The un-Terrorist

Since my youth, I’ve heard the term “un-American” tossed around. In the 1950s, we even had the House Un-American Activities Committee, a committee whose responsibilities included weeding out those Americans who were really un-Americans.

Back then, the main group of un-Americans were those who questioned the value of capitalism to the masses of working people. They were known as communists and favored a system that empowers the people and places the value of labor over capital or profits, a system that levels the playing field where there is no ruling class that controls the political and economic policies of the country. Now, that is clearly un-American.

Today, our society is plagued by acts of terrorism. Those committing these acts are always identified as Arabs, with ties to the Muslim communities, who hate us because we are free people. The Muslim terrorists have always allowed the government authorities to identify them by leaving their passports and/or some form of ID at the scene of the crime. As soon as a violent act is committed by a man or woman with an Arabic name, authorities know it is an act of terror.

The un-Terrorist is also easy to identify but does not usually cooperate with the investigating officials by leaving some identification for them to find. It is always a white Christian man, a loner with emotional problems or one who is misguided by his racist views and needs psychotherapeutic intervention.

Despite the fact that there are more acts of “terror” committed in this country by white Christian men, it is almost impossible to find the word terror included in any of the police or media’s descriptions of those events.

This past week, we were alerted to five bombings in Austin, Texas. Two Black men were killed and several other people were injured. Not once did I see or hear the word terror used to describe what was going on. Instead, the perpetrator was referred to as the “serial bomber.”

Wednesday, his adventure came to an end as police were able to identify the terrorist as a 23-year-old, white male with the name Mark Anthony Conditt. He concluded his terror by exploding the 6th bomb and killing himself.

Rest assured, if his name was Mohammed or Abdul, we would be inundated with the word terrorist and the need to investigate his possible connection to a terrorist cell in Texas. The media would then go into a frenzy about the need for the Muslim community to assure us that they really love us, despite the fact that this country is slaughtering tens of thousands of Muslims in their homelands.

I propose that the Christian community make a statement assuring us that Christians are not trying to kill us.


Dave Alpert has masters degrees in social work, educational administration, and psychology. He spent his career working with troubled inner city adolescents

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