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Universal healthcare could save hundreds of billions of dollars annually

According to Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), universal healthcare in America would save about $500 billion annually—by eliminating insurer middlemen and the bureaucratic nightmare it creates for physicians and hospitals. Continue reading

Amazon’s worst bargain yet

The retail behemoth wants your local government's business, but there's a hidden cost to low prices: Local businesses get shut out.

The billions in tax breaks cities are offering Amazon to host its “HQ2,” Amazon’s bare-knuckled push to squash a business tax in Seattle, and recent strikes for better working conditions in Amazon facilities have all fueled a growing conversation about the retail behemoth’s toll on communities. Continue reading

America looks hopeless—a lot like the ‘mother country’ once did

A decade ago, as the scale of the disaster in Iraq began to sink in, American historians often compared the United States to ancient Rome. Both seemed to suffer from an imperial disease whose symptoms began with overreach and ended in collapse. Continue reading

Who does America belong to?

Not to Americans

The housing market is now apparently turning down. Consumer incomes are limited by jobs offshoring and the ability of employers to hold down wages and salaries. The Federal Reserve seems committed to higher interest rates—in my view to protect the exchange value of the US dollar on which Washington’s power is based. The arrogant fools in Washington, with whom I spent a quarter century, have, with their bellicosity and sanctions, encouraged nations with independent foreign and economic policies to drop the use of the dollar. This takes some time to accomplish, but Russia, China, Iran, and India are apparently committed to dropping or reducing the use of the US dollar. Continue reading

The consciousness of hate

While current polls show waning support for the Mueller Russiagate investigation among a majority of American voters, that has not slowed the Democrats and their MSM/Intel cohorts from escalating their ‘resistance’ campaign to unbelievable levels of exaggerated histrionics. Continue reading

Targeting Assange threatens speech, media and academic freedoms

That’s what targeting Julian Assange is all about, wanting truth-telling on vital issues suppressed. Permitting the falsified official narrative alone is where things are heading. Continue reading

Assange’s fate is all but sealed

WikiLeaks founder risks arrest as the UK, Australia and Ecuador are keen to please the US to further their own interests

Credible reports suggest that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is about to be thrown to the wolves. Ecuador, the country that has fought hard on his behalf for so long, is set to show him the door. As soon as he steps out he will be arrested by British police when extradition to the US will loom large. Dozens of protests were held around the world in June calling for his release and large demonstrations are planned in the event of his imminent eviction, though, sad to say, people power will not prevail against the big guns pointing in his direction. Continue reading

Devastated Yemen faces another possible cholera crisis

Yemen is a virtual forgotten war, raging full-scale for over three years, devastating the country and its people, media scoundrels giving it short shrift coverage—US television “news” practically none at all. Continue reading

The United States is the only remaining colonial power

The United States government has never allowed independent governments in Latin America. Every time people elect a government that represents them instead of US economic interests, Washington overthrows the elected government. Marine General Smedley Butler told us this as have many others. There is no doubt about it. Continue reading

American Horror Story

We sit around the coffee table and as much as we’d like, there is no avoiding the topic: Trump. Sometimes, it’s his tweets. Then there was his attempt to explain Helsinki, snowballing as it did into Helsinkigate with foam-at-the-mouth rage by corporate media actors who screamed treason that Trump was Mr. Congeniality when he met face-to-face with that existential menace, Putin. Even some who consider themselves liberal/progressives appear to prefer war with Russia than rapprochement. And when we mash on that befuddlement, it’s with a near-certainty that Putin must have the goods on Trump, something more threatening than information about a golden shower or liaisons with prostitutes. Would be reassuring if we could conceive of something positive about Trump, but so far, no. He’s just too untrustworthy and, well, unstable. Continue reading

Last Philly glimpses

Céline half joked, “If you stay anywhere long enough, everyone and everything will stink up, just for your special benefit.” Without this pungency, however, there is no real understanding of anything, and Céline knew this as well as anyone. With tremendous physical and mental courage, the man endured. He survived being wounded in WWI, a year in Africa, a month in America, being a slum doctor for decades, WWII and the consequences of being an anti-Semite, everything but his first marriage. Continue reading

An unhappy birthday for Medicare and Medicaid

As the iconic health programs turn 53, the GOP is advancing plans to privatize one and gut the other.

July 30 marks a very important anniversary in our modern political history. Continue reading

White Helmets: Something wicked is coming our way

What’s your worst nightmare? That you drive over a cliff after your brakes fail? That Jurassic World’s T-Rex chases you down the street? That you are forced to become a Republican (just kidding)—or that a former member of ISIS moves in next door? Continue reading

Trump’s political vendettas another sign of creeping dictatorship

No one has been more critical of the policies of former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan when he was in charge at Langley than I. And this editor’s criticisms of former National Security Agency and CIA director Michael Hayden became very well known to him and his top aides at both agencies. Ditto with Susan Rice when she was the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and national security adviser under Barack Obama. Continue reading

An independent journalist in Eritrea

Officially I don’t exist. I am an independent journalist in the small east African country of Eritrea who. after 12 years here and over 150 internationally published articles, I find that officially I don’t exist. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Blacks need to stop calling the enemy ‘we’ and ‘us’

It is a sad to see black people speak of themselves in the first person when referencing the United States government, its intelligence agencies, and war making apparatus. Two years of relentless war propaganda has conflated opposition to Trump with the interests of the ruling elites. Words such as “our allies,” “our intelligence community,” and “our democracy” should never come out of a black person’s mouth.” The desire to be rid of the racist-in-chief has caused a new epidemic of mental illness. Continue reading

Big Pharma is Murder, Inc.

Thousands of people have died from taking Big Pharma’s products as directed, with Big Pharma executives aware that their products caused sickness and death. Continue reading

Kafka on the border

The administration has trapped immigrant families in a bureaucratic nightmare—and brought media hacks rushing to defend the indefensible.

Insanity reigns. The inmates are now officially in charge of the national asylum. Continue reading

Falsely blaming Hamas for Israeli high crimes

Blaming victims is longstanding US, Israel, and scoundrel media policy. Continue reading

More lies from the corrupt elite

Don’t believe them

For two decades the offshoring of American jobs to Asia and Mexico has destroyed the careers and incomes of tens of millions of US citizens, the pension tax base for state and local governments, the federal tax base for Social Security and Medicare, and the opportunity society that once characterized the United States of America. Continue reading

We’re living a constitutional crisis

I keep hearing that if Trump fires Mueller, we’ll face a “constitutional crisis.” Or if Mueller subpoenas Trump to testify and Trump defies the subpoena, it’s a “constitutional crisis.” Or if Mueller delivers substantial evidence that Trump is guilty of colluding with Russia or of obstructing justice, and the House does nothing to impeach him, we have a “constitutional crisis.” Continue reading

Diabolical plot to extradite Assange to US

Ecuador granted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange political asylum at its London embassy in August 2012. Continue reading

Israel—a blatantly apartheid state

Jewish Nation-State Law leaves Palestinians in the lurch as hopes for an independent state fade

No people on earth have battled for their right to live independently and in dignity as long and hard as the Palestinians. The tragedy is they have been abandoned. Their traditional champions either have problems of their own or feel impotent against the joint might of the Jewish state and its backer, the United States, where states are passing laws defining criticism of the Israeli state as anti-Semitic. Continue reading

Ethiopia’s peaceful revolution

The uniquely African Empire of Ethiopia has seen itself launched into a peaceful revolution that promises to transform one of the planets poorest countries into a modern people’s democracy. Continue reading

Pharma ‘screening’ is a ploy to seize more patients

There is an old saying that if you keep going into a barber shop, eventually you will get a haircut. The same can be said of Pharma’s many health “screenings.” Continue reading

Israeli war on Gaza over kites?

Hamas is a legitimate political organization, not a terrorist group as falsely designed by Israel and Washington in deference to the Jewish state. Continue reading

The sexual passion of Winston Smith

There is a vast literature analyzing the political prophecy of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Big Brother, double-speak, telescreens, crimestop, etc.—all applied to our current political situation. The language has become part of our popular lexicon, and as such, has become clichéd through overuse. Blithe, habitual use of language robs it of its power to crack open the safe that hides the realities of life. Continue reading

Apartheid rule over Palestinians enacted into Israeli Basic Law

From inception, democracy in Israel was pure fantasy. Now rights for Jews alone is official with Knesset enactment of apartheid rule over Palestinian citizens. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Russiagate and black misleadership

Black people should be first in line when it comes to casting doubt on the work of intelligence agencies and federal prosecutors. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) ought to uphold the proud tradition of defying corrupt law enforcement. Instead they prove themselves to be happy tools of the neoliberal war party, a bipartisan construct that includes the Democrats. They join with the rest of the democratic party in flogging the Russiagate story and hope that their constituents won’t ask them about anything else. Continue reading

American democracy and ‘so say I’ genres

In America, where a union of bankers run a system promoting private initiative ahead of public interest, the president has adopted a ‘so say I’ approach to trade and worldly issues that would not be out of place in the British sitcom Fawlty Towers. What can be observed in his approach as ‘leader of the free world’ . . . a very American delusion . . . is the mosaic of initiatives (tweets) he has set in motion to reboot the ‘American Greatness’ illusion. That the scales of justice are tilted against the human component in the ‘greatness’ narrative is irrelevant in the mind of yet another president adept in using superlatives fashioned within the confines of the deep-state for the purpose of calming the angst arising from the millions of poor who find themselves standing in the shallow waters of ‘Lake Equity.’ Continue reading

Raging Russophobia in America

I was an adolescent when the Cold War began. I remember the “father of (Soviet Russia) containment” George Kennan and Winston Churchill’s 1946 Fulton, MO, “Iron Curtain” speech—later writing about what they both had to say. Continue reading

Crazed US presstitutes drive the world to nuclear war

Humanity has on numerous occasions narrowly missed nuclear Armageddon. Each time it was averted by military officers, both American and Soviet, who understood that the relations between the US and the Soviet Union were not that strained. Today this situation has been radically altered by the corrupt American media, Democratic Party, and military/security complex, who, acting in behalf of Hillary’s political interest and the greed of the armaments industry, have demonized Russia and her president to the extent that malfunctioning warning systems or a temper tantrum of a crazed politician are likely to result in a fatal launch. Continue reading