Shri Thanedar isn’t progressive

Michigan gubernatorial candidate Shri Thanedar wants to be something, not do something. He’s interested in advancing his resume, not public policy. He cares about himself, not the people.

Thanedar appeared to think that “Governor Thanedar” had a nice ring to it, so he decided to blow much of his fortune on getting elected without caring about which party he did it in, according to political consultants he talked to, without any experience in public office or as an activist, and without caring about or having a good understanding of the issues. Thanedar chose to run as a Democrat after previously donating money to campaigns of conservative Republicans like former governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) and former senator Jim Talent (R-MO).

The office of governor isn’t an entry level position. Why wouldn’t Thanedar run for the state legislature? Does he think he’s too good to be a state representative or state senator? If Thanedar cares about progressive issues, why didn’t he advocate for them as an activist before his gubernatorial campaign? Thanedar’s experience in chemistry and business can’t substitute for experience in politics and public policy.

Without experience in elective office or activism, Thanedar can only be judged by his business record and campaign conduct. After Thanedar’s first chemical testing company went bankrupt, he tried to stop animal shelters from adopting monkeys and beagles that chemicals were tested on. He wouldn’t report spiked drugs to the Food and Drug Administration. Thanedar didn’t even have the decency to condemn state Senator Patrick Colbeck (R-MI) who falsely claimed that one of Thanedar’s opponents has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which supports Sharia law.

Thanedar claims to be a progressive. Is all of this supposed to be progressive? The problem with electing someone who isn’t what he claims is his heart won’t be in the fight, so he’ll discard his campaign positions when politically expedient to do so. Thanedar doesn’t have the ethical values, knowledge, experience, or progressive values to be the governor of Michigan.

Ashu M. G. Solo is an interdisciplinary researcher and developer, electrical engineer, computer engineer, intelligent systems engineer, political and public policy engineer, mathematician, political writer, entrepreneur, former infantry officer, and progressive activist. He has over 825 reviewed publications.

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