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In The Power of False Narratives, Robert Parry so aptly wrote, “Over the past several decades, the American Right has invested heavily in media outlets and think tanks with the goal of imposing right-wing historical narratives on the nation.”

To say the American Right, which is an arm of the global corporations, has “invested heavily in media outlets and think tanks” is an understatement. The US so-called mainstream media are totally under the control of their corporate masters.

Americans who get their “news” from the corporate media are subjected to propaganda, distortions, misdirection, lies and pablum. The past few days are a prime example of that. Just check how many times the New York Post falsely reported that the Boston Marathon bomber/bombers had been caught—from claiming a Saudi Arabian had been taken into custody to yesterday highlighting two innocent men as the bombers on its front page only later, when the truth came out, admitted the two men were cleared.

But the Post isn’t alone. Jon Stewart called CNN “the Human Centipede of News” after Wolf Blitzer ballyhooed the network’s “exclusive reporting” that an arrest had been made. An hour later, CNN anchors attempted to “walk back”—to use one of the corporate media’s latest euphemisms—the erroneous story.

Not that all the left/progressive media outlets, who receive funding from the same sources, hands are clean. Hence, the controlled opposition that are allowed to be dissidents to a certain point to throw you off track. Like their corporate media cohorts, the gatekeepers go to extremes to deny conspiracies, using the most far-fetched conspiracies to bolster their denial of the existence of conspiracies period. Then even ludicrously contend that it takes massive amount of people to pull off a conspiracy when, in fact, it takes a handful in the know to plan it and, depending on the size of what they intend to do, a guileless group to carry its various parts out.

That is how the masters behind the curtain get Americans to act against their own self-interests. Whether it was Lenin or Jim Morrison who said it, it’s a truism that if you control the media, you control the mind.

This is what we the people are up against. But with your help by spreading the word and/or your support by making donations to help us pay expenses, together we can make a difference. As Margaret Mead said, “”A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

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