I know who really controlled our elections (and it wasn’t 13 Russians)

It is amazing to hear from the corporate media warnings about those who spread what they call “fake news.” Amazing because nobody spreads more fake news than the mainstream press. This week they are parroting FBI charges that 13 Russians are the most important part of the control of our elections, as always, without investigating the charges.

To understand it, one must see beyond what the mainstream press echoes each day, and, unfortunately, most citizens are watching the mainstream press, so never see the forest for the trees, which is how they are controlled.

It is why people vote Republican, then Democrat, then Republican, then Democrat, and never see a change.

Nothing makes slaves of the masses more than controlled information. That is why the defense cheats, banksters, polluters and other ruling criminals make certain that the mainstream press are absolutely controlled. Not an iota of public interest information gets to the masses if it interferes with the profits of the plutocrats (those who finance our elections).

Following are some of the items about which Americans are perpetually kept ignorant.

1. Defense.

What corporate media call “defense” is a nebulous enterprise used against the American people and other nations. Military might works for the plutocrats around the world to keep their shipping lanes open and trade benefiting the plutocrats at the expense, as much as possible, of everyone else.

The poor are not defended. Mentally ill are forced to sleep in the streets and eat out of garbage cans—could they be worse off if the nation were conquered by foreign enemies? Certainly the working poor, existing without health care, living wages or hope, are not better off living in this plutocracy.

If we must have a capitalist economy, the working class and middle class would be better off under Scandinavian-style capitalism, where they would get better compensation and security.

This leaves the rich, the only group which benefits from “defense” as it exists in America, a group not required to pay taxes (billionaire Leona Helmsley pointed out that in the USA, “Only the little people pay taxes”). The rich exploit government services in ways average Americans cannot, while profiting handsomely from “defense.”

2. Polluters.

Corporate media defend polluters as far as they can get away with it. News program guests include a wide array of representatives of companies that pollute, but rarely genuine environmentalists. Corporate media are just now, in recent years, allowing that global warming might be a scientific fact. I have a retired NASA scientist friend who says he was discussing global warming with other scientists as far back as 1980, when it was already becoming obvious that the planet’s atmosphere was changing since the industrial revolution.

Even today the corporate media allow “scientists” paid by polluters to come on their programs to opine that global warming is a hoax (not to mention the president of the United States). They say this is for what they call “balance.” In their twisted irony, well-documented scientific theory may be balanced by lies.

3. Banksters.

Corporate media do not allow criticism of laissez faire capitalism. You will not see on your TV true socialists advocating for a socialist economy. Only the capitalist side is given, and praised as the greatest system on earth. Never is it allowed that it takes the world’s largest prison system for American capitalism to function as intended (to give as much wealth as possible to the wealthiest people on the planet, those who fund our elections).

The indicator most often given by corporate media to suggest that Americans are doing well is the stock market. What’s never pointed out is that most Americans have no interest in the stock market. Most Americans (59% according to an article at F.A.I.R.) do not own stock, nor do they own mutual funds, nor do they own retirement funds invested in the stock market. Corporate media add up the numbers of each of these categories and say the majority own stock, by counting those invested in all three, three times, and those invested in two of them, two times.

Corporate media never acknowledge that the American economy works for the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. This is obvious to anyone who will do a modicum of research.

4. Health care.

Corporate media invite guests on their “news” programs to proclaim that we have the best health care on earth. They do not mention that thousands die each year from a lack of that which, in the rest of the industrialized world, is considered to be health care.

Obamacare (also Romneycare as President Obama pointed out in his election campaign against Gov. Romney) is a plan to ensure that insurance company executives make extravagant salaries and their investors make billions of dollars from denying health care. A system with this much money in it should be providing excellent health care to all citizens. The Obamacare trick to make it appear that most have health care is to count the number of people who have “health insurance,” even though many cannot afford to use it because of the high co-pays and deductibles.

Americans pay the highest prices for pharmaceuticals, enriching Big Pharma at the cost of thousands of lives annually because people cannot afford medicine.

Corporate media do not allow a fair debate about single payer health care which, for a fraction of the cost of the current system, would provide better health care to most Americans. They do not allow guests to point out that the current health care system is the most bureaucratic on the planet, costing billions of dollars for unnecessary paperwork alone.

The mainstream press “journalists” invite guests onto their TV “news” programs to say taxes would be raised for citizens to pay for single payer health care, without pointing out that, for most citizens, their health care costs would be significantly lower. A modest raise in taxes would be far less for the average taxpayer than the current cost to them of medical care (many do not seem to recognize that their corporate health care is not “free,” but part of their compensation).

Business bosses who complain that the competition abroad has an unfair advantage in that they don’t have to pay health care costs would immediately benefit from single payer, and should be immediately required to move health costs to the paychecks of the employees directly after being informed that they would never again be required to pay health care costs.

5. The wars.

Corporate media do not oppose any of the wars, parading retired generals as “guests” on their news programs without pointing out that these generals are often employed by defense contractors who suck up tax dollars because of wars that benefit the wealthy. This is classic fake news, in which only one side is given. You will not see peace activists to counter the war rhetoric.

There is no justification for the current wars in which the slaughter of Muslims creates hatred that results in more “terrorist” attacks. It is a formula for war without end.

6. The Russians.

Corporate media would have it that the Russians have taken control of our elections by spending a few thousand dollars for Facebook ads. This propaganda line is one of their more outlandish, as of course, defense cheats, polluters, banksters—a huge host of repugnant interests—each pay millions of dollars to control our elections and government, lock, stock and barrel. This is the big secret they will never reveal, because mainstream media owners, board members and advertisers are heavily invested in these unsavory activities which undermine the welfare of the American people.

Jack Balkwill has been published from the little read Rectangle, magazine of the English Honor Society, to the (then) millions of readers USA Today and many progressive publications/web sites such as Z Magazine, In These Times, Counterpunch, This Can’t Be Happening, Intrepid Report, and Dissident Voice. He is author of “An Attack on the National Security State,” about peace activists in prison.

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