Nestlé and Monsanto, hand-in-hand, will happily do us in

It’s strictly ingenious. The two big multinational corporations have found the way to ruin the earth. They care about nothing but their own coffers—profit, profit and more profit, and step by step they will move us to the brink. Hopefully they will be the first to fall over the cliff. They will have ruined the earth, water, plants, forests, insects, mammals (the chief mammals being the leaders of this absurd system that rules the world) and all that is comprised in the concept of ecosystems.

There goes the earth. So what? Their coffers are full. Well, now let them eat their money.

The chief monster that sits above the multinational corporations that are the only ones that have any power at all today is of course the monster bank Goldman Sachs. They hold all the strings. They run the entire show of destruction. Their agenda is so totally absurd that it defies the understanding of rational beings. We the people who are slowly but deliberately being strangled and mangled until there is just inert bodies left.

So the Empire does not need to go on with their wars to ‘win the hearts and minds’ of people in the Middle East, in Central Asia, in Africa. The Empire has of course now added to its juggernaut the docile organization called the EU. Europe toes the line blindly and obediently, afraid of being left out when the booty is divided up. The fools! There will be no booty for anyone.

The good old Jesuit, José Manuel Barroso, the EU Commission chief who is at the end of the puppeteer’s string, held firmly by Goldman Sachs, does his very best to please the Big Banks and Corporations. All the EU slaves of the Empire are doing their work of gluing together all the disparate links of what was sold to the people as a benign and peaceful colossus that would alone be capable of keeping wars and antagonism away from this continent.

The EU boys are sucking up to the rulers of Big Money. Oh yes, please let the GMOs in. Oh yes, let Nestlé go on stealing the communal water from towns who want nothing else than to go on drinking their clean water from their own springs. And this is happening all over the planet. Steal the water and sell it back in bottles at vertiginous prices. ‘It’s brilliant’ as a man says in the new documentary ‘Bottled Life’. They claim they are supplying poor countries with clean water. What they’re doing is stealing water somewhere, putting it in bottles and selling it at astronomical profit. No giving of anything to anyone, no saving of people who are in urgent need of help, just taking advantage of the scarcity of clean water in third world countries and in the world. Treating water as a commodity is as much of a horror story as if we were required to pay for the air we breathe.

Nestlé is also making a killing from selling their bottled water in the rich countries, where anybody can get guaranteed clean water from the faucet. Marketing has made bottled water a fad that makes companies like Nestlé rake in billions because of people’s gullibility.

Monsanto promises to feed the world but declares openly that they are out to own all the food in the world, charitably, of course! Well, together with Nestlé, that is. But Monsanto begins the process. The growing of foods that are in fact health hazards, the poisoning of plants that are used for food, the degradation of the soil and the killing of insects that are essential to a healthy ecosystem, the biological interconnectedness without which life can not go on—that’s what the proud Monsanto company can boast of. Together they are destroying the healthy earth with no feeling of shame or responsibility for a livable future. That is—a total, reckless, hypocritical, murderous destruction of ecosystems, which have for millennia made the earth a healthy and productive place to live on [1]—ever since man started branching out from Africa 50,000 years ago.

What did one of the wimps we have had with the nonsensical title of President of the United States have to say on that subject? ‘Who cares about the future? By then we’ll be dead.’ It was a famous and infamous uttering by one of the puppets who strut around on the stage as if they had a say in anything that’s going on in the world. [2]

Oh no, they are not going to say ‘I don’t know. I’ll ask Goldman Sachs’—which would be the only honest answer to any question about the future of the global economy and the survival of the planet. Goldman Sachs [3] is the power that de facto runs the world. What Goldman Sachs says goes. They set the laws.

Goldman Sachs holds an umbrella over Nestlé and Monsanto and they are watching benignly as those two pillars of the brotherhood of Corporatocracy go on steamrolling the earth.

So why all the Empire’s wars? Why this insidious mobilization against people of a different religion? Why this hypocritical invention of ‘terrorism’ to get the people behind the criminal wars of the Empire?

Oh, I see, you need all this flexing of muscles to show the world who is in charge and who has the last word. But we don’t need all this high-cost destruction. The major predators will achieve it all for the Empire and for their brethren Corpocrats. No need for this fake show of power, since we all know that the Big Banks and Corporations rule the world. Nestlé and Monsanto will laugh all the way to the edge of the cliff.

And dearest Big Agribusiness [4], you can stop taking the land away from small farmers in Africa and all over the world in order to grow products for export that will not put food on the plates for the people who are starving. With no sense of shame or responsibility, you are destroying the way of life and the means of livelihood of billions in this world.

Dear Empire, you can put an end to all your wars. There is no need for them. The earth is being destroyed by the doings of Monsanto, Nestlé et al. Oh, but the arms industry has to be fed by the constant buying of more and better arms. More ingenious killers, such as cluster bombs, depleted uranium bombs, safer bombers for the imperial killing spree, such as drones and all the multiple ingenious ways of killing more efficiently and insidiously. Corporatism has to have its day and that day is now. So the Empire goes on with its killing machine and all the little puppets are working in collusion with the earth-destroying biotech industry and Big Agribusiness.

Dear Empire, with no sense of shame or responsibility are you cooperating in creating health hazardous food products that will cause diseases ranging from skin diseases to organ damage [5] to cancer. New studies are regularly proving the link between GM foods and cancer [6], but with no sense of shame or responsibility do you go on rendering illegal even the labeling of food and milk as containing genetically engineered ingredients.

With no sense of shame or responsibility, will you watch quietly as the earth is deprived of its essential means of providing food and a decent way of life for people who are suffering in ever increasing numbers.

Dear Mr Hugh Grant of Monsanto, lieber Herr Peter Brabeck of Nestlé, dear Mr Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs. You must be so proud of yourselves. Whenever in the past did so few produce so little of value to so many?

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“The greatest threat to the future of food production in the world is the introduction of genetically engineered foods from the biotech industry. Contrary to their mendacious propagandized promises of solving the problem of world hunger through the so-called second green revolution, the bio-tech companies are instead in the process of destroying the world’s ecosystems, and thus the natural food chains and life cycles. Their goal is certainly not to solve any problem at all, but instead to fill the corporate coffers with the profits from selling their dangerous products to countries with already high mortality rates from malnutrition and starvation.”


1. Vandana Shiva on the Problem with Genetically Modified Seeds

2. In fact it was George W. Bush who was putting the twist of his own agenda to the words of J. Maynard Keynes who said, “The long run is a misleading guide to current affairs. In the long run we are all dead.”

3. The Omerta Surrounding Goldman Sachs: A Documentary based on the book The Bank: How Goldman Sachs Rules the World by London-based correspondent for Le Monde, Marc Roche.

4. “A resource hungry and resource destructive system of agriculture is not land saving, it is land demanding. That is why industrial agriculture is driving a massive planetary land grab. It is leading to the deforestation of the rainforests in the Amazon for soya and in Indonesia for palm-oil. And it is fuelling a land grab in Africa, displacing pastoralists and peasants. Industrial agriculture is responsible for 75% biodiversity erosion, 75% water destruction, 75% land degradation and 40% greenhouse gases. It is too heavy a burden on the planet. And as the 270000 farmers’ suicides in India show, it is too heavy a burden on our farmers. The toxics and poisons used in chemical farming are creating a health burden for our society.‘MYTHS ABOUT INDUSTRIAL AGRICULTURE’, by Dr Vandana Shiva

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6. Revealed: Monsanto GM corn caused tumors in rats

Siv O’Neall is an Axis of Logic columnist, where this essay first appeared, and is based in France. Her insightful essays are republished and read worldwide. She can be reached at

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