’s Superpac donors, feeding profitable favorites, who continue to tear down the powers of labor and liberalism trying to protect American jobs, values, and ideals.

In short, the War Against the World continues stabbing its very own heart, the working and middle classes. Soon, if not stopped, it will succeed at killing the hand that muscle feeds and that once fed it as the world’s leader. It is a kind of murder, or suicide, guided by the rich and superrich, in their relentless pursuit of having it all. If they pursue it as they are presently, we will end with nothing. And our competitors, China, Russia, India, Japan, will walk casually on our graves and perhaps plant bouquets of red, white and blue roses to mark them.

If this seems like a dystopian or simply dark look at the world, look at how we conduct ourselves. We are feared by all. We propel even superpowers to keep up with us in endless arms races. Our government lies and now places our own citizens at the mercy of military justice anywhere in the world. This places an additional burden of needless angst on our people, on top of their burdens of bankrolling this havoc with their taxes and donating their children to the military for slaughter, and trying to survive in a lawless financial and banking environment.

Is it any wonder that Occupy Wall Street has taken to the streets? Or that every day and everywhere in the world there are riots, protests, beatings and killings on both sides, and that each side is poised at the barricades, one from fear of losing their jobs, and one fearing to losing their right to be, succumbing to deprivation of material needs, food, education, the promise of social mobility, healthcare, and all the standards of first world nations? Are these to be allotted only to the 1% while the 99% risks life and limb protesting the various inequities, and are constantly greeted by the over-armed forces of a newly created police state, which also endlessly spies on them, trying to control them like cattle not conscious human beings?

How have we sunk so low, so quickly within the years since the Reagan presidency and his warped vision of seeing government as the beast not to be fed? In fact, he came to power illegally, committing treason behind the back of standing president, Jimmy Carter, by negotiating with the Iranians not to release the embassy hostages till the day of the election, winning on a corrupt premise that it was fear of Reagan by the Iranians that fueled his victory. The answer to the first question is that yes, we have sunk so low so fast by the rise of the voracious right, having cut the taxes of the rich far more times than the middle and working classes, while the latter were increasingly taxed and at higher rates, so that the US experienced within the last decades the largest shift of wealth upwards in our history to the already rich. The Republican party was rebuilt in the Reagan image, rich-favoring, capable of the worst financial crimes, busting the air traffic controllers’ 13,000 member union when they went on strike, and leading to the financial lawlessness that we see in the market today.

What’s more, the Iranians were paid to hold the hostages with funds extracted from the sale of guns paid for by drugs from and to the Nicaraguan Contras, the counter-revolutionary force against the free Nicaraguan Sandinistas. So this was the ugly example we showed the world of how the New U.S. made War Against the World—including its own people and president. Life has only gotten worse since then. And that due to the engineered, false-flag War on Terror, which has continued for a decade, providing the narrative that Muslims were the “terrorist” perpetrators, and therefore Muslims in all guises were our enemies, and worthy of surveillance, and being warred on and slaughtered.

I am still working on how an ailing Osama bin Laden met with his CIA handler in the American Hospital as late as July of 2001, two months before 9/11, 2001, and was capable of directing this incredibly technical and complex operation from a cave in Tora Bora, as his cohorts dragged along a kidney dialysis machine for him. This fairytale carved in media stone has continued to supply the central narrative for the other wars within the War Against the World that the USG has conducted since. Those who said “9/11 was an inside job” have been labeled “conspiracy theorists” and dismissed as such. Yet, the conspiracy that allowed no U.S. planes to get off the ground within the two hours of the attacks, given a $60-billion intelligence organization and the largest military in the world, continues to be believed by far too many Americans without question.

In fact, the fairytale is being refreshed at Guantanamo’s military prison as Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his colleagues are put on another “show trial,” confessing one more time after their copious tortures that they were responsible for it. This while the family members of the lost stand proudly on our TV screens telling us this bogus confession will bring closure to their and America’s loss. It will bring closure like germs thrown in a festering wound. No closure will come to a wound infected by lies.

And this will keep the War Against the World alive, giving the illusion our enemies are forever growing, now including Iran (our old ally), now besmirched by an ersatz claim that it has nuclear weapons which it is preparing to drop on Israel. Yet, it is Israel, up until and through 9/11, that historically was gifted with billions in weapons aid annually, and a massive look-the-other-way attitude by our government regarding 9/11, except by some expert researchers like Mike Rivero and his site, WhatReallyHappened, and David Ray Griffin in his landmark book, 911: The New Pearl Harbor, tying endless Israeli faces and personalities and logical inconsistencies to the execution of 9/11.

Also, for team Israel, we had Philip Zelikow handcrafting the scenario and all its missing truths that are included in the 9/11 Commission of Omission Report, also by Griffin. So, here we stand, victimized by one of the smallest nations on earth, and patting them on the back with endless money, weapons and dedications of support. By the way, Israel does have some 200 nuclear warheads at its leaking nuclear plant at Dimona in the Negev desert. So this is how our War Against the World began and continues, buried in corrupt fairytales and narratives. Until they are laid to rest or exhumed to be aired for their death-smelling errors, we will continue to commit economic and social suicide.

In fact, USA intelligence and the Israeli Mossad are the only agencies with the technical capability to pull off a giant and complex operation like 9/11. Certainly bin Laden, sick in a cave with only a laptop and a satellite phone, could never in a million years pull off this horrific event. Up until his abrupt alleged murder, he had been taken off the Most Wanted list for the crime of 9/11 because the FBI had said there wasn’t enough hard evidence.

Just a few days ago, a piece about the bin laden assassination by NAVY SEALS appeared at Truth-Out by Gareth Porter. It fundamentally said that bin Laden had been quietly demoted post 9/11 by Al Qaeda leaders who felt he was a risk to them, no longer in his full powers and strength. So he was in the process of being retired gently from the position as top gun. This information came from Pakistan’s ISI not our CIA, which proudly took all the credit for the information that led to the discovery of bin Laden’s Abbottabad residence. This is a fascinating piece, revealing the antics of the Agencies of the ISI and CIA.

Nevertheless, despite the alleged murder of bin Laden by the SEALS and their strange dropping of his body in the sea, eliminating the corpse, neither of these events really proves that he was in charge of the execution of 9/11 in the first place. It only proves that the original 19 Arab faces were all hastily pulled from an FBI file to feed the media beast and condemn Islam and Islamic countries, so that America could go to war for their oil. Know that the War Against the World is built on these fairytales for the soft-headed and weak-brained, who swallow whatever TV tells them to think.

Once again we can work back through the War Against the World to the singular inciting incident of 9/11 and the hasty plunge into the War on Terror, which targeted the American people as well, from the creation of the PATRIOT act, the Department of Homeland Security and to the National Defense Appropriations Act (NDAA). And if we could, via major media, get the story out and straight and give up this childish clinging to the various administrations’ ongoing conspiracy theories, we could find our way to a truth that could end this ongoing nightmare. Believe that. It’s the truth.

The challenge is to overcome our cognitive dissonance

We could go on and on about the non-truths, half-truths and flat-out lies about 9/11. And if the government is perpetuating this story, know that it is also perpetuating the War Against the World, any war in the larger effort for its own profit and power. And that’s how we find ourselves in today’s predicament. Let’s demolish it, once and for all.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer, life-long resident of New York City. An EBook version of his book of poems “State Of Shock,” on 9/11 and its after effects is now available at and He has also written hundreds of articles on politics and government as Associate Editor of Intrepid Report (formerly Online Journal). Reach him at

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  1. Thanks Jerry for so eloquently voicing the thoughts held by many of us since the whole 9/11 sham. I having nothing really to add to this because you’ve said it all so well!

  2. Excellent!

  3. Thanks Rick for your kind words. And thanks Gregg, old buddy, for yours.

    • I made my second trip to Israel in June and spent seeavrl days in Tel Aviv. I saw lots of young men and (hot Ladies) all with auto shooters. The men employees at the hotel all were carrying inside the waistband holsters. Crossing into Jordan and Egypt are some serious checkpoints. There is very little street crime in Israel wherever you go. Most of the people are warm and friendly. After leaving Israel and entering Egypt we picked up the required armed guard at the border to continue on to Cairo. I felt safer in Israel than in Dallas TX, but I sure would have liked my old pistol in Egypt.Fred