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Nonviolent Afghans bring a breath of fresh air

Grade 12 Afghan student Jamila Omary asked, “Do you have any plans to arm yourselves, because of the threats and dangers you have faced?” Continue reading

A question from Afghanistan, ‘Can we abolish war?’

Hadisa, a bright 18-year-old Afghan girl, ranks as the top student in her 12th grade class. “The question is,” she wondered, “are human beings capable of abolishing war?” Continue reading

My father was killed by a computer, says 7 year old Afghan child

Imal, a 7-year-old Afghan student in the 2nd grade, came to visit us in Kabul. Continue reading

From Afghan youth to leaders of today: Daylight is almost here

The daylight of a global awakening

We, the Afghan Peace Volunteers, are finding strength amidst our dark nights because, in the daylight of a global awakening, we see people throughout the world refusing to comply with oppressive systems. We see that we aren’t alone in rejecting governments and militant groups that wage wars and make deals at the expense of ordinary people. Continue reading

How can a veteran of war in Afghanistan help us understand good conscience?

Below are excerpts from an interview with Nao Rozi, an Afghan National Army veteran, and now a member of the Afghan Peace Volunteers. Continue reading