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The hourglass

Yuri Drexler’s first thought was, “how did this parcel ever manage to get through to me?” upon examining the markings on the parcel. He was surprised to see that it had come from Gaza. Within the parcel he had just received was a well-crafted hourglass, set in a cedar frame with the word Palestine carved into the upper orb. Great care had been taken to insure the artefact would survive the journey as it arrived tightly packed in balls of polystyrene. Continue reading

Denis’s dreaming: Julian Assange and his doppelganger

Walking along Hans Crescent every morning on my way to work, I stop briefly to look up at the balcony fronting the room which Julian Assange occupies in the Ecuadorian Embassy. I’ve been passing his place of residence for five years now and I’ve yet to catch a glimpse of him. What I do see though, are some of Her Majesty’s compliant factotums doing their surveillance—best to keep tabs on the Ecuadorian Embassy and to monitor the founder of WikiLeaks . . . now in situ . . . compliments of the arse-licking British government ‘doing-it’ for American imperialism. Continue reading

Prophesy: How not to find your voice

Frederick Nietzsche spent his 40th birthday reflecting on how the Middle East had provided three major exportations of prophetic doctrinal interpretations of god-speak. He poured over the four etchings of Muhammad, Moses, Isaiah and Jesus he had in his possession, beholding a formidable gallery of conscionable males expressing passion for what they believed were the indisputably correct paths toward salvation, revealed by none other than god HIMSELF, who had put males in charge of something that appeared to fall within the provenance of property and comedic divinity. Rich in tropes explaining the human condition, the righteous shepherds, keen to distract the flock from their here-and-now reality, promised salvation to supplicants who forfeited their free will for the promise of a better ‘afterlife.’ Continue reading