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Gambia: A very African coup

Recently the Gambian president, as corrupt and brutal as any in Africa for over 20 years now, was overthrown by a foreign invasion and occupation following a tightly contested election. Continue reading

Yemen: Obama’s parting gift to terror

Barack Obama saved his parting gift to terror, his worst crime, for last, the war on the Yemeni People. Obama’s last war has institutionalized a failed state and which will continue to inflict terror and suffering on 25 million Yemenis for generations to come. Continue reading

Murder Inc. in the White House; Obama’s Drones for Breakfast Club

Elections come and go but when “The Don,” Barack Obama, meets with his inner circle of Capos every Tuesday morning its breakfast with drones as in the Murder Incorporated assassination program. Continue reading

The godfather of whistleblowers: Remembering Phillip Agee, ex-CIA

Before Edward Snowden and Julian Assange there lived the godfather of whistleblowers, Phillip Agee, Ex-CIA. Phil named names, exposed CIA agents and brought down whole agency operations back when he published his book “Inside the Company” in 1975. Continue reading

Preventing cultural genocide with the Mother Tongue policy in Eritrea

The small east African nation of Eritrea has implemented the Mother Tongue policy nationwide to prevent cultural genocide within its nine different ethnic groups. Continue reading

Revolutionary Islam and regime change in Ethiopia

With ethnic uprisings spreading across an Ethiopia now ruled by martial law there is only one nationally based organization in place to lead the eventual regime change in the country and that is the revolutionary Islamic movement. Continue reading

Eritrea, the African Cuba

Eritrea is the African Cuba with the similarities between the two small, revolutionary, socialist countries almost too many to list. To start with Cuba is the only country in Latin America to come to power by the armed struggle just as Eritrea is the only country in Africa to come to power at the barrel of a gun. Continue reading

Enough of CIA’s ‘Enough Project’ in Africa

Enough of the CIA’s “Enough Project” in Africa. With Hollywood superstar George Clooney as it’s talking head, EP, as it is known, was founded by senior US Intel “spook” Gayle Smith, former senior director of the National Security Council under President Obama and now head of the USAID/CIA. Continue reading

The UN’s next genocide in Somalia

The U.N. just announced that due to drought and famine over 300,000 Somali children are suffering from severe malnutrition. This means that over 100 children are already dying every day from starvation. Soon the number will reach many hundreds a day, bringing back memories of the most recent Great Horn of Africa drought in 2011–12 when the U.N. admitted that 250,000, almost entirely children, died from starvation. Continue reading


The US Agency for International Development (USAID) was created by Pax Americana to provide a cover for CIA agents under the pretext of helping the 3rd World. US Imperialism has to do some good or its potential targets would not open their doors to intelligence agents posing as do-gooders, so USAID was created. Continue reading

CIA, UNICEF and genocide in Somalia

UNICEF oversaw the starvation deaths of at least 250,000 Somalis, mainly children, during the last “Great Horn of Africa Drought” and famine of 2010–2012 (at the time the worst in 60 years) all the while being led by Anthony “Tony” Lake, former national security advisor to President Bill Clinton and failed nominee to head the CIA (nomination withdrawn following corruption reports). Continue reading

US pushes regime change in South Sudan; UN intervenes to protect rebel leader

The USA and its soon to be departed lap dog at the UN, Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, are pushing for regime change in South Sudan. The reason the USA wants to rid itself of President Salva Kiir, the internationally recognized leader of South Sudan and replace him with rebel leader Reik Machar is because the US wants to deny China access to Africa’s energy resources, with the Sudanese oil fields the only Chinese owned and operated in Africa. It’s that simple, the USA is destabilizing South Sudan to deny China oil, period. Continue reading

Benghazi smokescreen: Hiding Western war crimes in Libya

The recent Benghazi smokescreen produced by the US Congress may have tried to hide the war crimes committed by the USA and its Western vassals in Libya, but reality on the ground has blown all the smoke away bringing to light who the West really empowered once again, the Islamic State, a.k.a. Da’esh. Continue reading

COINTELPRO and the assassination of Tupac Shakur

I first wrote about the assassination of American Rap Music superstar Tupac Shakur almost a decade ago. I used the title “The Hand of The Man in Tupac’s Assassination” and I use the term “assassination” for good reason. Continue reading

Ethiopian hand in South Sudan

Ethiopia has been active in destabilizing South Sudan and has been repeatedly caught providing arms to “rebels” in the Jonglei and Unity States in the north of the country during the past year. Continue reading

Coal vs. the Great Barrier Reef

Every year 1,000,000 tons of coal dust blows or washes onto Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This has gone on for the past decade and is set to almost quadruple in the coming years as Australia accelerates its great coal rip-off. Continue reading

Bleeding Zambia dry

In the past decade the central African country of Zambia has exported some $30 billion of copper yet remains so deeply in debt to Western banksters that it spends more in interest on Zambia’s debt that on health and education combined. Continue reading

Mandela, Godfather of Neo-Apartheid South Africa

As Nelson Mandela lies on his death bed, his legacy as the godfather of neo-Apartheid South Africa has been firmly established. Continue reading

Tear gas “democracy”

CS gas, disingenuously called “tear gas” by the western media, is poisonous and can, and regularly does, kill people. The use of poisonous gas, toxic chemical sprays like mace, high velocity steel slugs coated with rubber and if these aren’t enough, bone breaking, skull cracking police baton charges have become standard operating procedures in too many “democratic” countries to list. Continue reading

Another stolen Kenyan election

That the fix was in was confirmed when the Godfather himself, son of a Kenyan, Barack Obama, called Uhuru Kenyatta, indicted for “Crimes Against Humanity” by those minions of Pax Americana, the International Criminal Court, to congratulate him for successfully conducting another Kenyan stolen election. Continue reading

The UN and 250,000 dead Somalis

The UN has announced that in 2010–2012, including the Great Horn of Africa Drought period, at least 250,000 Somalis starved to death. Continue reading

‘Soon come’; Ethiopian regime on life support

“Soon come” as Jamaica’s Rastafarians say. In this case it applies to the end of the Ethiopian regime which is now in its terminal stage, in intensive care on life support and being kept alive only by an intravenous infusion of over $20 million a day in Western “aid.” Continue reading

The contras, crack and Senator Inouye

The USA’s longest serving and reputably most powerful Senator, Daniel “The One Armed Bandit” Inouye has died in a hospital outside of Washington, D.C., at the age of 88, bringing an end to the career of one of the most loyal, and criminal, careers in service to Pax Americana. Continue reading

Isolating a nation; Afshin Rattansi’s groundbreaking documentary on Eritrea

Award winning independent producer Afshin Rattansi has released the groundbreaking documentary Eritrea; A Nation In Isolation on PressTV. Continue reading

Bahrain migraine for the USA

The year and a half long protest movement of the majority Shi’ite people of Bahrain could be forewarning of a crippling migraine headache for the USA if it succeeds in overthrowing the Western installed Al Khalifah dictatorship that has ruled Bahrain since “independence.” Continue reading

Kenya is in trouble, serious trouble

Faced with a combination of body blows ranging from spiking prices for maize, import dependent Kenya’s staple food, IMF mandated food subsidy cuts, a foolhardy USA instigated invasion of Somalia, election triggered ethnic warfare and a simmering independence movement by the Muslims in the Mombasa coastal region Kenya is in trouble, serious trouble. Continue reading

Africa loses a friend; the passing of Alexander Cockburn

With the passing of Alexander Cockburn, journalist extraordinaire, Africa has lost a friend, a really good friend. Continue reading

CIA takes over as Ethiopian regime crumbles

With its foundations irreparably cracked and its edifices of power crumbling, the Ethiopian regime headed by Meles Zenawi is turning more and more to the CIA to make the critical decisions in the ministries of power in the capital Addis Ababa. Continue reading

Islam ignites in Muslim majority Ethiopia

For the first time in modern history, the leadership of Ethiopia’s Muslim community, which makes up a majority of the country, has become politically active and is calling for the overthrow of the USA-backed Meles Zenawi regime. Not even in the darkest days of the Soviet Union-backed Mengistu regimes Red Terror of the 1970s and 1980s did Ethiopia’s Muslim leaders call for their followers to rise up against the regimes’ tyranny. Continue reading

Save Darfur’s mi$$ing million$: The Israeli connection

The so-called “Save Darfur Coalition” raised tens of millions of dollars, some say a hundred million or more, to help the people of Darfur, yet an investigation by this writer can find no evidence of any of this money reaching Darfur refugees on the ground in Sudan. Continue reading

Finding Punt: Africa’s last, lost great civilization is in Eritrea

After many years of often rancorous debate, Africa’s last, lost, great civilization, The Land of Punt, has been proven to be located in the modern East African country of Eritrea. Continue reading

Press watchdog fails “Journalism for Beginners” in world press freedom report

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) recently issued their annual report on the status of freedom of the press in the world in which the lead article charges, amongst other things, that there are no independent journalists allowed in the East African country of Eritrea. Continue reading