New Deal to challenge the duopoly

The New Deal Party, I think, is a great idea for the left to seize upon. With so much of the Democrats/Democratic Party having gone DLC/Wall Street, the time is now more than ever for a third party.

Austerity ghouls, and “deficit hawks”—adherents of the valueless “philosophies” of the billionaire vulture Peter G. Peterson—are rife in today’s Democratic Party.

There are already a laundry list of potential third parties, of course, who have not gained massive traction. Much sweat, virtuous intent, and great determination; in fact, was devoted to many of these praiseworthy efforts. And so there’s no guarantee that a New Deal Party would gain traction either. Moreover, the venomous barriers erected by the temerity of the two dictatorial parties, do not make it simple for the emergence of any viable competitor/competition. The free market is not at work at all in the American political stratum.

Seizing upon an American historical milestone was a masterstroke though, by the ordinarily exceedingly daft Tea Party riffraff/rabble. And a future Congress consisting of the Deep South party—the Republicans—and the national parties: the Democrats and the New Dealers is a fine vision.

However, with Obama having floated two “grand” deals in recent history to do away with—should-be untouchable—treasured New Deal initiatives/programs, will the time ever be riper for a New Deal challenge to this deceitful president? And not only Obama, of course, but other DLCers, and anti-New Deal flunkies within our own dear leader’s government? The time may, in fact, be at an “even riper” point in the near future—or actually probably more appropriately stated as further rotted—considering that the moment may be too late for important elements of the bare bones American safety net, to continually sputter on in existence. Without which literally massive deaths, advanced squalor in many circles, and a deep hit to the national psyche/collective consciousness will be the mortal injuries of such short-sighted, cretinized, and artful maneuvering. Maneuvering that is bizarrely viewed as “pragmatic,” and “good governance” by Beltway elites, that exist within a sordid milieu of “political power players” in the nation’s capital.

So, as I say, carpe diem progressives! Obama’s axe is sharpening to do the bidding of virulent rapscallions, like the contemptible ilk of Peter G. Peterson, to irreparably harm this great union of America. Moreover, without urgent action, it will be Obama and the Democratic Party who are given culpability for it. Although many of them are not saints, they are not of the variety of tax evading CEOs, and hook-or-by-crook multi-gazillionaires who are pushing these: foul, retrograde and distinctly injurious policies, initiatives and programs.

Sean Fenley is an independent progressive, who would like to see some sanity brought to the creation and implementation of current and future, US military, economic, foreign and domestic policies. He has been published by a number of websites, and publications throughout the alternative media.

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  1. Conrad Golich

    There already is a movement to create a new federal government system, that could give us the people control of elections. It is described by Article 5 of our Constitution and 27 states have called for it. Check out “Friends of Article 5″ to read about it…