The Salafists move into central Africa

(WMR)—The Qatari- and Saudi-backed Salafists, Muslim radicals who follow the extreme radical Wahhabi sect of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the rest of the Gulf, have now moved into a governing position in the Central African Republic (CAR).

The Salafists, fresh from political gains in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Syria, are now pinning their expansionist hopes on the first Muslim president of the Central African Republic, Michel Am-Nondroko Djotodia. Djotodia was installed by the Seleka guerrillas who ousted Francois Bozize.

Ironically, Djotodia spent 14 years in the former Soviet Union where he attended university before becoming a CAR civil servant. Djotodia claims he is a secularist, but that claim has been used by Qatari- and Saudi-backed leaders in other countries where they have taken effective control of the government. The CAR is a majority Christian nation.

Djotodia spent time as the CAR consul in Nyala in what is now independent South Sudan but was part of Sudan while Djotodia was posted there. Ousted President Bozize, who obtained political sylum in Cameroon, and others claim that Djotodia and the armed Union of Democratic Forces for Unity (UFDR), which he helped found in 2006, received armed support and supplies from Chad and Sudanese rebels backed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Some 40 U.S. Special Forces troops are in the CAR. Ostensibly they are there to help find Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony, but some officials of the ousted CAR government charge the Americans helped the Seleka guerrillas topple the Bozize government. Bozize, who was protected by a South African military contingent, claimed that U.S.-trained Chadian “Special Forces” helped oust him from power.

Qatar recently pledged $500 million to the rebuild war-ravaged Darfur but many observers believe that the Salafists in Doha helped broker a peace agreement between Sudan’s leader Omar al-Bashir and Darfur rebels in order to pave the way for the establishment of an Islamic state in Darfur and, eventually, the whole of what remains of Sudan after the globalists peeled away South Sudan as an independent state. Bashir has been indicted by the George Soros-influenced International Criminal Court and many observers have likened Sudan, once Africa’s largest country before it was divided, to Yugoslavia.

The Darfuris are primarily members of the Fur, Zaghawa, and Masalit tribes and they have received military support from the U.S.-backed Chadian government of Idriss Deby. However, Deby is also opposed by a guerrilla group, the Union of Forces of Resistance (UFR), that has received support from Qatar. In fact, the leader of the rebel group, Timane Erdimi, is based in Doha. There are reports that Salafist missionaries funded by the Qataris and Saudis have been attempting to convert the Darfuri tribes, which have practiced moderate forms of Sunni Islam, to the more radical Wahhabist sect. Observers report that the Salafists have eyed Darfur ever since the Doha Peace Forum resulted in the Darfur Peace Agreement of 2006.

Some reports out of central Africa claim that Obama sent U.S. troops into the CAR, Uganda, and South Sudan not to capture Kony but to help the Qatari- and Saudi-backed Seleka, UFDR, UFR, and the Darfur-based Sudan Liberation Army overthrow Bozize, Deby, and declare Darfur independent, thus creating the right conditions for the establishment of an Islamic emirate in the Sahel region of central Africa.

The attempt by the Qatari and Saudi Salafists to extend their reach into Sudan, Chad, and the CAR have the support of CIA chief John O. Brennan, a veteran of the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca and someone whose Saudi links are so close, CIA personnel have started calling him “Shaikh Brennan” and “Brennan of Arabia.”

Barack Hussein Obama’s support for Libyan Salafists enabled them to establish the virtually independent Emirate of Cyrenaica in the eastern part of that country. U.S. support for Syrian rebels trying to topple Bashar al Assad’s secularist Baath Socialist government has bled over to the “Al Qaeda”-supported Al Nusra Front. Soros-backed “Jasmine” revolutionaries helped bring to power in Tunisia an Islamist government with some Salafist sympathizers. Similarly, Soros-backed “Lotus” revolutionaries in Egypt helped bring to power Muslim Brotherhood members and Salafists in the Egyptian government that replaced that of Hosni Mubarak. These events occurred with Brennan advising Obama as his deputy national security adviser.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

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