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Freedom Rider: Russiagate and the surveillance duopoly

Republican and Democratic Party dueling over Russiagate provides us with a teachable moment. It should teach us to disrespect and discredit the law enforcement system as it exists in this country. We must oppose the surveillance state altogether and we should not be tricked by duopoly theatrics into thinking that either of the evil twins are acting in our interests. Continue reading

The war against ‘fake news’ is a war on us

Barely a day passes without a new development in the war on social media—that is, the war on us. Today, it is a report that Twitter has emailed hundreds of thousands of its users, warning them that they shared “Russian propaganda.” Continue reading

Out of Trump’s frying pan and into an evangelical fire

Donald Trump has to be one of the most unpopular US presidents ever from a global perspective. On his watch, confidence in US leadership has plummeted to a mere 30 percent around the world, according to a recent Gallup Poll that ranks America lower than its competitor, China. Continue reading

Al-Quds/Jerusalem—the capital

Al-Quds is, literally, the holy city, for believers, Jewish, Christian, Muslim alike, called by non-Muslims Jerusalem (from “City of Shalem” after a Canaanite deity, during the early Canaanite period (approximately 2400 BCE)). Continue reading

Take a memo, Devin Nunes

Watching the saga of the Nunes Memo and the constant Republican attempts to protect and cover for Donald Trump and his minions, no matter how great the purported crime, I keep thinking back to a 2004 movie that didn’t get the attention it deserved. Continue reading

Trump’s immigration policy is more American than you think

He only wants white people coming here. “Why can’t we have more people from Norway?” Continue reading

Trump’s divide-and-conquer strategy

If Robert Mueller finds that Trump colluded with Russia to fix the 2016 election, or even if Trump fires Mueller before he makes such a finding, Trump’s supporters will protect Trump from any political fallout. Continue reading

U.S. is now ranked as a ‘flawed democracy’

The staid financial and political news magazine The Economist is not prone to publish outlandish news stories and headlines. For that reason, the magazine’s readers around the world have taken notice of its annual Democracy Index for 2017. The magazine’s 2016 Index warned that the United States had dropped from a “full democracy” to a “flawed democracy.” Continue reading

Tillerson’s Latin America/Caribbean tour

From February 1-7, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is visiting Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Jamaica, US-allied countries, serving privileged interests exclusively, exploiting others, the way America operates. Continue reading

Google ‘Ministry of Truth’ intensifies suppressing ‘fake news’ (such as this)

On November 18, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt spoke about how Google will help to defeat Russia. He said that Google helps in this effort not by “censoring” Russian news media, but by “deranking” them in Google web-searches, so that web pages from these sites, which he calls “propaganda,” will show so far down in the rankings in any Google-search, so that users of Google will not encounter (or will be vastly less likely to encounter) Russian sites—or any other non-mainstream sites (such as this one), which refuse unquestioningly to trumpet government lies. Continue reading

Whitewashing genocide in Myanmar

Although the genocide of the Rohingya minority in Myanmar has gathered greater media attention in recent months, there is no indication that the international community is prepared to act in any meaningful way, thus leaving hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees stranded in border camps between Myanmar and Bangladesh. Continue reading

What Trump wants on immigration is ethnic cleansing

The president's ‘open hand’ to Democrats is full of poison pills.

I’ll be honest: I didn’t watch Trump’s State of the Union address when it aired. Continue reading

The worst child molesters are in Congress and the White House

I watched the sentencing of Dr. Nassar, convicted of molesting under the age of consent Olympic athletes. CNN ran the court drama for hours, interjecting comments from their regular panelists telling us what a monster Nassar was, sometimes concluding that he is the worst child molester of all. Continue reading

The state of our union: A house divided, enslaved & mired in the mistakes of the past

History has a funny way of circling back on itself. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: Stop the immigration police state

Lukasz Niec is a Polish born green card holder and Wisconsin physician. He is now held in immigration detention because of juvenile crimes and adult interactions with police which didn’t result in convictions. Despite the minor nature of his offenses he is deportable. But it must be pointed out that his plight was not caused by Donald Trump. Continue reading

Trump’s desired rump parliament

Donald Trump, like other autocrats, clearly rejects the trappings of a democracy. Trump has demanded total loyalty from the Department of Justice and security apparatuses like the Federal Bureau of Investigation and he has set about on a course to purge them of anyone who fails to toe his political line. Trump also rejects the independence of the federal courts and has sought to pack federal benches with unqualified sycophants. Continue reading

Denying the obvious: Leftists and Crimestop

It is well known that effective propaganda works through slow, imperceptible repetition. “The slow building up of reflexes and myths” is the way Jacques Ellul put it in his classic, Propaganda. This works through commission and omission. Continue reading

Trump’s dismal State of the Union

Trump heads a neocon infested police state, a fantasy democracy, a warrior nation waging endless wars of aggression, raping and destroying one country after another—exploiting people at home and abroad, wanting dominance over all other nations. Continue reading

The next big fight

Fresh off passing massive tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, Trump and congressional Republicans want to use the deficit they’ve created to justify huge cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Continue reading

No, big corporations shouldn’t get tax breaks to create jobs

The breaks seldom pay for themselves—and put employees of local businesses out of work.

Governors and mayors insist that giving our tax dollars to corporations to lure them to move to our cities is good public policy. The corporations create jobs, those workers pay taxes, and—voila!—the giveaway pays for itself! Continue reading

Few are aware of these Wildlife Services programs

The goldfish and koi started surrendering to the surface around Halloween. Bass, crappie, catfish and the distinctive sunfish/bluegill hybrids that inhabited the pond for 140 years followed. Soon the 5.2 acre South Pond in Chicago’s Lincoln Park sported a slick of shiny, golden and still moving fish, kind of like a macabre woman’s drink. Continue reading

Keeping our eyes on the prize

It is upsetting and angering to see, time after time, so-called “leftists” refer to international banking with the name of the Rothschilds, a Jewish family. Continue reading

Racial hatred explodes into the Israeli mainstream

Israelis should be the last people on earth to indulge in open racism and bigotry when many of their forefathers were victims of discrimination, forced resettlement, pogroms and Nazi genocide. Continue reading

America 2018: postmodern ‘Germany 1933’

Imagine waking up to the shock, the excitement of the new Germany in 1933, when Hitler became chancellor. An earthshaking moment, promising a new Germany, for Germans. Overnight, the new flag is raised everywhere, children don uniforms, fascist supporters face off against the communists and social democrats. Continue reading

America’s ‘Ignored Abroad’ seriously consider separation

Back-to-back hurricanes that devastated Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2017 and a false ballistic missile attack warning that traumatized Hawai’i have these “Ignored Abroad” territories and one state looking at separation from the United States. Although independence can be a costly endeavor, the Trump administration’s lack of empathy and support for Puerto Rico, forty percent of which is still lacking electrical power four months after Hurricane Maria destroyed much of the island commonwealth’s infrastructure, the Puerto Rican independence movement is receiving a fresh look from many Puertorriqueños. Continue reading

The voice of American workers is a charlatan

Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed voice of American working people, has decreed that the prices of washing machines and solar panels shall rise. Continue reading

Trump’s foreign policy is in service to Israel

Peter Jenkins, a former British ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency, expresses concerns about the decisions of France, Germany, and the UK to appease President Trump on fixing “flaws” in the Iranian nuclear agreement. It is worth a read to see that the European governments are still Washington’s toadies despite the “hate Trump” attitude that allegedly prevails among Washington’s European vassals. Continue reading

Trump’s America: Open to global capital, not people

Trump to global CEOs and financiers in Davos, Switzerland: “America is open for business.” We’re now a great place for you to make money. We’ve slashed taxes and regulations so you can make a bundle here. Continue reading

How Uncle Sam launders marijuana money

Thirty states and the District of Columbia currently have laws broadly legalizing marijuana in some form. The herb has been shown to have significant therapeutic value for a wide range of medical conditions, including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, glaucoma, lung disease, anxiety, muscle spasms, hepatitis C, inflammatory bowel disease, and arthritis pain. Continue reading

Trump’s deplorable hubris and arrogance

Count the ways—Trump’s rage for endless wars of aggression, his contempt for ecosanity, his disdain for ordinary Americans he vowed to serve equitably—his willingness to use nuclear weapons for the first time since 1945, today’s weapons infinitely more powerful than Fat Man and Little Boy. Continue reading

Nevertheless, she persisted—by the millions

Back in 2007, just a month and a half after I was first elected president of the Writers Guild of America East, we and our friends and colleagues at the Writers Guild West were plunged into a strike against the networks and studios. For me, it was one hell of an initiation. Continue reading

The violently familiar

We drove through Dotard country before anyone called him a dotard. Saw signs in yards: “PROUD DEPLORABLE.” Now, weeks after the Christmas decorations, the life-sized crèches and the flashing red and green lights dancing around windows, have been dismantled and entrusted to the basement or attic ‘til next year, those homages to Trump still stand, like monuments to a Confederate hero. Continue reading