Journalists hijacking planes for performing bears

Recent revelations that MI5 outlet Bellingcat was involved in a Keystone Cops plot to hijack Russian planes should give their primary targets pause for thought regarding MI5’s Ukrainian machinations. Although fighter pilots have defected from other theaters in the past, this twist in a hoary old Hollywood plot is important because given that the players, clowns like Zelensky and Bellingcat, are so innately stupid, we must examine why MI5 employs such cretins.

It is certainly not for their sharp intellects. Eliot Higgins, Bellingcat’s boss, was an unemployable lingerie salesman before MI5 picked him out of the chorus line and Zelensky earned his crust by dancing like a performing bear whilst fully naked. Heaven knows what his inlaws must think of that song, dance and penis man or why they let their daughter cavort with him but their pecuniary motivations are questions for a different day.

MI5 recruited these cretins not for their intellectual sagacity but for their sheer stupidity, just as one chooses a puppy for its unthinking devotion and its docility around children. Under this scenario, MI5 have nothing to fear, no untoward surprises from a Zelensky or a Bellingcat. Just write out the lines (repeat the line), point them in the right direction and, pooping with the Pope excepted, you’re all set.

If we accept this alternative hypothesis, then NATO’s Order of Battle makes sense. Kagan, Nuland, Cheney and the Bush family are there to rule, whilst all others are there to poop in front of the Pope. Thus, whilst Zelensky and his wife do their war porn for Vogue, Poland promises to buy 500 Lockheed Martin HIMARS and the tiny Baltic states of Lithuania,.Estonia and Latvia promise to buy a proportionate amount to stay sweet with the Pentagon. As tiny Estonia’s deal alone is worth an eye watering $500 million, Lockheed Martin’s salespeople are worth every cent of commission they and those Estonians they bribe can pocket.

Quite what Estonia hopes to do with that very incomplete arsenal is another matter as, without a complement of other land, air and sea resources their HIMARS would be as useless to Estonia’s defense as they are to tiny Estonia’s economic well being which, the CIA must know, is very heavily dependent on shale and, of course, good relations with its Russian and Belarusian neighbors. Still, if Estonia’s corrupt leaders feel their interests are best served by massively subsidizing the U.S. arms’ industry, who are we or the people of Estonia to disagree?

They won’t find any quibbles from me. Or from our crack investigative journalists, who seem more fixated on French farces of hijacking Russian planes and painting the penis waving Zelensky as a hero, as a modern Joan of Arc (who wielded something much more solid than a failed comedian’s penis) than they are in doing what investigative journalists should do.

But these people are not journalists, investigative or otherwise. Here, for example, is the VICE crew interviewing the Dagestani widow of a Russian fighter who fell fighting in Ukraine. Although she is a simple woman, because she is smart enough to see that VICE’s agenda is to smear her, her dead husband and Russian civil society, she sent these voyeurs packing. But voyeurs like VICE are jackals, the vultures of the human misery NATO causes and, though they retreat, they are ever on the prowl to ponce off other victims of NATO’s interminable wars in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen.

Although one might have wished a few of that widow’s burlier relatives and neighbors might have been around to play baccarat with the VICE parasite, such understandable wishes shift our focus from how NATO has been producing these human drones in coveyor belt fashion since at least the start of its Syrian genocide campaign. This 2012 video has Ruth Sherlock and other British assets recruiting young hopefuls to be front line journalists in Syria and other places NATO were in the process of destroying. Soros sidekick Mary Fitzgerald, Amnesty International and a variety of dodgy pro NATO anti war groups were doing something similar in Ireland and no doubt the same scenario was unfolding in NATO’s other satrapies.

Still, time moves on and so must we. Though NATO’s highest paid photographers can splash their performing bears all over Vogue and their VICE minions can embed themselves with ISIS, China, Russia and Iran are not only tougher nuts to sell their Keystone Cops and Kim Kardashian tinsel to but they ain’t buying what NATO, through Zelensky, Bellingcat and their other shills, are selling.

These countries in NATO’s cross hairs are not totally alone. When told she is now barred in Ukraine by “a government that has already outlawed opposition parties, independent media, and purged of many of its officials”, Irish MEP Clare Daly, whom we previously met in the context of NATO inspired Baltic repression, opined that “the list of those banned by the [Zelensky junta] contains a diverse group of people who have next to nothing in common politically, except that all are critical of NATO and Western policy on Ukraine.” Daly’s own faux paux is that she is being accused of sharing two narratives – that sanctions against Russia “make innocent people suffer”, and that the Ukrainian conflict is “a proxy war between Nato and Russia.” Although Daly states that “Both comments attributed to me are absolutely correct and I stand over them”, one wonders how long Lockheed Martin and the Cheney, Biden and Bush families can get away with their blatant money making rackets that depend on naked dancers like Zelensky and naked liars like Bellingcat, neither of whom is the most dependable of God’s creatures.

Clare Daly and those other eminents Zelensky has banned are not the biggest flies in NATO’s ointment. That honor belongs to the armed forces of Russia, China, Iran and the various civil society and other groups confederated with them. No matter what one thinks of those forces, it will take more than a dancing bear and a former lingerie salesman to overcome them, if they can be overcome. Though there is, of course, a different role NATO could embark on, that would entail them giving Lockheed Martin and the corrupt politicians who buy their junk the push and settling their differences with Russia, Iran, Syria and China by words and trade treaties rather than with bribes, performing bears and dodgy HIMARS deals. But, as long as NATO’s arms’ industry rules Capitol Hill, dancing bears like Zelensky, parasites like Bellingcat and the human vultures of VICE will never go short.

This article originally appeared in Strategic Culture Foundation online journal.

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