Update 2: Just when you think . . .

Murphy’s Law has been plaguing me since March, when my beloved hubby suffered what turned out to be his final illness and died April 9.

Then I messed up my leg in a stupid fall, compounding that with too much ice to lessen the swelling, causing wounds to open above my knee. Initially, I thought the wounds resulted from the skin being severely stretched by the swelling and didn’t give thought to the ice that my cousin, a nurse, had me putting on the leg nearly 24 hours a day. Many moons ago, I suffered a fractured fibula in a horseback riding accident, which caused a lot of tissue damage and internal bleeding, so the doc had me icing the leg 24 hours a day for 10 days, but the ice didn’t cause the skin to break open. But I digress,

No liking the look of the wound, along with the severe swelling, I went to an orthopedist who sent me for an ultrasound to make sure there were no blood clots. He also drew massive amounts of blood out of the knee. Plus, I went to a wound center to treat the wound. However, it infected. So the infections specialist at the wound center had me hospitalized for 10 days to administer IV antibiotics and had the orthopedist surgically remove necrotic tissue from the wound. They also refused to release me from the hospital unless I had home health care nurses to dress the wound. Also, my movements have been restricted, hindering me from resuming publishing.

Now I am told I need a plastic surgeon to close the wound. What that will entail, I will learn when I see him on July 17. In the meantime, it’s visits to the wound center, dealing with the home health care nurses three times a week and going stir crazy.

On top of that, I’ve had to deal with a plumbing problem, getting errors in paperwork corrected so I could file it and now, just when I thought Murphy and his law were finally gone, I’ve had to call for a tech to come to fix the AC that stopped working in 90-plus degree heat yesterday.

In addition to everything else I need to do, I thought I would be back to publishing Intrepid Report by now, but it’s going to be awhile longer. I am behaving myself and following the doc’s instructions.

I thank those who’ve offered to help but it isn’t that simple since I am not on the computer much to forward them articles for editing and publishing. Intrepid Report will be back, even though it will later than sooner.

I again thank all those who’ve sent their condolences and good wishes.

Bev Conover is the editor and publisher of Intrepid Report. Email her at editor@intrepidreport.com.

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11 Responses to Update 2: Just when you think . . .

  1. Bev, I am sending love your way. I know about infections because I had about two years worth of having to treat infections following bariatric surgery plus two years later the closing of my 14 year colostomy. The surgeon who did the closing, finally sent me to an infectious disease doctor who was a marvel and a blessing. In my case, when I thought the infectious were gone, they would some times spontaneously reappear and it was totally frustrating… I am glad you are following the doctors’ care of you … I send you LOVE (and can I say comforting prayers too… well, maybe i should say comforting wishes) and I look forward to more updates and to Intrepid Report coming back just like its Intrepid Editor. P.S. The Home health nurses were godsent and I looked forward to their visit every time they were scheduled to come. They knew I was an early riser so they tried to schedule me as their first, or one of their first patients on their schedule. They also would call me about fiften minutes before they got here–or when they were on the way here, so it made the waiting for them less anxious.

  2. Sara DeHart

    When Murphy wrote his law he had no idea of the extent of your problems.

    Ice damage can be every bit as bad as thermal damage which is why we recommend 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for ice bags. Frostbite is no fun and I treat it as a 2nd degree burn. Your damage sounds like it developed into a 3rd degree burn with muscle damage.

    I hope that these episodes end soon. OM SaraD

  3. Nothing is more important than taking care of yourself Bev. Do what you need to do for YOU, we can save the world another day.
    Much love

  4. sand fessler

    Dear Bev,
    Oh, my! I am so sorry to hear about all this. My thoughts are with you, and it’s good that you are being “obedient” to the doc’s instructions.
    Take care, and thank you so much for the update.
    Peace and Love,

  5. Whew..dang..!..talk about “over coming”..!
    Listen, Dear Spirit..we are all on a path as The Human Race, and individually.
    We are witnessing an extraordinarily, Once In An Eternity, time, within a matter world.
    “The MEEK shall inherit the Earth”..The first, ancient, and, original definition of the word “MEEK” was…”THE UNCORRUPTED; THE INCORRUPTIBLE..” Nothing more..nothing less..!
    And, You Dear Spirit, ARE ONE OF THOSE..! As one of these, everything intense, has been, is, and will be placed in front of Your path..It is not the challenge, that counts most..it is the choices One makes, in how the handle it, that does.
    Some amazing things are about to happen, and are happening within our whole solar system..it’s not just us..A new balance is about to come.
    It’s this easy to understand. All actions do have an opposite reaction. To the degree that much “darkness” is happening, as well, there is much happening, in LIGHT, as LIGHT, on the other end of all of this. Universal Physics. We are molting, of sorts..shedding what we do not need to carry with us into this, into this new time coming.
    Remember..the MEEK shall inherit the “New Heaven and a New Earth”. These are ancient predictions, and, alas, we are at the door. Everything possible is being thrown at Humanity, right now. You are being wise..You are very aware, and You have decided to win..!
    While You are not doing this site..fill Your eyes with conscious beauty..things that make You feel happy and peaceful. You are the goodness and Light, of that which is within You. Tell Your brain, that you want it to focus on Your body healing.. it will, instantly..
    That wonderful brain of Yours, is a multidimensional, energy-organic, hard drive..and, You are in charge of it, by golly…tell it what You need it to don and immediately, it will go to work. But, You must provide it, Your Brain, with happiness..(be around whom You enjoy, and do things, that make You happy..especially, Folks with whom You enjoy laughter.
    Focus on things that You find beautiful, at any one moment..KEEP YOUR BRAIN IN AN ALPHA STATE..YouTube..Alpha..528 Hz..As well, You will find other Hertz, that handle specific things. You deal with so much heaviness..You now have the time, to deal with that which is LIGHT..
    Turn this into a Spiritual Vacation, of which, You are deserving.
    ..i am no one special as we all have divine gifts..i am no different than any other..
    And, i will be publishing my first book, very soon, entitled “From Human Spirit, to Spiritual Human”…i am doing something, that has never been done with a new book before.
    Be well, Be happy, and Be the Light that You are..!
    You are a Blessing, to many.
    And, to the degree that one consciously resists corruption, is to that same degree that, that one, becomes uncorruptable…it just works that way.
    So have a wonderful healing, and, may You receive, 100-fold, the Blessings, that You have given to others.
    may You have a wonderful Sabbatical..
    from someone who enjoys Your writing style..
    See You back, again..!

  6. Looking forward to reading more. Great blog article.Really thank you! Great.

  7. Dear Bev, So many nice and knowledgeable things have been said here. One person was clearly a doctor and even probably a dermatologist who said that your damage was like a 3rd degree burn. So we have to be VERY careful about treatment with ice. I am just about to start ice treatment on a lump that’s still hurting from a very bad fall on my forehead four weeks ago. I was so sure It would just go away by itself. However I’ve now finally gone through an operation (a cyst, mal placé) and I can concentrate on the effects of that fall. But I’m sure to obey the 20 min on, 20 min off advice that someone gave here.
    My poor poor Bev, you’ve been through hell with all these various accidents that came your way. So, as everybody here has said, Obey the doctors and take it easy. The world will wait for your wonderful op/ed columns. Much love, Siv

  8. Bev,

    I am so sorry to hear about your travails. You are a person of unusual courage and inner strength to endure what you have and to emerge with your sense of irony intact.

    Some times it pays to obey and sometimes to disobey. It seems as if obedience is what has gotten you into this fix in the first place.

    Get well soon.


  9. There you go girl !

    Keep on fighting, keep on living, keep on loving all, keep on keeping on.

    The trials and tribulations are not over, you’re a prime witness of how it keeps piling on sometimes, and it’s not over…

    but you found the key: to be a force for good, to continue shining the light of hope and kindness in spite of all the travails; actually because of all the difficulties, and thus become as a testament to the invulnerability of love and hope even, especially, in adversity. To attest to the forces of destiny that eventhough you’ve been hit hard, it has not plunged you into the dark side and that you are and continue to be an agent of the light.

    Be assured that your choosing of the right side and showing that the ol’Bev is back and still standing (albeit with some difficulties at the moment) is bringing a smile to his face and relief to his fears for you like nothing else could.

    I was so happy to read your update. Thanks for that.


    PS for infections… I suggest real milk kefir. Do not buy finished kefir products in US (it is pasteurized – by law – it remains somewhat effective because lactus cocus lactis is such a [good] virulent bacteria and some survives pasteurization but imagine how effective it could be in repopulating your intestinal flora [and giving you immunity which you would not believe whereby you never get colds or the flu or nothing anymore]; all this if everyday you took REAL kefir.), make it yourself (EZ), costs nothing.

    I don’t sell any, yet I’ve had my own brushes with the nastiest of infections (i.e. erysipele with up to 30 grams of antibio per day for 6 months!) Anyway I was not really able to ever truly shake it off… until I started kefir. Since then (9 yrs ago), I have not had a single infection, a cold or flu or anything. it works beyond anything. I don’t want to go on too long on this here, but the problem is all the preservatives we’re ingesting all day long, which preserve us from nasty bacteria in our industrial foods yes, but these antiseptics also destroy our intestinal flora (which should weight between 2 and 3 kilos – but in modern man usually only weighs 500 to 750 grams). With kefir, kiss infections goodbye, constipation or other intestinal problems [i.e lactose intolerance] disappear, also has huge impact of weight, even moods (intestines are the second organ with the most nerve endings after the brain). If you know someone doing chemotherapy, it is cruel to not convert those poor people to kefir, it will be night and day! (chemotherapy kills ALL intestinal flora)

    Please don’t believe me, research it yourself, but if you want some good seed starter, please don’t hesitate, I will be so glad to oblige. (and then share it with others?)

    Anyway, it is illegal (because the US does not want you to have the effective strain… wonder why, big pharma anyone?) but I will gladly send you (no charge) a seed sample from France (where I presently reside) and EZ instructions. Please don’t hesitate.

  10. John Klyczek

    I am very happy to hear that you are trooping through, Bev! My wife and I send our prayers and love, wishing you peace and grace as you continue to recover!

    All the Best,
    jakE & SolEK

  11. I shouldn’t start such argument and controversy…

    Actually, after researching a bit more, I do believe it’s very possible to get some very good real, natural and effective Kefir and other probiostuff even in US. However that’s not necessarily the generic “kefir-like probiotic soup” on the supermarket shelf (bifidus and acidophilus are good, better than nothing; but it’s just yoghurt . Lactococcus- strain [i.e. lactococcus-lactis] is what you’re looking for).

    But it’s easy and virtually free to make good quality kefir consistently (it does take just a little bit of time following a very basic recipe).

    Sorry about that gratuitous controversy, nonetheless the recommendation for good milk kefir as a means of infection prevention (and a whole lot more), that advice stands.