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No escaping in the American Rockies

As the country continued to spiral out of control with a pretend president whose election is as illegitimate as he is unhinged and with the uncertainty of national collapse only a matter of timing, retreat into the idyllic American Rockies in the hopes of escaping the tyranny threatening the rest of the country has provided little satisfaction. Continue reading

After the Navy identifies UAPs, how will the empire respond?

A spokesman for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare has confirmed the obvious: that official Navy video footage taken in 2004, known as the US Nimitz incident and elite Navy jets in 2015 recorded the existence of what has been termed ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (UAP). The videos were documented by US fighter pilots trained to know the difference between an actual UAP or a helium filled weather balloon. Continue reading

As Biden falters, will Warren survive the scrutiny?

Despite early polls which showed some of the ‘top tier’ Democrat candidates beating Trump in a general election, the last DNC debate left considerable question as to whether there was enough substance on that stage to win the White House. Continue reading

The DNC debates are a sham

In the aftermath of the third Democratic National Committee (DNC) presidential debate, it was mind boggling that viewers were forced to suffer through a rehash of the same, worn out regurgitations that had already been harangued previously. There was no stunning moment where a star stepped forward as in the two earlier debates, nor any momentous policy pronouncements worth pondering. Continue reading

The politicization of justice

The American criminal justice system has long been a sharp painful thorn in the nation’s consciousness as if to remind us of a major flaw in the American way of life. Mostly, that awareness has focused on the inequities of prosecution and sentencing between the privileged upper-class elites, the have-nots of the blue collar underclass and our nation’s minorities. Continue reading

Are hate crimes linked to mind control?

Trump asks the death penalty

As part of remarks by President Trump on mass shootings in Texas and Ohio on August 5, Trump announced, “Today, I am also directing the Department of Justice to propose legislation ensuring that those who commit hate crimes and mass murders face the death penalty, and that this capital punishment be delivered quickly, decisively, and without years of needless delay.” Continue reading

S&P Bearish on 5G, Tesla’s Coil and the T-Mobile Merger

The FCC, the telecoms and cooperating MSM continue their resolute PR campaign to sell 5G to an unsuspecting American public as if the technology is up and running at effortless full capacity. The truth is that even as ‘spotty’ coverage is being established in large urban markets, the telecoms are well aware that there are fundamental uncertainties yet to be addressed which may take years before widespread distribution can be accomplished. Continue reading

Kamala or Tulsi

It has been decades since a bona fide antiwar candidate ran for US president; that is, a candidate who ‘felt’ peace in their bones rather than a political calculation to be exploited. By my reckoning, that last campaign would be Sen. George McGovern’s 1972 peace candidacy which came at the height of the Vietnam war. Post 911, there have been no comparable presidential peace candidates although an alternative on economic issues in 2016, Bernie was not considered a ‘peace’ candidate. Continue reading

Rural America and the 5G digital divide

While there is considerable telecom hubris regarding the 5G rollout and increasing speculation that the next generation of wireless is not yet ready for prime time, the industry continues to make promises to rural America that it has no intention of fulfilling. Decades-long promises to deliver digital Utopia to rural America by T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T have never materialized. Continue reading

5G threatens weather forecasting

It comes as no surprise that the American public remains oblivious to a not-so-slight glitch in the 5G Race with China as the US strives to be the first, the best and most technologically advanced country in the world with its guarantee of a Brave New World. But then, many Americans are unaware of the true nature of 5G in the first place. In its haste to win, the telecom industry, its friends in Congress and the Federal bureaucracy are intent on foisting 5G on a largely unsuspecting American public before all the technological kinks have been worked out. Continue reading

5G complexities and national security

In case you missed the kickoff, there is an unprecedented ‘must win’ wireless race for the US to cross the 5G finish line before China as alluded to during the recent Senate Commerce Committee oversight hearing on the Federal Commerce Commission. Continue reading

5G as a globalist tool

The recent Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee hearing regarding oversight of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) failed to shed any real light on details of the proposed 5G network as it received less scrutiny than expected given its highly anticipated, ubiquitous role in American life. Continue reading

Global Warming morphs into the solar minimum

Since Climate Change (CC) has been a constant of life on Gaia with the evolution of photosynthesis 3.2 billion years ago and has more complexities than this one essay can address; ergo, this article will explore CO2’s historic contribution to global warming (GW) as well as explore the relationship of Solar Minimum (SM) to Earth’s climate. Continue reading

If Congress has no mojo to govern, let’s make it a part-time job

If the American public needs any further evidence that the US Congress is unable to function as an operating legislative branch of the federal government in the ‘pursuit of happiness’ or to ‘promote the general welfare,’ look no further than Congress’s most recent public disapproval rating of 69%. This is of course nothing new as Congress has been in ill repute with the American public for decades—and no one seems to know what to do about it. Continue reading

Peace with Iran is a good thing

After weeks of drama with Iranian ‘threats’ and having conducted classified briefings with Congress on Tuesday, acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo by his side, informed a press briefing that “there will be no war with Iran” and the US had “deterred an Iranian attack based on our reposturing of assets, deterred attacks against American forces” and that now the “focus is to prevent an Iranian miscalculation. We do not want the situation to escalate. This is about deterrence; not about war. We’re not about going to war.” Continue reading

The DNC’s dumbed-down opinion survey

In its recent Official 2020 Issues Survey, DNC Chair Tom Perez solicited input on the ‘top’ issue for the upcoming June debate as the Dems will use that “feedback to shape our electoral strategy.” In other words, the following identified issues will conceivably become questions at the debate and presumably will become the basis for the Dems 2020 platform which its presidential candidate and down-ticket slate will campaign on. Continue reading

The Pompeo-Bolton tag team from hell

There was little pretense that when former UN Ambassador John Bolton became President Trump’s National Security Adviser and former Rep. Mike Pompeo moved into the Secretary of State position, that either would bring a professionally credible and respectable presence to world diplomacy or foreign affairs. Continue reading

The DNC debates, the MSM and Tulsi

As some of the last minute Democratic presidential candidates scramble to qualify for the DNC’s upcoming June 26/27 primary debate, the latest poll results become more than nominally important given their elevated role in whether a candidate meets the requirements to participate. Continue reading

Bernie and the nuclear-capable F35s

Fresh off what the MSM is celebrating as a surprise victory for a Bernie Town Hall on Fox News, lurking in the background is his inexplicable support over the years for basing the highly controversial F35 at the Burlington International Airport. We now know, thanks to a conscientious citizen who bothered to read the fine print, that those F35s will be nuclear-capable and of immense explosive power. Continue reading

AIPAC and the Federal Election Commission

Reviewing AIPAC’s history since its 1963 creation reveals a consistently well organized campaign of manipulation and evasion of the US election law as one necessary ingredient to its invincible image on Capitol Hill. The American Israel Political Affairs Committee has long claimed it is not a political action committee, that it does not endorse candidates nor provide financial donations to political campaigns. As with all things involving AIPAC, there is another side to the story. Continue reading

A moral reckoning is due

With Russiagate, the Democrats created some powerful karma to answer for; especially for the likes of Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Eric Swalwell, (D-Calif.), both of whom persist in the mindless search for the Holy Grail. After cheating Bernie out of the nomination in 2016, the Dems had not yet learned their karmic lesson when they lost the presidential election. The Mueller Report is but the latest of that karmic reckoning. Continue reading

Ready or not, 2020 is coming

Although the country is nowhere close to the next presidential election, twenty months away to be exact, yet my first Agita attack of the 2020 campaign season is expected at any time. I can feel it coming on. Continue reading

The Supreme Court and dual citizenship

As AIPAC prepped for its annual policy conference, entitled “Connected for Good,” with an expected attendance of 20,000 committed Zionists, its most zealous Zionist congressional supporters would also likely be in attendance; that is, those who have signed the loyalty oath as well as those who retain dual citizenship to Israel and are thereby entitled to AIPAC campaign support. Continue reading

Is AIPAC in violation of federal election law?

What newcomer to the US House of Representatives, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Mn) may not have fully realized is that her critique of Israel influence on American politics would open a door that has previously been hermetically sealed as the third rail of American politics. Continue reading

Assange vs. the Cabal

It is widely rumored that, with sealed indictments pending in the US, WikiLeaks founder and publisher Julian Assange may be imminently forced to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy which has provided him safe refuge since 2012. Continue reading

The consciousness of hate

While current polls show waning support for the Mueller Russiagate investigation among a majority of American voters, that has not slowed the Democrats and their MSM/Intel cohorts from escalating their ‘resistance’ campaign to unbelievable levels of exaggerated histrionics. Continue reading

Coming soon to your neighborhood: 5G wireless

Just as any new technology claims to offer the most advanced development; that their definition of progress will cure society’s ills or make life easier by eliminating the drudgery of antiquated appliances, the Wifi Alliance was organized as a worldwide wireless network to connect ‘everyone and everything, everywhere” as it promised “improvements to nearly every aspect of daily life.” Continue reading

Forever AUMF stalls at Senate Foreign Relations Committee

As the Forever AUMF 2018 (SJRes 59) (Authority for the Use of Military Force) continues to await action by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, one can only imagine the extent of the behind-the-scene efforts underway to sway those few wavering senators who may be reluctant to go down in American history as voting to eliminate Congress’ sole, inviolate Constitutional authority ‘to declare war.’ Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11. Continue reading

Pompeo challenged at Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Newly appointed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had every reason to expect that his first official appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee would be the usual slam-dunk as mostly obedient, respectful Senators aligned with his testimony. Continue reading

Trump and Israel’s collusion on Syria

Considering the sequence of recent events in the Middle East, it is obvious that the circumstances regarding the US withdrawal from the nuclear accord with Iran were carefully thought out in advance, as a pre-arranged strategy to pave the way for escalating Israel’s conflict with Iran and the war in Syria. Continue reading

The Democratic Party’s war history and the AUMF of 2018

If there is any surprise that Senate Democrats, most of whom are virtually indistinguishable from pro-war Republicans, are about to coalesce in support of the newest version of the Authority for the Use of Military Force of 2018 (AUMF), then you have seriously not been paying attention. Continue reading