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Trump’s FCC to end net neutrality

Battle lines are drawn. Trump’s FFC chairman Ajit Pai is on record against net neutrality, saying its days are numbered. Continue reading

Roy Moore, from the Gadsden Mall to the Ten Commandments monument

Sin of the sin-catchers.

The spectacle of 30-something Deputy District Attorney Roy Moore cruising the Gadsden, Alabama, mall hunting for high school girls to chat up, grope and “date” rivets our attention, and deservedly so. Not everyone’s attention, of course. As CNN’s Brian Stelter points out, Alabama’s own media have long overlooked his depredations. Even last week, a local paper persisted in claiming that the ex-judge has “refuted” his accusers. (They meant “rebutted,” but even that isn’t true.) But the tide has turned. Alabama’s three major papers—The Birmingham News, Mobile Press-Register and The Huntsville Times—have endorsed Moore’s Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, and their shared website dares Moore to sue over what he calls “defamation.” Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Obama’s crimes are revealed under Trump

Barack Obama was not the lesser evil president. He was always the more effective evil. The ruling classes were in desperate need of a new and attractive face to complete their ugly agenda. George W. Bush and the Republicans were reviled and thus no longer capable of bringing imperialist plots to fruition. They were bad for the brand and were shown the door for use at a later date. Continue reading

Thanksgiving for JFK

If he had lived, President John F. Kennedy would have been 100 years old this year. At Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, his family would be raising a glass in his honor. Continue reading

Don’t just give thanks, pay it forward one act of kindness at a time

It’s been a hard, heart-wrenching, stomach-churning kind of year filled with violence and ill will. Continue reading

Now hear this!!

The UN General Assembly was considering a resolution introduced by the Russian Federation to condemn the glorification of Nazism and two countries voted against it . . . Ukraine whose government is dominated by neo-Nazis and . . . the United States of America. Continue reading

Prophesy: How not to find your voice

Frederick Nietzsche spent his 40th birthday reflecting on how the Middle East had provided three major exportations of prophetic doctrinal interpretations of god-speak. He poured over the four etchings of Muhammad, Moses, Isaiah and Jesus he had in his possession, beholding a formidable gallery of conscionable males expressing passion for what they believed were the indisputably correct paths toward salvation, revealed by none other than god HIMSELF, who had put males in charge of something that appeared to fall within the provenance of property and comedic divinity. Rich in tropes explaining the human condition, the righteous shepherds, keen to distract the flock from their here-and-now reality, promised salvation to supplicants who forfeited their free will for the promise of a better ‘afterlife.’ Continue reading

The biggest threat to world peace Is NATO

On November 8, Britain’s Daily Mail bannered “NATO tells Europe to prepare for ‘rapid deployment’:” and sub-headed “Defence chiefs say roads, bridges and rail links must be improved in case tanks and heavy vehicles need to be quickly mobilised” (to invade Russia, but the newspaper’s slant was instead that this must be done purely defensively: “In October, NATO accused Russia of misleading them, saying that Moscow had deliberately violated international rules of military drills”). Continue reading

The great American tax cut swindle

House Republicans voted to continue transferring the nation’s wealth from ordinary people to corporate predators and the super-rich. Continue reading

Irrepressible Trump has curbed GOP’s enthusiasm

Whether Donald J. Trump closes his presidential experimental-gig resigning, impeached or misgoverning the entire 4-year term, he is a sure bet to enter America’s history books as an embarrassment to a nation and to the electorate that put him in the Oval Office; also a disgrace to a political party that sold its conservative ideals for thirty shiny pieces of illusory, legislative hope. Continue reading

Big dick diplomacy

Years ago, when I watched Hotel Rwanda, I was intrigued by Sophie Okonedo, her unique beauty. She can appear plain, almost strange looking, yet when that huge smile dances across her face, she dazzles. She is radiantly gorgeous. Continue reading

Revenge is a rotten way to run a country

Looking back at the last tumultuous year, to me, one of the saddest aspects of the Trump candidacy and presidency is that both in part were built from one of the basest of human impulses: revenge. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Defending RT

The Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) was established in 1938 as a means of fighting Nazi influence in the United States. The Russian funded cable network RT was recently forced to register under FARA in order to continue operating in the United States. The wave of ginned up anti-Russian hysteria has created a new and terrible precedent. Continue reading

Financial tyranny: ‘We the people’ are the new permanent underclass in America

Americans can no longer afford to get sick and there’s a reason why. Continue reading

Corruption in Israel is not just an Israeli issue

The Trials of Benjamin Netanyahu

Whether the string of scandals, now hounding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lead to his sacking or not, it matters little. Continue reading

Wake up, folks, fascism is back in style again

This past week, in Warsaw, Poland, tens of thousands of young Poles marched in an independence-day procession organized by a nationalist youth movement that seeks an ethnically pure Poland with fewer Jews or Muslims. Continue reading

Fascist US-led Western hostility toward democratic Venezuela

Washington wants fascist tyranny replacing Venezuelan social democracy—hostility toward the country raging since Hugo Chavez’s December 1998 election as president. Continue reading

One year later: The political cancer metastasizes

America was never what it had purported to be.

Exactly one day short of one year after the election of Donald Trump, the fog finally seemed to lift and the skies brightened. On Tuesday, voters rejected Trumpism in New Jersey and in Virginia, where establishment Republican Ed Gillespie embraced Trump’s racism and nativism, indicating how deeply the president’s poison has penetrated even the precincts of the party that should be vigorously in opposition to it. Continue reading

Patriotism, taxes, and Trump

Selling the Trump-Republican tax plan should be awkward for an administration that has made patriotism its central theme. Continue reading

What is really going on in Saudi Arabia?

Trump says Saudi Elites caught in anti-corruption probe were ‘milking’ kingdom for years. Continue reading

From superpower to incompetence

Having grown up during the second half of the 20th century, I don’t recognize my country today. I experienced life in a competent country, and now I experience life in an incompetent country. Continue reading

Reviving the spirit of existential rebellion in a world of propaganda, lies, and self deception

Like existential freedom, honesty and truth-seeking demand a perpetually renewed commitment. No one ever fully arrives, and all of us are blown off course on the journey. Even when we think we have reached our destination, we are often startled by the enigma of arrival, and must set sail again. We are all in the same boat. The search for truth is a process, an experiment, an essay—a trying without end. Continue reading

Is US war on Iran likely?

Washington has been militantly hostile toward Iran since its 1979 revolution—ending a generation of US-installed tyranny. Continue reading

Republicans admit their tax plan is all about rich donors

It’s unpopular. It’s expensive. But the donors want it.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that people in “real America” with “real jobs” don’t while away their mortal hours reading about politics. But God help me, if you’ve suffered through any coverage of the Republican tax plan, you’ve probably heard three things. Continue reading

Twitter rules changed

Speech, media and academic freedoms in America are threatened—especially digital democracy, the last frontier of open and free expression. Continue reading

America breaks down: The anatomy of a national nervous breakdown

Another shooting, another day in America. Continue reading

A year without a president

It seems like forever, but it was just one year ago that Donald Trump was elected president. So what have we learned about the presidency and who is running the country? Continue reading

Americans are no longer represented by their government: Retired educator and World War II veteran does something about it

Mel E. Lindsey no longer believes the American people are represented by their government. The 90-year-old resident of Long Beach, California—who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and who spent more than 50 years in education—is concerned for the future of the nation he fought for and for the children he taught. Wanting to do something about it, Mel petitioned the government on behalf of all Americans and demanded a Voter’s Bill of Rights amendment to the Constitution to provide everyone with the right to cast effective votes for their representatives. Continue reading

Oliver Stone was right about the CIA

I can’t decide which is more amusing: the CIA’s use of “national security” to justify keeping secret its 50-year-old records in the JFK assassination or the mainstream media’s response to the continued secrecy. Continue reading

Trump’s most damning legacy

In a radio interview on Thursday, Trump said “the saddest thing is, because I am the president of the United States, I am not supposed to be involved with the Justice Department. I’m not supposed to be involved with the FBI. I’m not supposed to be doing the kind of things I would love to be doing.” Continue reading

US ground invasion of North Korea considered?

Sound deranged? If US officials devoted the same time, effort and resources for world peace, equity and justice, all Americans could benefit in ways unimaginable now. Continue reading

What real tax reform could look like

We don't actually have to cut taxes on the rich, slash services for everyone, and blow a hole in the deficit.

No matter our politics, most Americans have a beef with taxes. And it’s no wonder. Continue reading