Big government secrets aren’t really secret

The BIG GOVERNMENT SECRETS (BGS) aren’t really secret at all unless you are a witness or attempt to be a whistle blower but then “national security” must be invoked to silence you. Typically a direct or veiled threat is delivered to you first or you find yourself served with a National Security Letter or in extreme cases, a National Security Signed Finding. (More about that one at the end of this article.)

As Professor Marshall McLuhan once stated, most BGS are covered by the public’s incredulity, its unwillingness or inability to comprehend them: they just cannot fit them into their heads, as one astute researcher has observed.

When astute researchers refer to BGS, they usually think of the following:

1. Large scale government-controlled illegal narcotics trafficking into the USA to raise money for black ops, to withdraw massive amounts of cash from the system to control inflation, and to introduce, chaos, crime and death into the inner city communities to effectively dis-empower minorities and prevent them from organizing politically in a constructive fashion. (Retired DEA and Law Enforcement officers with spotless careers have acknowledged this occurrence and have stated that it is common practice for “controlled deliveries” to be used with 10% off-the-top payoff to local government officials and to top law enforcement, in most cases).

2. Large scale illegal weapons trafficking out of the USA to covert groups in foreign lands for instituting terrorism and initiating civil wars to raise massive amounts of cash for black ops, illegal payoffs (bribes) and personal cuts for the cut-outs, the purpose being to create chaos and civil wars, insurrections so that large international corporations install puppet governments and strip assets, buy up minerals cheap, etc.

3. Use of numerous false-flag Gladio-style “inside jobs,” self-inflicted wound type terrorist attacks instituted by the government by use of cutouts, which includes the attacks against the World Trade Center on 9/11, the Murrah Building, and the 1993 bombing of the Twin Towers. There is now so much hard evidence of this available—thanks to the Internet and many high powered scientists and scholars—that anyone who examines this evidence cannot deny that 9/11, for example, was scripted by the government using cutouts with direct support from the highest levels of the military while the operations were occurring.

4. The presence of a very high tech, massive spying system in place which collects, scans and analyzes all phone calls, faxes, cell phone transmissions, credit and check entries, cable and satellite program viewing, and collects and analyzes high-definition, public video from numerous cameras placed in the community and retail stores, and by using foreign intel contractors in government and foreign installations to do this in order to bypass any legal constraints.

5. Supplemental application of high-power, digital based cell phone systems, Doppler radar, GWEN system, and use of other high tech mechanisms as psycho-electronic (“psychotronic”) mind-kontrol weapons against the American Citizens which include small scale, portable, individually-targeted, pulse-beam microwave weapons, and also the use of special computer manipulated background sound in TV and radio transmission for subliminal conditioning.

6. Use of sophisticated high tech means such as HAARP and other high tech devices (perhaps in space orbit?) to engineer the weather so it can be used to cause weather-related disasters, earthquakes, and other weather phenomena, which would not otherwise occur. For anyone who wants to research this, there is a great deal of valid evidence proving this, including a now well known statement by former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, who acknowledged in a closed meeting that weather weapons existed and were now being used for acts of terrorism by some foreign entities. It has been alleged that “oil spills” and aerosol spraying can also be used to engineer disasters.

7. Massive aerial spraying of toxic chemicals and biological agents from DOD contract, black ops aircraft. Samples from reliable sources, including a local TV station out west, have been analyzed in certified labs and show toxic levels of nano-particles of barium, aluminum, and sulfur, as well as nasty-gene-spliced infections, such as Haemophilus influenza strains and alleged neuro-engineered nano-particles which are ingested and migrate to the CNS, where they have been alleged to provide an interface with the brain.

Unintended consequences may have resulted in these organisms growing wildly into what some have called “Morgellons disease,” which has been discredited very publicly by organized institutional medicine, including the NIH, but may still be occurring as alleged. Several scientists have alleged that aerosol spraying is reducing crop and vegetation growth and perhaps contributing to future food shortages. It has also been alleged that this aerosol spraying is toxifying the ground and that only new, specially-patented seeds by a major seed producer will grow well in this soil as the cumulative buildup of toxins from these aerosols increases.

8. Use of sophisticated high tech means to morph voice recordings, DNA samples, photos, and videos in order to construct false evidence. Overwhelming evidence now exists that is available to the public and proves this beyond any shadow of a doubt, including photocopies of an actual agenda for a special program conference on these methods that former Attorney General Janet Reno attended. Thus, we end up with phony Osama Bin Laden video concocted in the basement of the CIA’s headquarters at Langely and false, morphed cell-phone-call recordings on a missing flight on 9/11, which could not actually have been made, according to experts (where even the FBI has admitted as much). The frequent manufacture of crime scene evidence to convict “intended FBI targets” has been reported by Phillip Whitehurst, M.D., former FBI lab official, who became a well-known whistle-blower and survived all the threats and harassment brought against him by the FBI.

9. The actual recovery of many crashed UFO, gravity-free craft, which started with the Roswell incident in 1947 and still includes the use of specially-prepped, “above top secret,” crash-recovery teams run by the military and specialized deep black government contractors—all of whom are protected by the invocation of “national security” cloaks as classified and compartmentalized “deep black” projects.

10. The actual presence and current US military use of high tech gravity free craft manufactured by govt deep black contractors which can be flown at high speeds into and out of our atmosphere, craft which are back engineered and manufactured from crashed and recovered gravity-free craft typically referred to as UFOs (unidentified flying objects) by the uninformed public.

11. National Security Letters (NSLs), which are subpoenas usually delivered by the FBI to a “controlling person in charge” which cannot be copied, cannot be talked about, an attorney cannot be hired or consulted and which must be obeyed or one can be immediately arrested, jailed for ten years and given a massive fine. NSLs are exempt from habeas corpus and can be researched on the Internet with a great deal of verified, valid information available about them.

They are similar to the notorious British National Security “M letters,” which have often been used to exert a chilling effect on investigative journalism and potential, high-level, whistle blowing, which is also the reason the frequent use of these NSLs here. There have been recent complaints from Congressmen/women about the frequent abusive and unlawful use of these NSL’s over the past several years, many of which are filled out by FBI field agents while on the way to question someone without probable cause, reasonable suspicion or warrant from a judge.

The eleven secrets listed here are only “secret” if you are part of these RICO criminal operations of the shadow government or have directly witnessed them or attempted to whistle blow. (See the best definition of the “shadow government” by Richard Boylan, Ph.D., who has done the pioneering research in this area and was the first person to expound on it publicly: .) Most of the sheeple (public at large) cannot believe these things occur because, when told about them and even offered substantial evidence, these matters seem so difficult to believe that they just won’t fit into the sheeples’ heads. Secrecy laws are therefore really only needed for the smaller secrets, which the sheeple could believe, if they were told.

12. And now for explication of perhaps the BIGGEST SECRET that has been used against the people of the United States since 1952 and one that is now purely criminal in intent and practice (can you say RICO?). That is the “NATIONAL SECURITY SIGNED FINDING” (the much feared NSF Letter/order) of which only a small number of persons inside intel and government know about, where none of those administering and delivering them even dare talk about. But it’s okay for everyone else not directly associated to know about and talk about them (unless you receive an NSF personally!). But this information has not gotten out to the public because the only portal of communication to others is from those who have been served or have done the serving and are willing to tell others, which has been NONE so far because these folks are afraid to talk about it publicly out of fear of having a “a national security felony” brought against themselves.

If one has been the NSL or NSF server and talks, that typically results in an NSF with an extreme prejudice finding being brought against them. This information about NSFs, however, has now leaked out from older operatives, who are at the end of their lives and have felt that the public should know how the illegal false cloak of so-called “national security” is actually being used as a cover for every type of major RICO crime imaginable by our own government and intel agencies, such as the NSA, the CIA, and others.

A National Security Signed Finding (NSF) was originally a top secret order signed only by POTUS, typically ordering and authorizing non-judicial, unappealable (“with prejudice”) executive actions (typically referred to as “terminations with extreme prejudice” (TWEPS), which are assassinations with complete immunity for those agents or assets of the government enacting those orders). Guarantees of complete immunity for the breaking of any laws while fulfilling the NSF are often given in a signed personal letter to the agent or asset (“action officer”) to be kept in his safe deposit box. Here is an example signed by GHWB:

It has been rumored for years among a number of intel officers that JFK, MLK, and RFK were each assassinated by agents of the American government—or their cutouts—on the basis of NSFs. In JFK’s case, it has been suggested that such an NSF was signed by LBJ after he and J. Edgar Hoover allegedly convinced the Joint Chiefs that JFK was compromised by LSD ingestion and honey traps, which led to secretly authorizing an order for the removal JFK from power as having also been justified from Hoover and James Jesus Angelton’s intel reports, which claimed that JFK was making reckless PDDs (presidential directives) that also threatened our national security.

In many cases, a pesky whistleblower or witness can be dealt with separate from the delivery of an NSF against them simply by using heavy harassment and psyops to make an example out of them. Lower level “worker bee” agents can be given direct but unwritten orders to harass or institute psyops against any such whistleblower, with the intent of destroying their everyday life. This can be done by making sure they lose their job or have endless credit problems.

Their boss or landlord or neighbors can be contacted and the target is discredited by falsely smearing them, for example, by telling neighbors and associates they are being investigated for being involved in child pornography, illegal drugs, and such. One’s home, car and personal effects can be vandalized and one’s auto sabotaged. This is all done with the idea of destroying the normalcy of the target’s everyday life. The FBI is famous for enacting these un-Constitutional acts and RICO crimes and has even been implicated in murders on occasion, but even state and local police departments and other federal and privatized quasi-governmental agencies have done so—and continue to do so.

It is now apparent that the preparation and use of NSLs and of NSFs has been expanded and can be composed and signed by any director or a national intel agency, including Homeland Security. This means that Huff Post or TruTV could be served with an NSL (National Security Letter) by the FBI and certain sensitive documents and videos can be seized such as any referring to 9/11 being an inside job or top secret FEMA camps. Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” show seems to fit.

If this isn’t chilling enough, then an NSF can be delivered ordering that no such related information ever be transmitted or be published again. Recipients of NSFs cannot copy them or acknowledge their existence without be subject to imprisonment and massive fines, including their immediate arrest with 10 years in jail, all the while being denied legal representation. Thus, in this way, certain subjects can be made “NEWS TABOOS,” thereby keeping the public from acquiring knowledge of the government’s most important RICO crimes. And when the government doesn’t feel secure enough with the delivery of these NSLs and NSFs, then it can simply buy the media outlet with black op funds through a willing cutout, which is why we are no longer a Constitutional republic.

Preston James is the nom de plume (for obvious reasons) of a social psychologist who earned a Ph.D. from a Midwest “Big Ten” University.

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