Preventing abuse by Catholic clergy

While most Catholic clergy members are decent people, unfortunately, there’s an epidemic of pedophile clergy members in the Catholic church. Denying this would be foolish, mendacious, and dangerous to children. Countless kids have suffered because of pedophile clergy members, and the Catholic church hasn’t done nearly enough to deal with this. Immediate measures need to be taken to prevent kids from being sexually abused in the future.

Regretfully, there needs to be a church rule preventing clergy members from being alone with one or more children. At least one parent should always be present when a clergy member is interacting with a kid. This is a commonsense rule that should have been implemented in all Catholic churches long ago. This rule should be implemented immediately. The public needs to be made aware of this rule so it can’t be ignored by clergy members.

Unfortunately, parents have to stop trusting clergy members to be alone with their children. Parents need to monitor what’s going on.

With the Catholic church’s history of inaction against pedophile clergy members, there must be a church rule that any clergy member accused of abuse should be immediately suspended from church duties. The case must be immediately referred to the police for investigation. If a complainant is found to have lied, the clergy member can return to his position.

If there have been abuse allegations against a clergy member, parents must be extra cautious in interactions between the clergy member and their children. The lives of their kids could depend on this.

Considering the Catholic church’s history of cover-ups of abuse allegations, there needs to be a church rule that all clergy members involved in covering up abuse allegations must be fired. They don’t have the honor and integrity to be clergy. Their cover-ups allowed pedophile clergy members to keep abusing children with impunity.

If implemented, these three simple church rules should prevent most cases of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy members in the future. Catholics and others need to demand that the Catholic church implement these three rules immediately. Denial of the problem, ignoring the problem, or hoping the problem goes away won’t solve the problem. Furthermore, the Catholic church should be offering much more financial compensation to victims without them needing to go through the process of expensive, time consuming, and traumatizing lawsuits.

Ashu M. G. Solo is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary researcher and developer, electrical engineer, computer engineer, intelligent systems engineer, political and public policy engineer, mathematician, public policy analyst, writer, research book editor, engineering and math instructor, entrepreneur, former infantry officer, corruption whistleblower, former political operative, progressive activist, and mixed combative arts fighter. Solo has over 875 reviewed publications. He can be reached at

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