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Have a blessed military-industrial empire!

You go to the butcher shop and the sweet young cashier gives you change and says ‘Have a blessed day.’ You call one of your small business customers and they bid you adieu with ‘Have a blessed day.’ You watch some news talk show on the boob tube and the commentator says, ‘Bless our brave warriors.’ A lady at a retail store cashier line gets into a conversation about our (so-called) ‘Iraq War’ and she states equivocally ‘When someone breaks into your house, you have a right to kill them.’ Churches throughout America have, ever since 9/11, been falling over themselves to make sure to ‘Bless our brave troops,’ never beginning to focus on the tens of thousands of innocent civilians our ‘brave troops’ and drone missiles and WMD have murdered in the name of this ‘War on Terror.’ This is madness amplified to the Nth degree! Continue reading

Working stiffs, stop celebrating the super rich

Years ago, a dear and late friend of mine, Bill K. once told me this story: He was a Chicago cop, one of the ‘ good guys ‘ who treated everyone equally. One day, he was driving his young son Nick to school. They were passing a bus stop and saw this guy getting off the bench to board the bus. The man was dressed like a laborer, with his lunchbox in hand. Bill turned to his son and said “Do you see that guy getting on the bus, obviously on his way to work? You see him holding that lunchbox, wearing a winter workman’s coat and hat? Well, son, THAT guy is the hero that you should worship. THAT guy gets up early each morning and shovels off to a job, bringing his ‘brown bag’ lunch with him. He probably puts in his full day, gets on another bus and goes home. Then, he gets up early tomorrow and does it all again. THAT is a hero!” Continue reading

Crippled with no recourse: The haircutter & the clerk

Funny how so few of us understand the tremendous gap between ‘Dwindling Medicaid and Crapola Private Health coverage.’ This is NOT the exception, rather the rule, folks! Continue reading

The elephant is always in the room

This writer has made it my main purpose, for 15 years now, to focus on the single most important issue destroying our nation’s economy. Yes, for those who read me frequently, it is this obscene military spending coupled with extreme militarism! Continue reading

Spring/summer 1967 & 2017—ignorance is bliss

Ah, to be seventeen again, with so few cares in the world. Continue reading

Flag held hostage

In Barry Levinson’s 1997 satire Wag the Dog, we laugh at how the “powers that be” can manufacture a crisis to mask domestic problems . . . carrying a nation right into a war. Continue reading

See no evil

Many of us live in Amerika and truly care about the America that has been stolen from us. The theft did not occur overnight, no, on the contrary it has been going on for as long as one can remember. This writer could literally fill a book with the events that have shaped this crime. Continue reading

Fear strikes at, not out!

Memories come and go, but important ones seem to stay with us for entirety. I can recall, so vividly, traumatic events from my early youth. Continue reading

Memorial DAZE!

My neighbor is a Vietnam vet suffering from the effects of Agent Orange. He is in his early 70s and looks at least 10 years older. In and out of hospitals with lapses in memory, the guy still maintains a ‘ gung ho ‘ Amerikan exceptionalism mindset. Will he ever learn the truth about how his life and that of millions of others, military and civilian, were damaged or destroyed by our country? Continue reading

2017 Amerika: A fascist reich?

In Joachim Fest’s fine biography of Adolf Hitler, aptly titled Hitler, we learn many things never before taught in our world history classes here. To delve into it now with the needed detail from this 700+ page masterpiece would be futile for me the columnist. There is just so much to digest and comprehend about this Austrian of little education and no professional calling who became the Fuhrer. Yet, throughout the book, one cannot help but realize just how much the movers and shakers of our Amerikan empire copied tactics and outright propaganda from the Hitler gang. The use of the term Fatherland to describe Germany rings so close to post 9/11 Amerika’s choice of Homeland as in Homeland Security. Continue reading

The elephant (and jackass) in the room

When the Bush/Cheney gang was in control, the bought and paid for Congress kept allotting more and more billions (over 50% of our federal tax dollars) for military spending. You see, it really did not register in the so called Defense budget because it was slotted as ‘Discretionary spending,’ thus the scam. Continue reading

Let them eat gadgets

Just before the French Revolution, remember Marie Antoinette’s famous line, when appraised of the plight of the masses? When told that they did not have enough bread to eat she retorted ” Let them eat cake!” Well, in this 21st Century Amerikan Empire, when dead end box store and service jobs are the norm for many of our fellow citizens, they will always have their electronic gadgets to play with. Continue reading

It can’t happen here?

Sinclair Lewis’s 1935 satire of the same name (without the question mark)was meant to be a warning for Americans during the height of Nazism in Germany. Lewis understood how easy it can be for fascist movements to grow during tough economic times. He observed it in first Italy and then more powerfully in Germany, culminating with Hitler being appointed chancellor in 1933. Continue reading

Love that dirty water . . . and dirty wars!!

Last week, USA Today’s main section had an extensive investigative piece on lead in the drinking water supply of many rural communities. Continue reading

This must be a dream

For those who study metaphysics like this writer, there is the concept that this 3rd dimension we live in is really just a dream. When they say ‘dream’ they mean that the higher consciousness which is our real self is actually creating this 3rd dimension part of us. Continue reading

Election 2016: Amerika wins, Americans lose!

Well, the angry white vote did the trick and Ms. Killary went down in defeat. One hopes that many will realize that this election was not about what people voted FOR . . . but rather AGAINST. Continue reading

Forrest Gump was right on!

If one remembers the 1994 film Forrest Gump, one should recall his famous quote: Stupid is as stupid does. Well, he must have been clairvoyant as to our Amerikan public, as least those of us who vote. Factoring out we who refuse to support this Two Party con job, we are left with the overwhelming numbers who will ‘follow the herd’ and vote for either of the two scoundrels running for president. Continue reading

Hurricane Mathew vs. shock and awe of empire

On Friday, October 7, we were awaiting the hurricane named Mathew that was fast approaching Daytona Beach Florida. My wife and I were hunkered down in our master bedroom in what was supposed to be the safest part of our townhome, that being the western part. Continue reading

21st century Amerika, a reality show

Forty years have passed since Sidney Lumet’s finest film, “Network,” written by Paddy Chayefsky. Anyone who wishes to see an almost clairvoyant vision of how our culture would regress, please watch this film. Our high schools and colleges should make this a must see for their curricula. Continue reading

Amerika, a colony of empire

Watching Richard Attenborough’s fine 1982 film “Gandhi,” one sees just how a colony of empire operates. The Indian people were treated as not even 2nd class citizens, and with it went all the injustices one can imagine. Continue reading

Ed Norton occupies the world

Anyone who ever saw The Honeymooners episode from the mid 1950s: The Man From Space, check out what our soldiers are wearing while occupying countries. They resemble Ed Norton in his sewer worker’s uniform, who resembled some sort of man from outer space. Either way, the sight of our soldiers breaking into the homes of occupied Iraqis or Afghans, with 20 pounds of equipment and those gadgets on their heads, is really disheartening. I don’t think that Orwell, in his wildest dreams, could have created such a vision of a police state gone mad. Continue reading

Good cops/bad cops

In John Sayles 1987 film “Matewan,” concerning the 1920 coal miners’ strike in West Virginia, not all cops were of the same ilk as the Baldwin-Felts private detectives. Those ‘rent a cops’ were deputized by the authorities, at the behest of the powerful mining companies, as an occupying force to control and torment the miners . . . Bad cops! The local police chief understood the deprivation the strikers faced. When these ‘deputies’ came out to evict a family from a company owned home, the chief forced them away at gunpoint . . . Good cop! Continue reading

They want Kaepernick to go kaput!

A 28-year-old man born of a single, white, 19-year-old woman and an African American father had a rough (to say the least) upbringing. Now that he is doing well financially and at the same time gaining in consciousness, Colin Kaepernick speaks up and speaks out. Continue reading

Wag the Donkey

In most cases satire reveals so many hidden truths. Such is the case with the 1997 Barry Levinson film Wag the Dog. Obviously done as a spoof on the Bill Clinton sexual imbroglio with Ms. Lewinsky and the damage control done to modify it. The inner meaning of the film reveals just how foolish the Amerikan public is and how susceptible many are to well thought out propaganda. Well, isn’t that how we really are folks? Continue reading

Invasion of the empire’s pods

Remember the famous 1950′s film “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”? It was produced to show the American public just how terrible Communism was. The fear card was played by having the pods suck away knowledge, along with the very essence individualism . . . as they slept. The victims of the pods became apathetic , with no passion or rational thinking mechanisms . . . just automatons (a moving mechanical device made in imitation of a human being).The main character in the movie became almost mad with a drive to stay awake and escape a city filled with these creatures. At film’s end, he does escape the town, but, as he is telling his story to the authorities, we see trucks driving down the highway filled with more and more pods. Continue reading

One trick pony

My best friend from our hometown of New York City is a staunch Sanders supporter. He and I usually agree on most progressive ideals, except for his (oh how I don’t like to use that P word) Pragmatism. Continue reading

Brave, yes . . . heroes, no!

Empires especially have always used propaganda to control and influence the populace. It takes courage for a minority of ‘truth tellers’ to speak up. For too long many of we who ‘know better’ have remained silent on who the real heroes are. Continue reading

Banana republic America

A pragmatist is the guy in front of the firing squad who asks for a blindfold: “If you can’t see the firing party, perhaps it isn’t happening!” Channel surfing the other night (without a blindfold) I caught two political events on C-SPAN. Continue reading

Violence begets violence

Interesting how right after the UK’s Chilcot Inquiry (on the run up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq) came out, we had news of more police-related killings here in Amerika. Many would offer the rebuttal that one has absolutely nothing to do with the other. Well, allow me to explain my theory. Continue reading

Empires always deny political reform

Well, for all you nice and decent progressives and socialists on both sides of the pond, time to wake up! We cannot reform or realign the Democratic Party or Britain’s Labor Party! Bernie and Jeremy made the usual ‘ ghastly error ‘ of thinking it can be done. Continue reading

‘Astral City’

One should view Wagner DeAssis’s 2011 Portuguese film “Astral City” . . . especially great for those of us who dissent against injustice. Isn’t that a contradiction some would ask? Perhaps, if dissent is meant to be the sole possession of atheists, agnostics and 100% humanists. Yet, for those of us who study the teachings of many religions, especially Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism to name but a few, maybe belief in a spiritual universe and the need to speak out against injustice does in fact go ‘hand in hand’. Continue reading

Amerika: The Mad Magazine of 2016

The world has always been somewhat crazy. Each century has had its share of violence, greed, exploitation, etc. Yet, as most philosophers and spiritual thinkers tell us, the more we proceed into the future, the more we should evolve and progress, not regress. Well, the 20th century sure killed that theory, didn’t it? Two major world wars, with the disgraceful phenomenon of a Nazi regime in one of the most industrialized nations sure upset that apple cart. Then, a Cold War between the two major 20th century powers held the entire planet back from real and fruitful progress. Alas, this new century, only a mere 16 years old, seems to be regressing upon that same terrible path. Continue reading