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Preventing climate disaster in Africa: Eritrea leads the way

As what is mainly a western caused climate disaster continues to hammer Africa, with tens of millions facing famine and starvation in the Horn of Africa, the small, underdeveloped country of Eritrea is leading the fight to prevent this from happening. Continue reading

China’s red line: US missiles in Taiwan

By the time the dust begins to settle on the Russian invasion of Ukraine a new “war” may be poking its head over the horizon, this time with China. Continue reading

USA loses Ethiopia; biggest strategic blunder since loss of Iran

With the failure of the US backed TPLF Terrorist coup attempt against the democratically elected government of Ethiopia, the USA is facing it’s greatest strategic blunder since losing Iran in 1979. Continue reading

Africa’s role model: Eritrea’s 30 years of independence

Africa’s role model, Eritrea, located on the Red Sea marked 30 years of independence today, May 24. When a rag tag band of afro coiffed Eritrean rebels drove captured Ethiopian tanks into the streets of our capital Asmara 30 years ago, it marked the first successful armed struggle for national liberation on the continent. Others had fought but only Eritrea took it all the way, defeating the occupying colonial army of Ethiopia and winning power “by the barrel of a gun.” Continue reading

African human rights vs. Western human rights

If you ask those of us living in the Africa, almost all of us will tell you that the “human rights” that matter most are those that are basic to the right to life: food, water, shelter, medical care and education for your children. Continue reading

Hyenas ate their bones; the final hours of Ethiopia’s TPLF regime

With their army destroyed and their last, best troops wiped out in one morning on the outskirts of their capital,, Mekele, the last remnants of the leadership of Ethiopia’s TPLF regime were forced to retreat to the secret Hagarasalam underground bunkers near the capital. Continue reading

Western civilization? A good idea

The Indian independence leader Mohandas Gandhi was asked what he thought about western civilization. His answer? “I think it is a good idea.” Continue reading

‘Democratic’ means social equality

Pundits in the international media and political classes twist and distort the word “democratic” until it has no resemblance to the actual meaning of the word. Start with “democracy” from which “democratic” is born. “Government by the people exercised either directly…? or by elected representatives” and later “the principles of social equality and individual rights”. Continue reading

Sometimes Trump gets it right

Donald Trump is living proof that you don’t have to be intelligent to be a billionaire. You just need a rich daddy and to be completely dishonest. Continue reading

Poisonous gas not tear gas

For many decades, governments around the world, especially in the USA, have fired tens of thousands of rounds of CS gas at their own people in an attempt to control “civil unrest”. The media falsely labels CS gas as “tear gas” rather than calling it what it is, poisonous gas. The original tear gas was relatively benign, irritating the eyes and mucus tissues but was not poisonous. CS gas, on the other hand, will kill you if you are exposed to enough of it. Continue reading

Billion-dollar thief at the W.H.O.

For twenty three some years, W.H.O. chief Dr. Tedros Gebreyesus was Minister of Health for Ethiopia when over a billion dollars went missing. Ethiopia received many billions of dollars in foreign aid supposedly meant to bring the country’s health care out of the 19th Century yet Ethiopia has very little to show for it. As COVID19 begins it surge across the country it is time to take a closer look at Dr. Tedros’ legacy,” an overburdened and collapsing health care system. Continue reading

The real deal on the war in Yemen

The latest war in Yemen, ongoing since 2015, started when the Houthi tribes in the north made a deal with former President Saleh (whose son remained head of the army under the agreement made with the Saudis to get him to vacate the Yemen presidency) to work together to conquer all of Yemen militarily. Continue reading

Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed awarded Nobel Peace Prize; it takes two to make peace

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize for Peace which begs the question, if it takes two sides to fight a war doesn’t it take two sides to make peace? Just as it takes two hands to clap it takes two to make peace and P.M. Abiy has taken pains to give credit where credit is due, that Eritrea President Isaias Afwerki, his partner in the peace process was the leader in this process. Abiy said it unequivocally on July 8, 2018 at the end of his speech welcoming Isaias for the first time to Addis Ababa, stating that “Isaias is leading us”. Continue reading

A brief history of the CIA’s dirty war in South Sudan

With the CIA’s dirty war in South Sudan winding down, it’s time to take a brief but comprehensive look at the origins and history of this most secret of Pax Americana crimes in Africa. Continue reading

Why the USA is NOT about to attack Iran

Dr. Seyed Mohammad Marandi, professor extraordinaire of Iran, said it best when asked on Al Jazeera if the USA was going to attack Iran. He stated something so obvious that you would think western journalists would have already come to this realization, that “as long as the USA is sending its military to the Persian Gulf they are not about to attack Iran. It is when the USA starts to pull it forces out is when we should start to be worried.” Continue reading

USA continues economic sabotage of Eritrea

On February 28, 2019, the last financial wire transactions between the small socialist country of Eritrea and all the western countries were stopped with no further wire transfers in USD$ or Euros to or from Eritrea being allowed. Continue reading

Saying goodbye to UN sanctions against Eritrea

It isn’t often the UN Security Council votes unanimously to remove sanctions against a country, but this past Wednesday, November 14, they did just that by saying goodbye to nine years of UNjust punishment against the small, socialist, east African country of Eritrea. Continue reading

When Africans cheered John Bolton: Criminals on the ICC

When US National Security Advisor John “The Walrus” Bolton threatened the International Criminal Court with US Sanctions many of us here in Africa cheered, long having given up hope that the ICC would ever be held to even the slightest account, least of all for its crimes against our continent. Continue reading

Oromo freedom fighters in Addis Ababa Hail Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki

This past weekend over 1,500 Oromo freedom fighters made a triumphant return to Addis Ababa from many decades of exile in Eritrea to a jubiulant rally of over 100,000 where a giant photo of Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki graced the stage. That’s right, not the Oromo Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Ahmed Abi, no sir, Isaias picture was front and center at this victory celebration, for the Oromos, like the Amhara leadership two days earlier, know full well who made Ethiopia’s Peaceful Revolution possible. Continue reading

Can the Ethiopian/Eritrean alliance bring peace to South Sudan?

All roads to peace in the Horn of Africa seem to run through the Eritrean capital of Asmara these days, with the latest peace initiative allying Ethiopia and Eritrea looking like it will be bringing peace to South Sudan. Continue reading

The reason India’s Dalits hate Gandhi

The reason India’s Dalits hate Gandhi is that, to the Dalits, he helped preserve the caste system, or Varna, in post-independence India. Continue reading

Djibouti faces dark days to come; Eritrean ports, pipeline threaten Ethiopian trade lifeline

Djibouti has been landlocked Ethiopia’s only access to the sea and depends on port taxes paid by Ethiopia for most of its income and with the Eritrean ports of Massawa and Assab on the Red Sea about to open finds itself faced with losing most of the Ethiopian trade it has enjoyed a monopoly on for the past twenty years. Continue reading

Did ‘The Crocodile’ steal Zimbabwe’s election?

Did “The Crocodile,” Zimbabwe’s president and former national intelligence chief Emmerson Mnangagwa, steal the 2018 election? While no can say for sure outside of those party loyalists on the Election Commission appointed by President Mnangagwa, it sure looks that way. Continue reading

U2’s Bono and the CIA; The dangers of celebrity activists

U2’s Bono picked a Capo Grande from the US intelligence community to run his “One” NGO, choosing Gayle Smith, who as senior director of the US National Security Council and special advisor to President Barack Obama used to tell the CIA what to do, especially when it came to Africa. Continue reading

An independent journalist in Eritrea

Officially I don’t exist. I am an independent journalist in the small east African country of Eritrea who. after 12 years here and over 150 internationally published articles, I find that officially I don’t exist. Continue reading

Ethiopia’s peaceful revolution

The uniquely African Empire of Ethiopia has seen itself launched into a peaceful revolution that promises to transform one of the planets poorest countries into a modern people’s democracy. Continue reading

The City of London and Grand Theft Ethiopia

For decades now, going back to when Bob Geldoff handed over millions in cash to Meles Zenawi during “We Are the World” circa 1983-4 supposedly for food aid for the victims of what was then the Great Ethiopian Famine, the City of London has been at the heart of Grand Theft Ethiopia, grand theft Africa really. Continue reading

Did the CDC cause the West African Ebola pandemic?

For years now Liberian journalists have been digging into how the Centers for Disease Control based in the USA was at the epicenter of how the Ebola virus suddenly appeared in the West African country of Liberia in 2014. Continue reading

USA’s ‘soft coup’ in Ethiopia

The USA has launched a “soft coup” in Ethiopia in an attempt to relieve growing revolutionary pressure from the Ethiopian people after three years of failed martial law rule. Continue reading

‘The Big Mac’ and ‘The Crocodile’: South Africa’s and Zimbabwe’s new presidents

Cyril Ramaphosa, the next president of South Africa, was the man behind the entry of international fast food behemoth McDonalds into the country, earning him the sobriquet “The Big Mac.” Continue reading

The UN and genocide by starvation

According to just released information sourced from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the FSNAU between October 2015 and April 2016, a period of only six months, upwards of 400,000 Somali’s, two thirds of whom were children, died of starvation. Continue reading

Western silence as 20,000 neo-Nazis march in Ukraine

In one of the largest, if not the largest, neo-Nazi demonstration in Europe since WW2, 20,000 facists marched through the streets of Ukraine’s capital Kiev last weekend under the silent gaze of the Western media. Other than Russian state media RT and Sputnik News, facists throwing Nazi salutes and parading in their tens of thousands in a European capital didn’t concern any of the major Western news outlet. Nothing on BBC, France24, CNN, New York Times, The Guardian . . . the silence of the media lambs when it comes to a growing facists movement in Ukraine is deafening. Continue reading