Corporatism or the true face of terrorism

The world the way it looks today seems like a stage production by Corpocrats—inhuman monsters who have made the entire planet into their horror-story set. It appears like a creation by insane people, one that wouldn’t stand the light of day. And yet—there it is, our world, gradually becoming annihilated by those mad Corpocrats who are cheering in their hidden castles. We don’t know who they are. We don’t know where they are. All we know is that they are in the process of destroying the earth.

The Corpocrats are the programmers who are robotizing the population of this planet, gradually reaching their tentacles farther and farther away from the Homeland. It started as a North-American phenomenon. But the giant octopus has by now expanded its territory into the farthest nooks of the earth. And it doesn’t stop. With its poisonous members it penetrates into the most far-away and isolated nooks and spews its black poison into the brains of the innocent people who have been living there in peace for millennia, telling them that it’s time for change. It’s time to become ‘civilized.’

Listen to the Masters

Hollywood and Madison Avenue have accomplished the almost unthinkable for well over half a century. They have destroyed brains, made robots out of billions of people in the world, crushed living, thinking, loving, protesting, and everything that makes human beings human.

It’s time, say the Corpocrats, the Masters, to leave the paths your ancestors were taking. Some of your ancestors were starving, they didn’t have a roof over their heads, they didn’t have any shoes to wear. There were humans who were being killed by wild beasts. And they didn’t have television.

Oh my, oh my, oh my!!! But listen to the Masters. They are telling us: You’ll have to leave this primitive life where you just live and think and work and dance and suffer and die. Turn your backs on the life of hard work that leaves you exhausted at the end of the day. The work that makes you contented, tired, and hungry so you can eat your soup and love your family and go to sleep. What kind of a life is that? Primitive. Made for beasts, not for humans. So say the Masters.

Yes, people were starving, people were being killed by wild beasts, by plagues, by gigantic earthquakes when continents shifted and huge climate changes occurred. But the earth was not destroyed. No matter how extensive the killing of entire populations, the world recovered. People moved, mutations occurred in prehistoric times, but the earth and its people survived.

So what is happening now? People are starving more than ever since agribusiness replaced organic subsistence farming, since Middle America is being squeezed into pulp for the Masters to mold as they please. People are being killed, if not by wild beasts, then by cluster bombs, depleted uranium and drones operated from some base in Nevada. (But we won’t use nuclear bombs because we’re civilized.) There are plagues, pandemics that kill millions. People die by the thousands every day from diseases that could be wiped out, like malaria, tuberculosis and noma, a disease caused by severe malnutrition, the ‘Face of Poverty’ which disfigures the sick child so horribly that they are hidden away by their mothers.[1] Millions of young children suffer from severe hunger. They wither away until finally life is extinguished from their emaciated bodies. So what did we win by all this presumed civilization? We didn’t win. We lost.

While trillions are being spent on weapons and criminal invasions of sovereign countries and U.S. military bases all over the world, we cannot afford the millions it would take to wipe out the innumerable and deadly diseases caused by unclean water, lacking hygiene—and hunger.

9/11 as the follow-up of The Grand Chessboard

Good robots go to the moon. Good robots are militarized to the teeth. Good robots conquer and kill. Good robots remake other humans who still have real brains, who can still feel love and sorrow, happiness and joy. What? says the Master. Who wants to feel sorrow? Watch television, take your drug, listen to the Masters who tell you about the terrorists who are out to get us.

All this did not begin with 9/11 2001. It had already been happening on a grand scale ever since the American continent was invaded by the European Conquerors. It never stopped. It just got worse. It was the old doctrine of Manifest Destiny, which said that American settlers were destined to expand across the continent. The Founding Fathers stood firmly by this belief. All U.S. presidents have taken this doctrine for . . . manifest, God’s will being the pretext for all of them. And so God got into the equation. And he stayed.

Then came 9/11

Now the word terrorism was stuffed into everyone’s ears, was heard on everyone’s lips, got firmly settled in everyone’s robotic head. And Americans got the cinemascope event, but transferred to the real world version, the horror thrill they had been brought up to thrive on. Nothing could have been done as efficiently, as totally, as what has happened since the monstrous deed that was enacted on 9/11. This ingenious plot the Masters had been brooding over ever since the Trilateral Commission [2] gave birth to the ‘Grand Area’ and Zbignew Brzezinski’s book ‘The Grand Chessboard’ spelled out in detail what had to be done to conquer the world:

“The Trilateralist Commission is international . . . [and] . . . is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateralist Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power—political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical.”—Johannes B. Koeppl, PhD (The Insane Prelude to the Corporate Takeover of the Planet)

In fact, the very same ideology had been fostering the US thirst for power ever since the Council on Foreign Relations was formed soon after World War I. The Rockefeller group of influential men were all set on world domination already at that time. The stage was set. Now the monstrous scheme had to be carried out.

It began in earnest after World War II. However, finding a pretext for going out on their killing spree was essential. The Cold War had been a convenient screen to hide behind, but an enemy even more fearful was called for, after the implosion of the Soviet Union.

So the Twin Towers were set up as the target, the sacrificial lamb to convince all the robot brains that America was threatened. The Western world is threatened by Islamists. Now everything becomes possible. Our homeland will be invaded by the infidels, unless we strike first. Those are the primitive peoples who have no right to enjoy the fruits of the earth anyway. They have to be made into New Americans, they have to become civilized, or they must die. There is no room on this earth for primitive unchristian people who don’t understand their own best by becoming like us.

But the major goal of all this planetary domination was of course commerce, which required the extraction of wealth from under the surface of the earth. Oil, gas, gold, copper, diamonds and COBALT, etc. There’s no end to the greed of the Masters. They want it all. They are going to get it all. And that is what they call progress. Unless . . . Unless we open our eyes and fight back. But is that ever going to happen, the ‘unless . . . ’?

And all the while, the earth is being destroyed for human beings, for animals, for plants and for insects valuable for upholding the ecosystems essential to the continuation of life on earth.

What are we in today?

Today’s situation is so far from previous extinctions of tribes, peoples and entire countries that it is almost impossible to fathom. People wear their blinders and refuse to see what’s coming.

Today the Masters are all set on destroying the entire earth. What for? For short-term gain. So they can add a few billions to their already meaningless billions. Who are these psychopaths? They are the Corpocrats and the politicians who have been bought up by the multinational corporations. Are they giving any meaning to their lives? Of course not. They are in it for the kill, for the sense of ultimate power. And for the fear of being left out.

Their lies, their secrecy, their self-righteousness, their transformation of human needs and ambitions into lifeless Hollywood soap opera, making robots of the people, their abysmal lack of humane feelings—all these links of the Masters’ chains are what makes the whole monstrous plot possible.

There is no clash of civilizations!

“The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order” was written by Samuel P. Huntington in 1993.[3] A clever invention to hide the fact that Conquest and Unilateral World Domination are the forces that keep the drones flying. Keep it in the dark. Blame it on Islam. The Muslims are the enemy, the terrorists are all the ones who hate America.

Will you finally open your eyes? Forget about terrorists, forget about the Muslim enemy. Everything grows out of the goals set by the Trilateral Commission and the Council On Foreign Relations. This has been going on forever. And it keeps growing. The stated goals of the Trilateral Commission are the making of a monolithic bloc of rich countries into an economic and political confederacy: complete commercialization, unleashed competition, complete private ownership of everything. A minuscule minority must own the world—the rest of us can go to the devil. Solidarity left the stage a very long time ago.

“THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER,” a totalitarian one-world government, post-Cold-War global governancethose were the stated goals of George Bush 41[4] and those have remained the goals for every U.S. government ever since. Every president at least since Ronald Reagan, but actually far earlier than that, had as the very goal of his foreign policy the enlargement of ‘The Grand Area’ that was going to be the backyard of the nation. It kept growing and growing and today the U.S. is even trying to take on China. So-called terrorism is becoming worldwide. Non-Washington speak for terrorism is the fight for freedom and independence from the U.S. Empire. It is now impossible to contain the hate and the fear of being ground to bits and pieces by the juggernaut. One people after the other is being deprived of its sovereignty and its dignity. Humiliating the enemy is one of the major tactics used consistently by Washington and its military.

Hubris, self-righteousness, greed, insolence, callousness and stupidity—those are some of the qualities that make up the ugly face of the United States of America today, the U.S. Empire, which is humbly supported by European nations in their fear of offending the colossus. Dominating is all that counts as reality for Washington, and the Earth is being destroyed without a second thought. Tomorrow has no meaning. Only the NOW is what counts. In the process of striving for ever more so-called progress (enriching the already super-rich), everything else is forgotten, overlooked and mocked.

While everybody is drowning, the Corpocrats are busy enriching themselves. While the barns and stables are burning, the horses are neighing in panic, running wild in their fear of going down with the apocalypse. But the Masters are smiling in dumb self-satisfaction.

Is there possibly still a way out?

Can we still stand up and fight? Can we still join the rebelling, indignant masses in Europe who won’t put up with the austerity that is crippling their lives. The economic crisis is certainly not their fault and we should all join in with those indignados. Europeans still today seem to be less deadened by the propaganda and the illusions spewed out by the commercial media, the propaganda masters. The earth and all life with it are going down the drain—unless . . .

Point at the criminals. Point at the bankers and the speculators, point at the boys at the casinos playing fast and loose with food prices and currencies. Point at the politicians who let themselves get bought up by the Mega-Corporations and the corrupt bankers. Fire the politicians. Fire the bankers. Put the speculators in prison for life. They are not deserving of clemency. They are the ones who are responsible for the chaos we’re in. Corruption rules the world and the corrupt must be stopped from carrying their deadly project to a finishing point where all will be gone.

There are still countries that can bear their heads high. Take Latin America. Those countries are proud. They are forming alliances with Africa where people are suffering worse than anywhere else in the world. There is still some hope. A faint hope, but at least not everything is lost. Yet.

While the U.S. and Canada are fracking [5] and filling the earth with thousands and thousands of deep-drilled wells, our environment is being ruined. Nothing will survive after the continent has been transformed into a Swiss cheese and the entrepreneurs have gotten their last drop of shale gas out of the earth, just to restart drilling new wells the next day.

The Corpocrats have no idea of where they are going, where the world is going. They can only think of the next billion they are going to add to the other useless ones. What for? Not even they know.


[1] “Every five seconds, a child under 10 dies of hunger.—Thirty-five million people die each year from hunger or its immediate aftermath.—One billion people are permanently and severely malnourished and the situation is becoming increasingly catastrophic.” (Jean Ziegler)

[2] “The Trilateral Commission was founded by the persistent maneuvering of David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski [in 1973]. Rockefeller, [then] chairman of the ultra powerful Chase Manhattan Bank, a director of many major multinational corporations and ‘endowment funds’ has long been a central figure in the mysterious Council on Foreign Relations “ . . .”The Trilateral Commission is the llluminati’s attempt to unite Western Europe’s common market, Japan, Canada and the United States into an economic and political confederacy. What they couldn’t do through the political side of the Illuminati (Council on Foreign Relations, Inc.) they are trying now through the economic approach.”—Alex Christopher, “Pandora’s Box—The Ultimate Unseen Hand Behind the New World Order” (Published in 1994) . . .”Some notable members of the Trilateral Commission include George Bush, Dick and Lynne Cheney, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, David Gergen, Richard Holbrooke, Madeleine Albright, Robert McNamara (now deceased), Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan and Paul Wolfowitz.” The Trilateral Commission, December 2, 2012

[3] The Clash of Civilizations is a theory that people’s cultural and religious identities will be the primary source of conflict in the post-Cold War world. It was proposed by political scientist Samuel P. Huntington in a 1992 lecture at the American Enterprise Institute, which was then developed in a 1993 Foreign Affairs article titled “The Clash of Civilizations?” . . . Huntington later expanded his thesis in a 1996 book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order.—The phrase itself was earlier used by Bernard Lewis in an article in the September 1990 issue of The Atlantic Monthly titled “The Roots of Muslim Rage”

[4] In a speech to Congress and the American people on September 11, 1990, President George Bush outlined the goals his government was pursuing through military intervention in the Middle East. . . .”Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective—a new world order—can emerge.” (Gene Berkman)

[5] Fracking: A new dawn for misplaced optimismby Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

Siv O’Neall is an Axis of Logic columnist, where this essay first appeared, and is based in France. Her insightful essays are republished and read worldwide. She can be reached at

2 Responses to Corporatism or the true face of terrorism

  1. Since the false flag operation now referred to as “9/11″ the moves stated in this article have become increasingly evident. The workings behind them may be hard to decipher or understand, but the general unifying aim is peeling and revealing itself like an onion. And just as if one peels an onion without stopping, soon there is only – nothing. In other words, these “destructs” (as opposed to “constructs”) have at their core – nothing; nothing of value; nothing to contribute to life itself; even nothing of value to contribute to the planet on which we live.

    What they do have is an ugliness of being and an absence of soul – an ugliness that far surpasses the overwhelming nature and odor of an onion gone rotten. And we now find ourselves surrounded by the peeled layers of this rotten onion.

    For more discussion of this horrible retreat from meaning into a world of meaningless existence, see also: – a look into a possible future existence by David Corbett.

  2. Yes, absolute power is intoxicating! In perpetrating 9/11 they have erased all boundaries to total annihilism. They are so drunk with power that they think they are impervious to anything and everything including God. It doesn’t matter, you know, you don’t know, who’s to stop them? Their delusional arrogance is beyond comprehension. They don’t even bother to hide their manuvering very well any longer because they know for for certain that the masses will swallow whole whatever it is given them. Look at what they are trying to do now with the Newtown shooting hoax in order to take away our second amendment right. It’s not only our civil liberties is at stake, but our very survival. They are now controlling the food that we eat (read GMO/Monsanto), the air that we breathe (chemtrails), and the water that we need (privatization, pollution, etc.) Biogenetics-biowarfare inflicting the unwitting public with germs and diseases of the man-made kind – Morgellons is all too real for the hundreds of thousands if not millions already infected worldwide. You just have to care enough to take a closer look. Wake up, America, wake up and band together to fight for justice and beat down evil! Look at Nazi Germany, people were all too willing to look the other way and put their head in the sand while millions were persecuted, but in the end they too fell victim. The good guys came to their rescue. But now who will rescue us from the ‘good guys’? the answer is – No one – it’s just you and me. The time is now to act before it’s too late for you, for your family and loved ones to reclaim our humanity, our own survival. May God have mercy.