Susan Rice is being attacked for all of the wrong reasons

Susan Rice is, unequivocally, irascible, mean-spirited and a very disagreeable person. This has not previously been an impediment, though, to one becoming a US Secretary of State.

We can probably all recall the fiendish relish that Hillary Clinton took in the illicit and barbarian slaughter of Col. Muammar Qaddafi. Seemingly possessed and gleefully uttering, “We came, we saw, he died!” Died at the hands of thuggish Salafi “democratic” ruffians, that were being resolutely backed by the NATO vehemency to overthrow the ostensible “mad dog of the Middle East.”

And moreover, who can forget Condoleeza Rice soiling the developing minds of our youth by justifying the unjustifiable—torture—to a fourth grade student who pressed her on the anti-American practice (under the George W. Bush ignoble and traitorous regime/clique).

And then there’s, of course, never to be forgotten “Bloody” Madeleine Albright, who famously asserted in 1996 that the death of a half of a million Iraqi children was well worth the price.

Susan Rice, an Albright protege—at one point in her career—cited the absolutist/authoritarian monarchy of Qatar (via her reference to the Gulf Cooperation Council), as some kind of authority on the tribulations that have been ongoing in the Arab Republic of Syria. As if Qatar has one iota of democratic bona fides with which to opine about a panacea/cure in a neighboring Arab non-monarchical regime. And Qatar has, in fact, been funding jihadis, Salafis, and other killers and death squads—based in camps in Turkey—to send into Syria to murder Alawites, Christians, and loyalists (of any stripe) to the Al-Assad run state. The raison d’etre of these killers is to sow generalized discord, tumult, maelstrom, and unmitigated unrest (and disaster) in a multi-sect tolerating and (governmentally) secular regime.

Eminent Asia Times correspondent, Pepe Escobar, has been to Qatar and described it as, “A kind of a slave society, ruled by a very tiny elite, with Western business interests involved. And they [Qatar] think that their model can be applied to the rest of the Arab world . . .” Opining on the Emir of Qatar Escobar has described him as, “a very scary character indeed.” Qatar has even attempted to use its “journalistic” face, Al Jazeera, to boost its image with Western “sophisticates”—many of them ostensibly progressive—though many of those who write for their “news” operation may not be aware of what a benighted, antediluvian, and iron-fisted kingdom that funds such a (propagandistic) media venture/regime.

Qatar is certainly not the only GCC nation that could be singled out, as freedom of expression is severely curtailed in all of these backward, anachronistic and oppressive monarchical states. Qatar has probably been the most vocal on the toppling of the Al-Assad government though, as well as the most self-righteous, despite having little to no basis with which to pontificate about democratic, open, humanitarian, and/or liberal, inalienable universal human rights and values. “Pax Qataria” is a very scary/frightening concept indeed, and, unequivocally, an immensely ignoble idea also.

The seeming American policy to replace Nasser-esque secular Middle Eastern governments, with overzealous Islamist ones, whilst leaving antediluvian petromonarchies, like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, unencumbered, is exceedingly flawed for sure. And this unmistakably wrongheaded policy, has been shepherded by the Hillary Clinton run State Department. And moreover, seconded by her subordinate—and like-minded UN adjunct—the oft-earpiercing, obstreperous, and moreover never demure Ambassador Susan Rice.

This kind of information is why Susan Rice is unfit to ascend to the position of a US cabinet secretary. The spurious allegations forwarded by benighted US senators—from red Southern and Southwestern states—is a whole ‘nother matter altogether. And, of course, race I think always has to be looked at, when we are bringing up such representatives of such states weighing in on a minority rising to a muscular, significant, and weighty position of power.

Whoever does receive the secretary of state position, undoubtedly, he or she will likely be very similar, anyhow. To get someone in who would consistently support democracy (like also in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates, etc.), is just not going to be a reality. And moreover, to have genuine concern for who the United States is supporting/arming—when the United States opposes a government and disregards its rightful territorial sovereignty—will probably not be an indispensable consideration also.

Lastly, a US secretary of state who will give the Palestinians a fairer shake, is all but unthinkable too. This is, of course, so because of the way that the Likudnik lobby already controls so many of the congress members, senators, and the power centers in the corridors of Washington. I’d be remiss, of course, not to mention the inhuman strafing, targeting of civilian infrastructure, and unmitigated slaughter being forwarded by the Israeli killing machine at the present. However, as it is already widely known, a plethora of Israel firsters populate the United States’ government at many of the highest levels of authority/power (of this or, in fact, any American regime). Thusly, Obama has already given a wink and a nod to this wicked, and ignoble Israeli wholly barbarian carnage and genocidal warfare.

It reminds one of his indifference as he “monitored” the war crime(s) Cast Lead, after he had only just been elected into office for a second time. So, what does Obama care now? He’s already been reelected to a second go-around. Similarly, I guess being reelected for a second term, leaves him nonchalantly observing and doing nothing about another devilish and heinous procession of Israeli war crimes/atrocities, deplorable misdoings, and rancorous misdeeds. And as aforementioned, whomever he chooses as secretary of state won’t do any “damage” to this special relationship. He or she will steward this relationship, as so many have before, and they will foster a double standard policy that will continue to firmly preserve the United States in the corner of the pariah state Israel—and its repulsive, egocentric, and wholly execrable (settler) regime.

Sean Fenley is an independent progressive, who would like to see some sanity brought to the creation and implementation of current and future, US military, economic, foreign and domestic policies. He has been published by a number of websites, and publications throughout the alternative media.

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