Arrogant analysis—N words—conspiracies

Unlike demigods of “Liberal Bias Media,” I don’t chase decoys deployed by empty suits to float their rudderless boats, believing instead, “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.”

Once upon a time, women, children and blacks were no problem for the white man, because respectively, no vote, no labor laws and no need for property to read.

Now look at us: voting women, children enlightened by an endangered “Big Bird,” and an almost “Dream Act” for minorities: friends in high places insisting on quality education and favorable voting rights court rulings, though GOP’s preferred government level, conservative states like Pennsylvania, not mandated to publicize legal truths.

How far we’ve come in the wake of blatant assassination of reason, but still gaga goo goo over Right constipated looking presidential debate frozen facial expression. Conversely, imagine rising out of the ashes of ignorance, discrimination and poverty to sandbag rising oceans from baneful puppeteers, instead of arrogant laughter, as successfully as we invaded NFL negotiations, Neo-Nazis, naughty nations, noxious ‘newsies’ and opportunistic nincompoops whose cups runneth over with N word stand-ins.

Imagine such nastiness of naughty few similarly neutralized by popping off national neon nightlights of our noisy nays against nuancing natural resource wars, and negatives on women, minorities and gays.

Imagine our human equality nautilus rising from our depths like anti-replacement refs outrage, to defeat the narrow minded knaves, thus winning America for ALL Americans from the shadows of nightstalkers like Dr. Frank Luntz & Norquist, S. E. Cupp’s Neanderthal U. N. notions and Romney/Ryan ‘Cold War’ nostalgia.

“All we like sheep:” a nation divided by percentages, at once victims and fulfillment of programmed tactical planning and focus groups out of focus over unemployment rate conspiracies?

Have we become Boehner’s ants connecting the dots in a grid-locked corporate jobs numbers game, finally discovering the powerful political label, ‘liar, liar pants on fire,’ we succumb to lies that kill thinking for ourselves?

Well then, think on this:

• If we care about debt we leave our children to pay, shouldn’t we care equally about the burning, melting, parched, disappearing rain forest, fossil fuel damaged earth, water and air we’re leaving them?

• Historically, when was the last time learning to read, with or without Big Bird’s help, was inhibited?

• Has not yet the past taught us how to recognize the wolves in sheep’s clothing who mesmerize millions with dishonest, aggressive and passionate rhetoric of superiority over population segments, to win their support against their own best interests?

• Is Romney’s big yellow problem really about PBS or rather ‘birds of a feather flocking together’ like Cheney’s “other priorities” choosing Wall Street 1% over the 1% of Americans who defend America with their lives and limbs in states of battlegrounds not of their choosing?

• Remembering the GOP glory days of 2005–2008: featuring Enron, Lehman Brothers, AIG, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and the “legitimate rape” of Middle Class credit card buying power. Can you truly say, America was better off with Romney’s predecessors and Ryan’s mentors?

My SPCA adopted black cat runs to her “safe box” whenever the buff Tibetan spaniel pretends to be a real dog and gives chase.

Street cat, Soulmate, is safe from all danger in her fortress box, for neither animal nor human has ever dared to approach her when she’s there ensconced, whether crouched or raised to full height. Self-perceptions can determine another’s perception of you.

Soulmate’s “safe box” is a lid with sides barely two inches tall.

Please don’t allow Romney’s perception of himself fool you into voting for his perception of you.

Marcello Rollando publishes The Reasonable Voice, where this first appeared.

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