First of all, I want to thank all the well-wishers for their support and understanding during our time of tribulation.

My husband is doing remarkably well but he doesn’t yet feel it’s safe for him to drive. That means I still have to do the errands, shopping and driving him to doctor appointments, so publishing may be somewhat erratic until he’s fully recovered.

I shall publish the articles, which are still relevant, that poured in during my absence.

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4 Responses to WE’RE BACK!!

  1. Bev, I just saw your post over at FB and figured out that you were back. It is great to see your “We’re Back” Headline here at Intrepid Report. It is also good to read that your husband is doing so well … and (as someone who in later years developed the habit (out of need) of having my husband accompany to my doctors appointments ,errands, and all the rest … believe me, I am sure the fact that you are there with your husband that must make him feel very good … and maybe you too. I hope that in between times and the come back of Intrepid Report you are taking time to “smell the roses” and keep yourself replenished. Even when Intrepid Report might be your Garden. Good News is always good to hear.

  2. Bev, Good to have you back and to learn that your husband is doing well.

    We need an article on Gumpox Fever with a focus on epidemiology. Usually with any contagious disease, once the vector is identified then the CDC can go into action to curtail the epidemic. Why isn’t that happening? What exempts Gunpox Fever?

    Is it because the gun industry has unusual power to curtail research? Who were/are the politicians who stand in the way of solid research? Which congressional representatives and Senators managed to block the renewal of the assault weapons ban? Which of them hold investments in the gun industry?

    Let’s not place the blame on the NRA since that organization is merely the lobby for gun manufacturers. Let’s go to the heart of the industry that is feeding the disease. Let’s investigate the gun industry. Why are they exempt from liability for their product?

    If gun deaths were linked to a bacteria or virus we would see fast some action. Very few anthrax deaths caused a national panic. I want to see the same kind of action and solid research with our current epidemic of Gunpox Fever.

  3. Rand Clifford

    Great News. Thanks for all you do! We can’t afford to lose any more sites that tell the truth.

  4. Bev.. I guess your name is Beverly.. I was reading your journal for a few very challenging years of my life. It had become a good source of news for me and hope that evil does not get full reign over our dear planet. Not yet. I fully understand that posting at your site might challenge my very survival and well being, but.. I want to say THANKS to You and your wonderful Husband for running this daring site.. and THANKS to all of your amazing, great contributors. You ROCK, guys! You do make the difference. You do bring hope.. Thank you!