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Dirty hands

“Dirty hands” in literature results when a leader encounters a conflict of duties with values and must choose between alternatives, none of which are entirely satisfactory. In Jean-Paul Sartre’s play Les Mains Sales (Dirty hands), Communist leader Hoederer explains his view to the bourgeois, Hugo, who has joined the Proletarian Party in the fictive East European country of Illyria at the end of World War Two. Despite his love and admiration for Hoederer and the model he makes, Hugo is steadfast in his refusal to “dirty” his hands. Continue reading

Impeach the government: Rogue agencies have been abusing their powers for decades

By all means, let’s talk about impeachment. Continue reading

CEOs promise to protect us from… CEOs?

Nearly 200 CEOs signed a letter admitting businesses have behaved badly but offering zero promises to do better.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote of being leery of a fast-talking huckster who visited his home: “The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons,” Emerson quipped. Continue reading

Yes, we want to take your guns, NRA

The bullet that came through my front window, some thirty years or so ago, told me I have every right to keep a gun for self-defense. I’d received four death threats in the weeks preceding, from someone opposed to my anti-nuclear weapons writing. At the time I was writing for Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), and editing a monthly PSR publication for which I received an award at their national meeting in Washington. Continue reading

Donald Trump and his insane clown posse

The GOP thinks its Ukraine fantasies are one rung up the fool’s gold ladder of chaos.

Chaos is a pit, the all-knowing eunuch Lord Varys warns in Game of Thrones, “a gaping pit waiting to swallow us all.” Continue reading

Why economic sanctions don’t deliver results

They are weapons breeding misery, hatred and starvation in some poorest populations

The nuclear deal with Iran initiated by US President Barack Obama, sealed after seven years of negotiations, was certainly flawed. It was the worst deal ever negotiated pronounced President Donald Trump who had a point because it served to embolden, enrich and legitimise the Iranian regime for very little in return. Continue reading

Why aren’t Americans rising up like the people of Chile and Lebanon?

The waves of protests breaking out in country after country around the world beg the question: Why aren’t Americans rising up in peaceful protest like our neighbors? We live at the very heart of this neoliberal system that is force-feeding the systemic injustice and inequality of 19th century laissez-faire capitalism to the people of the 21st century. So we are subject to many of the same abuses that have fueled mass protest movements in other countries, including high rents, stagnant wages, cradle-to-grave debt, ever-rising economic inequality, privatized healthcare, a shredded social safety net, abysmal public transportation, systemic political corruption and endless war. Continue reading

A lesson for the Palestinian leadership: Real reasons behind Israel’s arrest and release of Labadi, Mi’ri

The release on November 6 of two Jordanian nationals, Heba al-Labadi and Abdul Rahman Mi’ri from Israeli prisons was a bittersweet moment. The pair were finally reunited with their families after harrowing experiences in Israel. Sadly, thousands of Palestinian prisoners are still denied their freedom, still subjected to all sorts of hardships at the hands of their Israeli jailers. Continue reading

The EPA’s war on science continues

The EPA wants to ban research that doesn’t violate the privacy of its subjects. That means less science—and fewer rules for polluters.

The Trump EPA wants to introduce a new rule: Its scientists can only use studies that make all of their data public. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Hybrid warfare in Bolivia and beyond

The violent coup in Bolivia, like all of Washington’s regime-change and dirty tricks operations, has been aided and abetted by corporate media’s masters of euphemism. Continue reading

The phony Anti-Defamation League’s genocide legislation

Why did I testify at the Massachusetts State House on Oct. 7 against legislation that would require public schools to teach the Jewish Holocaust, Armenian and Greek Genocides, and other genocides and “atrocities”? Continue reading

How surveillance and propaganda work in ‘the Free World’

A Bloomberg report of October 22 was concise and uncompromising in declaring Russia to be a surveillance state. Harking back to the good old days of the Cold War, as is increasingly the practice in much of the Western media, Bloomberg recounted that “The fourth of 10 basic rules Western spies followed when trying to infiltrate Russia’s capital during the Cold War—don’t look back because you’re never alone — is more apt than ever. Only these days it’s not just foreigners who are being tracked, but all 12.6 million Muscovites, too. Officials in Moscow have spent the last few years methodically assembling one of the most comprehensive video-surveillance operations in the world. The public-private network of as many as 200,000 cameras records 1.5 billion hours of footage a year that can be accessed by 16,000 government employees, intelligence officers and law-enforcement personnel.” Continue reading

Waiting on the wealthy

Low-wage jobs catering to the wealthiest Americans are now growing twice as fast as other jobs.

Are you there yet? Continue reading

Third parties: Corporate Democrats should go the way of the Whigs

Some say the U.S. constitution is “gamed” in such a way that we can only have two political parties. Today those are the Democrats and the Republicans. People who oppose third parties say it would be too hard to build a viable third party. However, it’s useful to look at the history of the demise of the Whig Party and its replacement by one of the third parties of the time. Continue reading

Michael Bloomberg bought Gracie Mansion. Could he buy the White House?

With personal fortunes worth dozens of billions, modern American deep pockets can afford one of just about everything

The 220-year-old Gracie Mansion, the official residence of New York’s mayors since 1942, hosted billionaire Michael Bloomberg for three terms. The first term began after Bloomberg, then the Republican candidate for mayor, spent an incredible $74 million in 2001 to get himself elected. He spent, in effect, $99 for every vote he received. Continue reading

Washington has disassociated America from good and deprived her of a moral basis

Not long ago I read that a US assistant secretary of state, or perhaps it was a member of the National Security Council, said that now that Washington had reestablished control over Ecuador, it would not be long before the governments of Bolivia, Venezuela, and Cuba would be overthrown. Continue reading

NATO faces an unprecedented challenge

A cautious stance by the Transatlantic alliance is probably wise

During an interview published in the Economist France’s President Emmanuel Macron accused the White House of inflicting “brain death” on the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and accused the US of “turning its back on us” citing America’s withdrawal of troops from northern Syria to pave the way for a Turkish incursion without consultation with allies. Continue reading

Trump designates November as a de facto “white peoples’ month”

Not content with the annual November observance of National Native American Heritage Month, which has been promulgated by every president since George H. W. Bush in 1990, Donald Trump issued a proclamation, published in the Federal Register, also naming November as “National American History and Founders Month.” The White House observance of November to honor the white European settlers who initiated the genocide of the Native American peoples in North America fits into Trump’s championship of white nationalist causes and further erodes his relationship with America’s tribal nations and communities. Continue reading

Why the billionaires love candidates such as Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg is by far the billionaires’ top darling amongst all of the Democratic candidates who are running for president, and his stand on healthcare is one of the major reasons for this. Continue reading

Let us pause for a commercial

Sports have become so commercialized and militarized that I often am tempted to shut my Tv and retire to a state of depression. First, we have what was once a game become a vehicle to sell products. For example, a one hour (that’s 60 minutes) football game has been remade into a 3 to 4 hour commercial. The game has become incidental. The same can be said for basketball, baseball, and hockey. There is rarely a moment when play stops and there is no commercial or commercials to tolerate. Continue reading

Explainer: No, House Democrats aren’t violating Trump’s rights

“If the facts are your side,” famed attorney and former law professor Alan Dershowitz instructed his students, “pound the facts into the table. If the law is on your side, pound the law into the table. If neither the facts nor the law are on your side, pound the table.” Continue reading

US coup plot to oust Bolivia’s Evo Morales

The late William Blum documented how Washington toppled numerous sovereign governments, assassinated legitimate leaders, and removed others by coups d’état. Continue reading

A new kind of tyranny: The global state’s war on those who speak truth to power

All of us are in danger. Continue reading

Microsoft should not fund Israeli spying on Palestinians

The act of Palestinian activists covering their faces during anti-Israeli occupation rallies is an old practice that spans decades. The masking of the face, often by Kufyias—traditional Palestinian scarves that grew to symbolize Palestinian resistance—is far from being a fashion statement. Instead, it is a survival technique, without it, activists are likely to be arrested in subsequent nightly raids; at times, even assassinated. Continue reading

What’s Joker’s joke?

It’s not funny, that’s for sure. Continue reading

The ruling class, its “Deep State” servants, and us

The present mind management program obsessingly distracting us with impeachment bulletins by the micro second is part of the consciousness controlling dictatorship which has kept the majority of Americans focused on our feet while our heads are filled with propaganda, what some ruling class servants called “tittytainment,” and anything but the most serious problems of a system decomposing faster than ever and threatening to come down on all our heads while we scrupulously study our feet. Continue reading

We are all expendable

Almost daily, I am confronted by an article and/or photo of starving Yemen children and the destruction of their homes. I keep learning that such an attack on the civilian population is against international law. I would like to know, how often or when the US felt the obligation to abide by international or even domestic law. The reality is that they are the bully on the block and they are not obligated to follow any laws. After all, who has the chutzpah (nerve) to challenge them? Continue reading

Mexico: One failed US war doesn’t justify another

On November 4, ten dual US-Mexican citizens—members of an offshoot sect of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints — died in a highway ambush, apparently the latest casualties of rampant and violent drug cartel activity in northern Mexico. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: America needs protest

A thousand young people demonstrated in Brooklyn, jumping over turnstiles in solidarity with others arrested and brutalized by the cops. Continue reading

You’re paying Big Oil to pollute

Big oil companies are drilling public oil for free, thanks to a ‘temporary’ loophole that’s stayed open for 25 years.

The one thing you never want to hear your dentist say is “oops!” It’s also alarming to hear from a former U.S. senator—25 years after he passed a temporary oil subsidy for Big Oil. Continue reading

US blames Palestinians for Israeli state terror against them

Israel is a Ziofascist police state, masquerading as democratic, a notion it abhors. Continue reading

Ethiopia must show flexibility on Egypt’s Nile share

Cairo fears Grand Renaissance Dam will negatively impact its share of lifeblood—water

Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD) has been a bone of contention between Cairo and Addis Ababa since 2011 when construction began without consultations or environmental and impact studies. Continue reading