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It’s time to nationalize the fossil fuel industry

If you want to trigger a conservative, just suggest nationalizing the US gas and oil industry. “Venezuela!” they’ll scream hysterically, perhaps adding a few, “Iran!” squeals. (Somehow, they always forget to yell about Norway…) Continue reading

Why Blue state living makes you healthy, wealthy & wise

If you’re concerned about quality of life, education, living longer, and lower crime, move to a Blue state. If you want to carry a gun in public, earn crap wages, and don’t care about access to healthcare or your kid’s education, move to a Red state. Continue reading

Democrats must demand Justice Thomas resign … and his wife is prosecuted

In 1969, Richard Nixon and congressional Republicans took down the Supreme Court’s most liberal member, Abe Fortas, threatening to send his wife to prison. There’s a lesson here for today’s Democrats and Clarence Thomas. Continue reading

Could Putin be failing because of a lack of democracy?

Russia’s President Putin isn’t an irrational actor; he and his administration are suffering from a deficiency of democracy, and that’s why he’s making terrible decisions. Seriously. Follow me on this. Continue reading

New GOP plan to raise taxes on working people & end Social Security & Medicare

They’re at it again: Republicans want to raise taxes on poor and working-class Americans, end Social Security and Medicare, jack up pollution and corporate profits, all while continuing to pamper their billionaire donor base. Continue reading

Why does everything the GOP touches cause poverty, disease & death?

Senator Marco Rubio said he wouldn’t attend the State of the Union address because it required a Covid test and he was too busy to swab his nose. Rubio’s bizarre behavior is right in line with the GOP’s embrace of poverty, disease, and death. Continue reading

How much have Americans lost their sense of agency?

“Agency” is the ability to control yourself and your own life. “Loss of agency” is the psychological term for people no longer being able to influence the course of their own life or the world around them. Continue reading

Why Trump can’t be ignored & must be held accountable

Violent behavior on airplanes has reached such epidemic proportions that the president of Delta Airlines last week asked the Department of Homeland security to allow the airlines to submit passengers who have terrified or otherwise abused flight crews for placement on the government’s no-fly list. Continue reading

Why Republicans now love the Post Office

The Republicans are about to win a major battle in their war on electric vehicles, this time with the second largest vehicle fleet in America owned by the US Postal Service. It’s an outrageous story that most Americans don’t know a thing about. Continue reading

How student debt is sabotaging America

Ronald Reagan knew that an educated populace was more progressive and more Democratic, and he was determined to stop the explosion of college educated Americans caused by both the 1944 GI Bill and free tuition at the University of California. Continue reading

How the “moral panic” of Critical Race Theory morphed into a book-banning frenzy

The moral panic currently sweeping America about Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been covered ad nauseum by the press and commentators across the political spectrum. That’s what typically happens with moral panics (more on that in a moment). Continue reading

If a criminal becomes president, do you get more crime?

Years ago when rolled out, Louise signed up to see what was happening in our neighborhood; back then it was mostly people offering kittens, trying to find their lost dogs, or begging neighbors to take piles of zucchini. Today, in many parts of the country, it’s become a running list of assaults and burglaries. Continue reading

How the ‘rules’ determine if criminals become politicians

How do criminals take over countries? Continue reading

Check out the Republican Party’s newest invention: election police

Republicans have been committing election fraud right out in the open since 1964 and covering it up by yelling about “voter fraud.” Continue reading

Why do we let psychopaths in suits get away with murder?

Alfred Ruf poisoned his wife as part of a scheme to get rich off her life insurance. So did Dr. Gregory “Brent” Dennis, who was looking at a $2 million payout. Joshua Hunsucker poisoned his wife for a mere $250K in life insurance money, $80,000 of which he used to buy a boat. David L. Pettis poisoned his wife for $150,000. Continue reading

We must have accountability for corporate crime

Most recently, 100 mph winds swept grass-fires through Colorado, leaving thousands homeless. It was 116 degrees here in Portland last summer, as wildfires and drought ravage the West. The Gulf Coast, South and Eastern Seaboard are now annually torn apart by superstorms, while the Midwest faces mile-wide tornadoes never before seen with this ferocity and frequency. Continue reading

Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?

A listener called into my program Thursday and asked, “Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?” Continue reading

The shocking things the GOP and Trumpians believe

With the Republican Party turning to Trumpism, and the Democratic Party returning to their progressive roots, will we have an honest debate this election year in our media? Continue reading

They don’t want us looking up…

My wife and I recently watched on Netflix the brilliant Don’t Look Up! starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, written and produced by Adam McKay and David Sirota. Continue reading

Will Congress use its unused 232-year-old power just in time to save our republic?

The Founders of this nation, and the Framers who wrote our Constitution, created (as Ben Franklin famously said) a constitutional republic: a government “deriving its just powers from the consent of the governed” through citizens’ (then white men) right to vote. Continue reading

Are we standing on the edge of a grand new progressive era?

Do we stand on the edge of a grand new progressive era, with good wages for all, racial and gender equality and justice, and a reduction of the political power of reactionary forces in America? Or will the next president gleefully overthrow American democracy, shutter the free press, and imprison those who object? Continue reading

In praise of progressive bravery

I write in praise of bravery. Your bravery for paying attention to the news, for reading and sharing this story. For not looking away. Continue reading

Democrats must reclaim their brand as the “Freedom Party”

There was a time when Democrats called their party “the Party of Freedom.” Continue reading

Is greed the reason we’re in Omicron’s cross-hairs?

As the Omicron variant puts us in its crosshairs, America is still stuck with a predatory health insurance and healthcare system that’s barely up to the task of meeting our nation’s needs. This new variant apparently emerged from South Africa, which has been unsuccessfully begging the WTO for 14 months for a “TRIPS Waiver” to allow them to manufacture Covid vaccine…which might have prevented this variant from evolving. Continue reading

The GOP now stands for trolls, vigilantes & death

The Rittenhouse verdict sent a shudder through America as terrorists and vigilantes celebrated. One right-winger called for wholesale slaughter of Democrats saying on Telegram, “The left won’t stop until their bodies get stacked up like cord wood.” Continue reading

Is the new GOP “Southern Strategy” civil war & bloodshed… and a return to “Leave It To Beaver”?

Thursday, all but two Republicans in the House of Representatives went on record saying it’s okay to openly encourage the assassination of one of their own, a person of color and elected member of the House. Continue reading

Will you storm the Capitol if the 2024 election is stolen?

We’re demonizing the wrong people. Continue reading

Is Qanon a tragedy, a danger, or a terrorist group?

A significant number of Qanon followers, according to NBC News reporter Ben Collins, believe the end-point of their religion will be reached when Donald Trump takes back control of America, unleashes police to mass-arrest elected and other high-profile Democrats, and Qanon followers then engage in an orgy of violence and murder against Democratic Party-aligned neighbors, friends and family. Continue reading

Are Trump & his cronies guilty of mass murder?

All across America this past year-and-a-half 700,000 people have died an agonizing, terrifying, drowning-in-their-own-fluids death, their relatives helpless, saying goodbye using Zoom or FaceTime. Families broken and shattered; husbands, wives, children and grandchildren left bereft; doctors, nurses, and physicians assistants dying along with them or holding their hands as they draw their final, tortured breath. Many of those deaths were absolutely unnecessary. Continue reading

Conservatives & billionaires want to make ‘welfare’ a dirty word

Senator Joe Manchin, echoing the right-wing billionaire’s think-tanks’ PR and every Republican in Congress, recently said his objection to free college for students and eyeglasses for seniors was that such things created an “entitlement society,” a slur that means “a nation of welfare recipients.” Continue reading

How right-wing media outlets kill people who take their advice

It happened three times Sunday, and I only watched or half-watched a few hours of TV news. It happens every day, it seems. Somebody wonders out loud (yesterday’s most prominent was Alex Witt with Dr. Anthony Fauci) why over 60 million Americans who are eligible to be vaccinated are still refusing—including hospital workers in some parts of the country. Continue reading

Krysten Sinema is the epitome of political corruption

When Bobby Kennedy went after organized crime in the early 1960s, one of the things he learned was that the Mafia had a series of rituals new members went through to declare their loyalty and promise they’d never turn away from their new benefactors. Once in, they’d be showered with money and protection, but they could never leave and even faced serious problems if they betrayed the syndicate. Continue reading