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Freedom Rider: Phony resistance can’t beat Trump

At the midway point of the Trump presidency, the Democrats have nothing to show in the way of meaningful resistance.

The Democrats are making news after being sworn into the 116th Congress as the majority party in the House of Representatives. The media give great attention to the increase in the numbers of women, Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and Muslim members, and of course Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The first ever Palestinian-American member made news by calling president Trump a “motherfucker.” But as a character on an old television commercial asked, “Where’s the beef?” Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Elizabeth Warren and the trap for black voters

Whether Democrats are openly obstructionist corporatists like Pelosi, or liberal sounding like Warren, they will not consider any meaningful systemic reforms. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: UK and US PSYOP collusion

Russiagate hysteria is an international conspiracy, with British spooks spreading lies on three continents. Now Black Americans are slandered as “dupes” of Moscow. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Yellow vests show the way

The yellow vests ought to be inspirations for the 99% on this side of the Atlantic ocean. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Mueller, Manafort and Assange

The Mueller investigation much more resembles a propaganda campaign whose goal is neither truth nor justice, but vilification of Russia in the pursuit of endless war. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The Democrats win and black people lose

If the Democrats were a true political party, Nancy Pelosi’s failures would have taken her out of the running for any leadership position. Continue reading

The Amazon robbery

The world’s richest man just pulled a con job on several hundred US cities, which tells us a lot about the (mostly) Democrats that run these towns. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The legacy of 1918

Donald Trump is a racist boor, but the European leaders he snubbed are unreconstructed imperialists whose nations have enslaved and slaughtered tens of millions. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Black people need birthright citizenship

If white nationalists are allowed to abolish birthright citizenship, they will immediately move to de-Americanize as many Blacks as possible for criminal convictions or poverty. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: American terror is not new

The casual, endemic and racist violence that characterizes American behavior at home and abroad cannot be laid at the doorstep of the current buffoon in the White House. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The migrant caravan and U.S. policy

Washington blames “socialism” when Venezuelans flee their country’s US-created economic crisis, but defame Honduran refugees fleeing the misery created by the US in that country. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Jamal Khashoggi and U.S. hypocrisy

The corporate media cry crocodile tears over the apparent murder of an elite, CIA-connected “dissident,” while papering over US complicity in Saudi war crimes in Yemen. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Robert Mueller, Shahed Hussain and the FBI war of terror

The FBI criminal-for-hire that helped entrap the Newburgh Four in an invented terror plot is the owner of a limo that crashed and killed 20 people—but he’s now back in Pakistan. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The Kavanaugh farce

Now that it’s too late to prevent a total right-wing takeover of the Supreme Court, the Democrats pretend to be the party of opposition. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: World war dangers in Syria

Israel has bombed Syria at will, apparently with Russian permission, but that may change after the downing of a Russian plane. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Prison strike 2018

Inmates in states across the nation are on strike against the world’s largest and most racist prison system. Hopefully, they won’t be betrayed by quisling civil rights misleaders, as in 2010. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Giuliani and Brennan: Truth or dare

The Russiagate investigation is proof that this country is run by liars, race baiters, warmongers, torturers and their enablers. We already knew that Guiliani and Trump were racists.

In the topsy-turvy aftermath of the Trump presidency and Russiagate hoax, even Rudolph Giuliani can be truthful and yet be pilloried for saying what is obvious. Giuliani became mayor of New York City in 1993 when he appealed to white racism and defeated David Dinkins. He was the Trump of his time, making clear that he would be the white people’s representative and he remained committed to his constituents’ expectations. He then went on to undeserved fame and greater personal wealth because he happened to be in office on September 11, 2001. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: The United States destroys Venezuela’s economy

Corporate media in this country deliver a steady onslaught of anti-Venezuelan propaganda. The Washington Post fumes about Venezuelan “pirates,” while the New York Times reports that Ecuador is overwhelmed by desperate Venezuelan migrants. Unfortunately the propaganda has succeeded to a large degree. “Socialism doesn’t work, just look at Venezuela,” is an all too common trope. It is rare that anyone with a public platform reveals a simple truth. Venezuela’s problems were created by the United States government, first during the Obama administration and now continuing under Trump’s. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Social media’s danger to the black left

Of course Black Agenda Report utilizes social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to communicate with readers. Any individual or organization who needs to connect with large groups of people does so as well. But our adversaries know that, too, and have embarked on unprecedented efforts to diminish black and left voices or silence them altogether. The change was announced quite publicly in November 2016 when the Jeff Bezos owned Washington Post presented the infamous Propornot list. This anonymous group claimed that some 200 sites, including Black Agenda Report, were susceptible to Russian propaganda, hence the propaganda or not label. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Russiagate covers up black vote theft

The corporate media and their friends in the Democratic Party are whipping up so much hatred and disinformation that it is almost impossible to discuss Russia or its president, Vladimir Putin. Putin is a multi-purpose villain. He is blamed for the vote theft conducted by white Americans against black people that resulted in the Donald Trump presidency. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Blacks need to stop calling the enemy ‘we’ and ‘us’

It is a sad to see black people speak of themselves in the first person when referencing the United States government, its intelligence agencies, and war making apparatus. Two years of relentless war propaganda has conflated opposition to Trump with the interests of the ruling elites. Words such as “our allies,” “our intelligence community,” and “our democracy” should never come out of a black person’s mouth.” The desire to be rid of the racist-in-chief has caused a new epidemic of mental illness. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Russiagate and black misleadership

Black people should be first in line when it comes to casting doubt on the work of intelligence agencies and federal prosecutors. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) ought to uphold the proud tradition of defying corrupt law enforcement. Instead they prove themselves to be happy tools of the neoliberal war party, a bipartisan construct that includes the Democrats. They join with the rest of the democratic party in flogging the Russiagate story and hope that their constituents won’t ask them about anything else. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Ocasio-Cortez and the Left

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a living Rorschach test for leftists. Her primary win over incumbent Joseph Crowley in a New York City congressional district is impressive on many levels. But the reaction to her victory demonstrates the sad state of affairs of left-wing politics in this country. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: No protest for black people

Donald Trump is certainly a motivator for white liberals. That group was quiescent when other presidents committed human rights abuses and war crimes, but they spring into action when Trump does something they don’t like. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Democrats unhinged by Korea

The process of Donald Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un was as singular as the event itself. His ignorance, incompetence and egomania moved him from “fire and fury” and “little rocket man” to scheduling a meeting to cancelling the meeting to finally holding the summit. But a process has begun which might free two nations from American threats and put them in charge of their own destiny. The Democrats are left with nothing except attacking Trump from the right. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: A tale of two summits

There were two summits of world leaders held very recently. The one which got Americans’ attention was the Group of Seven (G7), comprised of Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Japan, and Germany. The meeting, held in Quebec, proved that Donald Trump means what he says. He campaigned on a theme of “America first” and he is making good on his slogan. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: When Uncle Tom falls

Black people are in a constant struggle for survival all over the world. We have many enemies from many different places and some of them may even look like the rest of us. But like any embattled group we must rejoice when any of those forces are taken out. One of the worst, that is to say a black person who acts against the interests of other black people, recently became compromised and that is always good news. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Black support for the police state

The worst hate group in the United States is not the Ku Klux Klan or any self-proclaimed alt-right group. The most racist, vicious, and deadly menace to black people in this country is law enforcement. The police, courts and prisons exist primarily to keep as many black people under control as possible. All other claims of usefulness are phony and cover up the racist cruelties inherent to their existence. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Trump and Israeli collusion

Donald Trump’s decision to exit from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement on Iranian nuclear capability is in keeping with his doctrine of joining Israel at the hip of the United States. Fealty to the state of Israel is a constant in United States foreign policy. Every president who has served since that country was founded has given it carte blanche to do anything it wants but Trump goes further than anyone else. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: How to remember lynching

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice recently opened in Montgomery, Alabama, to great fanfare. The memorial tells the stories of the more than 4,000 recorded lynchings perpetrated against black men, women and children by American terrorists for nearly 100 years. The crimes were gruesome public spectacle. Victims died by gunshots, hanging, fire, dismemberment and castration. The massacres took place mostly in the South but not entirely. Lynch law was a nationwide phenomenon and while unwritten it was defended as much as any legislation on the books. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Windrush and Britain’s crimes against black people

It was true that the sun never set on the British empire. The voracious appetite for resources and wealth, including human property, made Britain one of the most criminal nations in all of human history. From Australia to Africa to India to the Caribbean the British empire committed numerous genocides and thefts on a massive scale. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Syria and press propaganda

It is difficult for Americans to find out what is happening in their country and around the world. That is because corporate media outlets have nearly complete control over what they see and hear and because those interests are closely allied with the state. The promise of the Internet, the hoped for level playing field for communication and information gathering, is also under corporate control. It is now part of a well coordinated censorship effort and attack against left-wing sites such as Black Agenda Report. Continue reading