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The moral mask

It feels as if world events are in overdrive, and sometimes it’s hard to escape the thought that that there is no longer much point in trying to analyse, or make sense of, a trajectory increasingly out of control. Continue reading

Why each US president ends up as ruthless interventionist these days

In the wake of the April 14 cruise missile attack on Syria, there was a joke going around the Internet saying that it doesn’t matter who Americans vote for, they always wind up getting John McCain as president of the United States. The humor derives from the fact that the past three presidents all ran for office committed to reducing America’s interventionism overseas but once in office they reversed course and expanded US military commitments worldwide, turning them into facsimiles of John McCain, who has never seen a war he didn’t like. Continue reading

Remembering Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush, mother of war criminal George W. Bush, died on April 17, 2018. Geraldine Comley, my mother, died April 17, 2011. Bush was called the matriarch of a Republican political dynasty. For years, my mother was chairwoman of the local Republican Party in Nicholasville, Kentucky, however she eventually rejected the Party, leaving it when George Bush was elected president. She’d watched the news, his campaign, and pronounced him stupid. Continue reading

Greed without borders: Watching the Deep State eat its young

Ever since before TV was even invented, there’s been a really huge reality show being broadcast here in America. It’s called “The Deep State Show”. And yet despite its consistent rating as the longest-running reality show ever and even despite its presence in every single aspect of our lives, the average American has hardly even heard of it and never even gets to watch it either. Nobody here ever asks their friends the next day, “Hey, did you see the latest episode of ‘The Deep State Show’ last night?” In fact, nobody in America has hardly even heard of the Deep State Show before—until now. Continue reading

Crimes of a monster: Your tax dollars at work

Let us not mince words. Continue reading

The crisis is only in its beginning stages

Many, including Russia’s President Putin, have asked why the US launched an illegal attack on Syria prior to the chemical weapons inspectors examining the site of the alleged chemical attack. Continue reading

Political assassination; political propaganda

In the Cold War struggles against the Soviets/Russians, the United States has long had the upper hand when it comes to political propaganda. What do the Russkis know about sales campaigns, advertising, psychological manipulation of the public, bait-and-switch, and a host of other Madison Avenue innovations? Just look at what the American media and their Western partners have done with the poisoning of the two Russians, Sergei Skripal and his daughter, in the UK. How many in the West doubt Russia’s guilt? Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Syria and press propaganda

It is difficult for Americans to find out what is happening in their country and around the world. That is because corporate media outlets have nearly complete control over what they see and hear and because those interests are closely allied with the state. The promise of the Internet, the hoped for level playing field for communication and information gathering, is also under corporate control. It is now part of a well coordinated censorship effort and attack against left-wing sites such as Black Agenda Report. Continue reading

Near deadly political gas attack on Americans

In the face of steadily deteriorating imperial power, the reactionary forces of global capital have pressed the panic button and are performing far worse than rats on a sinking ship, unless those rats were armed with nuclear weapons and were as deluded as the politburo of Western capitalism. Unfortunately some who were previously considered advocates of change are now among the deluded mentioned in the quote and have become foremost protectors of the reactionary political economics of global capital controlled by the market forces of Artificial Intelligence. Continue reading

US to declare Venezuelan presidential election invalid if Maduro Wins

Democracy in America is pure fantasy, money-controlled elections farcical when held. Continue reading

How US has virtually destroyed UN

Under President Donald Trump, the US has basically eliminated the only real international authority the UN used to have. Here is how this was done . . . Continue reading

Mob rule at the White House

I blame Tony Soprano. Continue reading

From a friend in Aleppo: Syrians are laughing at us!

Just got an e-mail from a friend of mine in Aleppo regarding the recent “Friday the 13th” missile strike there—brought to the Syrian people courtesy of FUK-US (France, the United Kingdom and the U.S.) My friend watched the event on Syrian TV and apparently it was like watching a low-budget horror movie—not all that scary. 70% of the missiles were shot down by Syrian equipment left over from the 1960s. So much for Fire and Fury. Continue reading

Once upon a time long ago truth was important

I wonder how many people, not just Americans but those in other countries, have come to the conclusion that the United States today is a less free and less aware society than the societies in the dystopian novels of the 20th century or in movies such as The Matrix and V for Vendetta. Just as people in the dystopian novels had no idea of their real situation, few Americans do either. Continue reading

Fantasy democracy in America

The nation’s founders created a system, empowering its privilege class alone to rule—democracy the way it should be an anathema notion rejected throughout US history. Continue reading

While China picks winners, Trump picks losers

“It’s nonsense that there’s a beautiful free market in the power industry,” Energy Secretary Rick Perry said last week as he pushed for a government bailout of coal-fired power plants. Continue reading

The real target of the alleged chemical attacks: Jeremy Corbyn

When one looks with any sense of calm and neutral curiosity at the alleged poisoning of the Skripals, one cannot help but come away with the conclusion that a judgment had already been decided upon and that evidence—the kind that might be scrutinized by independent parties and brought up for international inspection—had been relegated to irrelevance. Russia, we all heard, was the villain, the culprit, the evil demon whose ways cannot be countered except by force. Continue reading

Another bloody Friday in Gaza

April 13 is the third consecutive Great March of Return Friday, continuing in besieged Gaza until Nabka Day commemorations on May 15. Continue reading

How can we stop perpetual war?

The recent air strikes on Syria and increasing U.S. propaganda aimed at whipping the public into a war frenzy against Russia couldn’t be more transparently manipulative. More and more people are waking up to the fact that the U.S. and some of our allies keep instigating unjust, illegal wars around the world for the motives of power and profit. The U.S. always claims it conducts its endless wars for humanitarian reasons or to protect people at home, but those excuses have been proved false again and again. The main problem with this continual warring is that it always ultimately costs innocent human lives and much suffering. Continue reading

‘Mission accomplished’ but to what end?

President Donald Trump would have been wise to have used a different turn of phrase to announce an end to US, UK and French strikes on three Syrian targets. ‘Mission accomplished’ evokes an image of George W. Bush on board a US aircraft carrier in May 2003 prematurely touting victory in Iraq. Continue reading

The dangerous deficit in trade understanding

I was chatting with my tobacconist the other day—I have no rabbi, no priest, no minister, no imam, no chiropractor, and no lawyer, but I do have a tobacconist—when it struck me that my trade deficit with him is astronomical. Continue reading

WaPo tries justifying unjustifiable US-led aggression

Overnight Friday US-led aggression on Syrian targets was the latest shoe to drop on a sovereign state and its people—victimized by Washington’s rage to replace its legitimate government with pro-Western puppet rule. Continue reading

Spankings from Stormy, golden showers, and other presidential stuff

To really understand President Trump, one must first understand what’s behind the spanking he got from Stormy Daniels. Continue reading

Denial and mass hysteria: The liberal loses it

If one had wanted to create a psychosocial experiment to study the liberal political mentality, one could not have come up with a better solution than to have Donald Trump follow Barack Obama as president of the United States: one a blank screen, the Archangel, the other, the Antichrist, a raging volcano. The Archangel departed from office to a fond and teary-eyed farewell. The Antichrist was greeted with anger and outrage. There were protests around the country. There were attempts to prevent his election. He is probably the first president in American history to be docketed for impeachment before he even took office. Continue reading

The Saudi-Israeli liaison

In a 2 April 2018 interview in the Atlantic, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman publicly declared that the Israelis “have a right to live in their own land just like the Palestinians.” It is a problematic assumption, given that the Israelis’ “own land” is the land they took away from the Palestinians. This, and much else, has been either forgotten or ignored by the Saudi crown prince. Continue reading

Fake news headlines promote wars of aggression

Without major media support, US imperial wars might not get off the dime. They’re vital to gain public support or at least prevent strong opposition. Continue reading

Who calls anyone civilized?

Naomi Shihab Nye is a poet and professor of Creative Writing at Texas State. Her father was Palestinian and a refugee journalist. Continue reading

Betsy DeVos needs an education on ethics

The student loan sharks who prey on veterans and single moms have a friend in Trump's education secretary.

Question: What do you get when you combine ignorance, imperiousness, and incompetence? Continue reading

Market farce

The market forces of religious capital have been running the world for hundreds of years during which time they have made advances and benefitted many beyond any system that came before. But so did slavery and feudalism, while also, like capitalism, slaughtering and brutalizing more people than those to whom they brought benefit. Their time passed and they were replaced by newer arrangements, all in keeping with the subjugation of humanity and limiting social choice, if any, to lesser and not seemingly greater evil organizations always ruled by un-chosen minorities. We are now in the time in which the capitalist farce of market forces needs to be radically changed before the comedy moves from farce to a tragedy for all of humanity and not just one or another slave state, feudal fiefdom or capitalist corporation. Continue reading

Flashpoint in Syria: Will WW III follow?

WW I followed events in Serbia. Poland was ground zero for WW II. Will East/West conflict in Syria escalate to war to end all others, risking catastrophic nuclear war? Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Yaser Murtaja and Marie Colvin

Yaser Murtaja was a Palestinian journalist acting in his professional capacity when he was murdered by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). He was covering the second Great Return March in Gaza and was clearly identified as press when an Israeli sniper fired a fatal shot. Continue reading

The hourglass

Yuri Drexler’s first thought was, “how did this parcel ever manage to get through to me?” upon examining the markings on the parcel. He was surprised to see that it had come from Gaza. Within the parcel he had just received was a well-crafted hourglass, set in a cedar frame with the word Palestine carved into the upper orb. Great care had been taken to insure the artefact would survive the journey as it arrived tightly packed in balls of polystyrene. Continue reading