Reflections: Divided we’re conquered

From a justly frustrated African-American Bhai (Brother): “It seems like I am posting about the same issues every fucking year.” Well, here’s part of the story: Because “Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”—John Steinbeck.

We’re still hoping to get-rich-quick, off the backs of our neighbours. And we’re not desperate enough, not yet. Many African-Americans are, but they are not the dominant majority. The dominant majority here, Euro-Americans, haven’t yet plumbed the depths of human misery in numbers sufficient to bring about radical social change. We still have Nike shoe riots, not bread riots. We (Indian-Americans as guilty as anyone else of jerking off to orgiastic consumerism) still line up in huge numbers for I-Phones. If and when circumstances change, well, we might just stop believing in the “temporarily embarrassed millionaires” shit.

But such is the deep-rooted aversion in the Euro-American proletariat community to uniting with the African-American community, and with other non-white, darker skin-toned communities that I’m afraid those divisions might still persist. Unite with the you-know-whats? God, anything but that! Of course, lying, especially to one’s self, a.k.a. denial, about such deeply-felt racism, is also about as common as gravel.

The 99%. Divided, we’re conquered.

Pubali Ray Chaudhuri is an Associate Editor of Intrepid Report.

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