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The plague that killed capitalism

In March 2020 when the COVID pandemic was first tightening its deadly grip on America and the newscasters were looking horrified as they read the figures they were getting, a phrase flashed through my head: “The Plague that Killed Capitalism.” Continue reading

Trump’s last hurrah?

So Baby Don was “in a good mood” this week, according to reports. Of course he knew he would be acquitted, and he would be able to squawk again about being “totally absolved” in Trumpian manner, the “witch hunt” and blah blah blah. Continue reading

Breaking news! Civilization collapsed

For those who have been fearing that things have gotten so crazy that civilization might collapse, take heart! It has already happened. You have survived. We are now in the ruins of civilization. Each action we take, large or small, is shaping the new world that will grow up out of the ruins of this one. Continue reading

The power of the delayed response

Camus on how the Resistance found its footing

We have now had thousands of children ripped from their parents and caged in our names as Americans, state sponsored kidnapping and child abuse, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders is upset because she was asked to leave a restaurant. She was politely asked to leave because the staff was uncomfortable serving an accomplice to child abuse. Continue reading

Back from the grave: The revenge of the Soviet empire

We are living through one of the most staggering political events in American history. What became very tangible with the exposure of Donald Trump Jr.’s email exchange to arrange a meeting with the lawyer who headed Putin’s PR campaign against the Magnitsky Act sanctions is earthshattering. What is unfolding is unprecedented and has America reeling. Continue reading