Permanent state of emergency

The US government is a criminal syndicate, openly committing atrocities on a global scale. The rule of law is a memory, buried in the rubble left by the false flag terror attack of 9/11, the manufactured “war on terrorism,” and the monstrosity of the PATRIOT Act.

The legacy of the 9/11 crime—the greatest intelligence success in history (not an intelligence “failure”)—is a permanent state of emergency, a criminal military-intelligence-war apparatus (exemplified by the CIA, the NSA) of unimaginable scope and unlimited power, and endless war.

This genuine evil is aided and abetted by the illiterate, willfully ignorant and acquiescent American majority.

The average American is uninformed, uninvolved, and well-conditioned to support wars abroad, and enthusiastically welcome their own oppression. They applaud the security forces that commit atrocities, asking no questions but begging these same forces to “make them safe.”

A majority of Americans believe the original 9/11 lie, and enthusiastically approve of police state mobilizations within US borders. The unprecedented lockdown of Boston in the wake of the highly questionable Boston Marathon bombing incident was a dress rehearsal.

A majority of Americans approve of being under surveillance, monitored and tracked, their privacy willingly surrendered. “Big Brother” now openly and proudly promotes a police state. Washington’s leaders bray about the greatness of militant fascism, and win votes for it.

A majority of Americans, their brains addled with us-versus-them science fiction/monster movies and pro-CIA entertainment propaganda, still cling to the fantasy that they are “the good guys,” who are endlessly “under attack.”

So brazen, so certain that the passive US populace does not care, US officials and the CIA are not even bothering to tell halfway believable lies. They know, based on their success with 9/11, that questions in the wake of any “terror” incident will not be asked by the majority, no matter how many suspicious facts are left hanging.

Today, they can even openly admit their criminality and feel confident that there will be no consequences.

The US government now openly supports and arms Al-Qaeda all over the world. As written by Michel Chossudovsky, “those who lead the ‘Global War on Terrorism’ in the same of ‘Democracy’ are those who are supporting and financing terrorist organizations, which they themselves created.

Yet Americans do not care, and scarcely notice, that the official fairy tale has been routinely flipped this way and that, that way and this. The original 9/11 myth is so embedded into the brain synapses that subsequent distortions of the Big Lie, no matter how outrageous or obvious, do not even register.

Washington’s war machine, foaming at the mouth to topple Syria, shipping yet more chemical weapons to Al-Qaeda—is accusing the Syrian government of using chemical weapons, while it rains chemical weapons on Syrian government forces defending their nation from toppling. And Obama and Netanyahu accuse Syria of “crossing red lines.” This would be a comedy, if not for the apocalyptic realities.

War criminal and former President Bill Clinton is calling Obama a “wuss” and a “total fool” if he does not take “decisive action” in Syria to assist the “rebels”—the Al-Nusra/Al-Qaeda terrorists. The fact that Clinton is calling for the massacre to escalate does not register in the American psyche. The American public loves Bill Clinton, and know little if anything about the large scale war crimes he committed as president.

Adding to the spectacle, witness those who are running interference for the war/security apparatus, and laying waste to the illusion that there is no bipartisan cooperation on Capitol Hill.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, in the most loathsome and truculent fashion, defends the NSA’s domestic spying, pounding the podium and proclaiming, “It’s called protecting America.” She is a liar, and a war monger, and she damned well knows it. Her loyal liberal supporters do not.

Robert Mueller, who was intimately involved with 9/11, has declared that 9/11 itself would have been prevented, had domestic spying been pervasive prior to 9/11/01.

Perhaps the key mastermind of 9/11, Dick Cheney himself, has repeated the same talking point lies as Mueller: that 9/11 would have been prevented, had the US been a total surveillance state on his watch.

Mueller and the malignant Cheney damned well know that the only way 9/11 “would have been prevented” is if they, George W. Bush, and their intelligence cut-outs had not planned and executed the operation.

They know damned well that America was already a total surveillance state well before 9/11, and that today, the spying power of the intelligence apparatus is even greater.

As fully detailed in numerous books authored by James Bamford, the NSA has had overwhelming surveillance power for decades. As Michael C. Ruppert detailed in Crossing the Rubicon, the US government has used its otherworldly technological advantages (PROMIS software, for example) to commit untold crimes. 9/11 simply opened the Pandora’s box for even greater applications.

The Edward Snowden affair (whether it is genuine whistle blowing, or a set-up designed to further manipulate the American populace) is but the tip of this horrifying iceberg.

Surveillance, like war crimes and “terror,” will simply become even more pervasive and all-encompassing. To most Americans, it is like having new Facebook friends listening in.

American ignorance is the intelligence-war machine’s ultimate fuel.

Obama is the ultimate political monster. America continues to approve of him. Under his direct orders, the Bush/Cheney agenda has been expanded exponentially. Now in his second term, even less concerned about re-election or public image, Obama’s barbarity is out of the closet. He is confident that his cult of personality—those in his huge delusional fan base—cannot see past his dark skin and slick public persona. They will support his every act, no matter how callous or lawless.

And here is the most telling sign of American times: George W. Bush is now a popular figure. A majority of Americans view him favorably.

His crimes and enduring legacy of destruction and terror, have already been forgotten. Similarly, his father, George H.W. Bush, the CIA godfather and venom-spitting mass murderer, is now viewed by most Americans as a kindly old harmless grandpa. And it will certainly not be long before the Bush crime family takes back (or is handed back) the reins of world criminal power again. Jeb Bush is angling for the presidency. The next generation, George P. Bush, is moving up the ranks in Congress, a nightmarish Bush scion of politically useful Latin descent.

The post-9/11 Bush/Cheney/Obama dystopia is worsening.

These are the fruits of 9/11.

The military-intelligence-security machine marches on. With hearty American approval.

Larry Chin is an Associate Editor of Intrepid Report.

2 Responses to Permanent state of emergency

  1. The Bush seepage just goes on, and on, and on like a nightmarish blob that never ends. It is exasperating! And so too is Obama and his Bush Values card.

  2. It’s so refreshing to see the truth put forth so clearly – it helps those of us who’ve been on to the SUCCESS of the intelligence agencies/govt./corp. false-flag event on 9/11.

    I trust you communicate with people like Sibel Edmonds, James Corbett,, etc. Somehow we must come up with a unified (or at least more-unified vision & action plan for getting American heads out of the sand re 9/11. Sadly “disappearing” people are on the rise – most recently Michael Hastings. The fascist state is completed; now resistance comes with much higher price tags attached.

    We must have the courage to not only continue, but to step up our efforts. The very planet depends upon it, and all life therin contained.

    Thank you again for this outstanding piece.