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Freedom Rider: Standing with Venezuela and Iran

The Trump administration wants a hot war with Iran or Venezuela, or both, and those of us claiming to be antiwar must be on our guard and ready for action. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: COVID-19 and black workers

The gross inequalities and declining standards of life in the US are magnified by the corona crisis, pushing already marginalized populations to the brink. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Revolutionary change and COVID-19

The genie has escaped from the bottle, revealing the deep injustices and cruelties that are embedded in US capitalism and its warped relationship to the peoples it rules, and the world. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: COVID-19 covers up war and financial collapse

COVID-19 is not just a health emergency. It has exposed the causes of inequality and suffering in this country. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Coronavirus and the failed American state

China built two coronavirus hospitals in just over one week.

The United States has none of the systems or infrastructure that would allow it to accomplish what China has done to fight mass infection. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: U.S. continues its war on the rest of the world

The duopoly corporate parties enforce silence and ignorance on foreign policy to ensure that Americans have neither the knowledge nor the tools to resist their country’s policy of endless war. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Prejudential: Black America and the presidents

US presidents range from very bad to less bad, but none were ‘good’ for Black people—including the first Black one.

Ten of the first twelve presidents of the United States were slave holders. This is just one of many historical facts that this columnist discovered while researching and writing Prejudential: Black America and the Presidents . The newly published book is an exploration of black American history viewed through the prism of the presidency. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Negroes for Bloomberg

Chicago’s Bobby Rush and San Francisco’s London Breed have sold themselves to super-plutocrat Michael Bloomberg, the worst stop-and-frisker in history. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The Internet does Washington’s dirty work

As long as the Internet is in private hands it should be seen as a “frenemy”—a useful resource that can also be wielded as a weapon. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Solidarity with Moms 4 Housing

Black women in Oakland confronted the austerity regime head-on by seizing the housing their families need. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Iran and the need for black activism

Black Americans, as perpetual targets of US lies and attacks, should be the first to reject Washington’s rationales for war with Iran. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Propaganda and the defeat of Jeremy Corbyn

If Corbyn can be defeated with a libel, it can work just as well on Sanders. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Abolish the police

Trump’s attorney general threatened to withdraw police “protection” from black communities—but, of course, no such thing exists. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Liberals love the military

Self-styled liberals believe they are a better class of people than Trump, but are bigger supporters of unjust wars than the so-called “deplorables.” Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Say no to Bloomberg

Bloomberg says he wants to stop Donald Trump but he’s really running to stop Bernie Sanders. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Hybrid warfare in Bolivia and beyond

The violent coup in Bolivia, like all of Washington’s regime-change and dirty tricks operations, has been aided and abetted by corporate media’s masters of euphemism. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: America needs protest

A thousand young people demonstrated in Brooklyn, jumping over turnstiles in solidarity with others arrested and brutalized by the cops. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The Baghdadi scam

The Democrats and corporate media don’t really oppose what Donald Trump is doing in Syria or anywhere else. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The return of Hillary Clinton

It’s not clear if smear-mongering Clinton is running for president, or just fleeing reality. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Trump, Obama and Syria

Whether by mistake or design, Donald Trump is presiding over the—agonizingly slow—demise of Barack Obama’s illegal and immoral scheme to overthrow the government of Syria using jihadist terror armies. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Botham Jean, Joshua Brown and Antonio Williams

The death of a police murder witness in Dallas is reminiscent of another police atrocity and coverup in New York City. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The WFP, phony outrage and black misleaders

The co-founder of Black Lives Matter has struck a cynical deal with corporate Democrats to boost Elizabeth Warren by attacking Bernie Sanders forces as racist. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The electability canard

Hapless Joe Biden has always failed in his presidential bids, but is hyped as supremely “electable” this time around because Democratic elites fear and loath Bernie Sanders. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Hollywood propaganda attack on Venezuela

The US is starving and killing Venezuelans in real life and, for your family’s viewing pleasure, on television screens. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Protest and the corporate media

The corporate media are steadfast partners with the United States government and faithfully follow the party line on foreign policy issues. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: No racism, just Russians

The absurd claim that Russians have orchestrated US racial strife is designed to nullify black outrage and discredit those who fight oppression. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Who’s a white supremacist?

Americans have an openly racist president, racist foreign policy, racist law enforcement and racist corporate media. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Trump and Baltimore

Anyone feeling the need to defend Baltimore from Trump’s opinions ought to talk about what really ails that city. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The Russians are coming, for Kamala Harris

The lightweight senator hopes voters will let her party off the hook for its failures if the word Russia is repeated often enough. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The Trump and Pelosi lovefest

Trump and Pelosi are birds of a feather when it comes to beating up on dissident women of color. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Time for Russiagate to end

Russiagate is a scheme meant to give Democrats popular support without doing anything the public wants them to do. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: U.S. prisons are concentration camps

There were already thousands of concentration camps in the United States before Donald Trump began his reign of terror over asylum seekers. They are called prisons. Continue reading