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Senate Republicans, after stormy debate, sink voting rights bill

Democratic lawmakers and people’s movements continue the fight nevertheless.

WASHINGTON—Catering to their white nationalist Donald Trump constituents and the corporate contributors who fund GOP campaigns, the Senate’s 50 Republicans sent the two big voting rights bills down the drain again. Continue reading

Trump Supreme Court justices all but admit that they’ll kill women’s choice

WASHINGTON—Declaring they would never give up the fight for reproductive choice and legal abortion, approximately 1,000 pro-choice advocates literally ringed the Supreme Court building to publicize their cause, hours after the six right-wing justices on the nine-member Court indicated they were ready to end abortion rights in much if not all of the country, starting with upholding the restrictive Mississippi law. Continue reading

Conservative SCOTUS justices dance around but avoid key abortion rights issue

WASHINGTON—Much is being made of several conservative justices appointed by Trump expressing concerns Monday about how the outrageous Texas abortion law is written to avoid federal judicial review. Continue reading

Trump’s playbook written by fascists like Juan and Eva Peron

WASHINGTON—Trump’s acceptance of the RNC nomination for a second term as president Thursday night was not the first time a fascist posed as a fighter for workers who was bucking the establishment. Continue reading