Chemist Kevin Ryan cites energetic materials as potential cause of 9/11 First Responders’ illnesses

The fact that numerous firefighters and other first responders have continued to fall ill, some of them terminally, has been much discussed in the media. But the mainstream media have not raised the most pressing question: Why have first responders developed cancer and other fatal diseases that should not have been caused by the fires in, and collapses of, the World Trade Center buildings? This 9/11 mystery has still not been answered.

Now, Kevin Ryan, a chemist who has studied 9/11 for many years, has come up with a possible solution—that the Twin Towers were not brought down simply by the airplane impacts and the resulting fires. Rather, these buildings were brought down by “energetic materials”—materials that destroy buildings and that can also destroy human tissues.

In his essay introducing new research, Kevin Ryan ties the presence of these energetic materials to the illnesses and substances found in the tissues and organs of ailing responders and of those who have already died.

Ryan’s article introduces a new source of contamination within the World Trade Center environment, which may well serve as a bona fide scientific verification, and as a basis for legal documentation of the damage wreaked on those brave men and women who had one thought only—of saving lives, while unwittingly sacrificing their own.

Ryan’s outstanding work buttresses the recently passed, H.R. 847, the James Zadroga Bill, named after the police officer who died post 9/11, leaving this bill, this legacy signed by President Obama, as Ryan writes, “in an effort to provide services and compensation for those whose health was compromised through exposure to the toxic dust and gases at Ground Zero.”

Ryan adds, “However, these first responders also need help to understand how their illnesses originated so that improvements in treatment can be made. In response to this need, concerned citizens should consider the possible correlation between evidence for energetic materials at the WTC and the environmental exposure which appears to have caused so many illnesses in the first responders.”

Imagine conditions among first responders “like Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS), caused by exposure to the high concentration of irritants such as caustic and metallic dusts. They cause the upper respiratory illnesses like sinusitis and laryngitis, and lower respiratory disorders like asthma and what’s known as World Trade Center cough.”

Ryan writes, “We know the extent of this pH problem thanks to EPA whistleblower, Dr. Kate Jenkins. The very high pH of the dust inhaled by first responders was probably cause for the general deterioration of lungs and their function, i.e., due to the dust’s corrosive state.”

As Dr. Jenkins wrote, “Corrosivity would have acted directly to cause respiratory chemical burns; would have increased toxic properties of other pollutants from WTC, facilitating entry into the body through the respiratory system.” The insights of people like Dr. Jenkins, Kevin Ryan, and others, point strongly towards new causes for the deadly illnesses within. And call for more light to be thrown on them and the deaths.

Ryan adds, “this applies to the more common illnesses as well: illnesses of the immune system routinely observed in WTC first responders. They include various types of interstitial lung disease, such as eosinophilic pneumonia, granulomatous pneumonitis, and bronchial obliterans, with environmental triggers for them including aluminum silicates, found in high levels in the lungs of WTC first responders in ‘unusual platy configurations.’”

These findings till now lacked adequate scientific explanation. Now, Ryan writes, “research suggests correlation with the causes of destruction of WTC buildings 1, 2, and 7.” Imagine that connection!

This is the disturbing new likelihood understood by medical professionals and scientists though it may boggle the layman’s eyes and ears, as do the ailments and effects they produce: “sarcoidosis . . . known to be caused by aluminum dust, and pulmonary fibrosis, which can be caused by aluminum oxide.” The interface of flesh and blood with the substances that destroyed WTC buildings 1, 2, and 7 is toxic, particularly “aluminum oxide, a potential cause of the observed pulmonary fibrosis, a product no less than the thermite reaction, considerably seen in the thermite in the three buildings’ destruction.”

Additionally, there are “aluminum and silicates, potential causes of observed illnesses of the immune system, and components of nanothermite formulations.” This maze of hazards threaded through the paths of the smoking Ground Zero: “thermite, a mixture of aluminum powder and metal oxide that, when ignited, generates a reaction of intense heat, producing aluminum oxide and the metal in molten form.” Ryan brings to light the darkness and debris within, telling us “this [same] thermite reaction has been used for welding railroad ties, cutting metal, anti-tank grenades.” Now flesh.

We’re in the devil’s workshop here with an angel at our side, saying “Thermite can cut structural steel efficiently.” What does it do to flesh and bone? Ask the living dying and the ghosts of the gone and their families.

We are in a dark zone of human imagination here where “Sulfur added to thermite mixtures improves the burn qualities and is called thermate, nanothermite, or superthermite. More recent variations contain the aluminum and metal oxide mixed on the nanometer scale, allowing for more rapid energy release.” KABOOM! Can you see them again, the explosions, hear them, one after the other? “Or those made in a silicon matrix, through a solution-based technique, resulting in ‘sol-gel’ nanothermite, a process allowing for the use of organic materials expanding during the reaction, providing more explosive power.”

Ryan writes, “An international team of researchers discovered in 2009 what appeared to be ‘sol-gel’ nanothermite formulations in every WTC dust sample tested. It was similar to findings of aluminum silicates in the lungs of first responders, the aluminum found in the nanothermite of WTC dust. Present with silicon, in plate-like (platy) configurations, observations that should be answered through further investigation.

“A 2008 WTC environmental test produced by the EPA and University of California showed that air and aerosol emissions of sulfur and silicon compounds at Ground Zero provided evidence of energetic materials thermite and nanothermite present. Silicon compounds like the ‘sol-gel’ variety of nanothermites, and sulfur compounds abounded.” Here was the evidence within the human body and externally at Ground Zero.

“The thermite presence also explained the fires lasting for months, deep in an oxygen-poor pile, fires burning despite extensive attempts to put them out. There were also high levels of volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s) that like the aluminum, sulfur and silicon compounds were shown to be present in unusual spiking patterns of fire. They lasted so long due to the oxidant you’d find in a thermite or nanothermite mixture. Millions of gallons of water and chemical suppressants had little or no effect on them. These were not the normal fires that responded to falling tons of dust, rainfall or normal firefighting efforts. The extreme level of VOCs was the result of complete thermal degradation of all plastic materials in thermitic or incendiary fires.”

“Thus, the pattern of energetic events at Ground Zero, highlighted by the spikes in emissions, was different than the usual trend of emissions from a typical structure fire.” The unusual prevalence of deadly illnesses within the responders’ bodies reflected the presence of these deadly “substances at Ground Zero, continuing months after the particulate matter died down.” Kevin Ryan’s erudition regarding these substances is mind-boggling. Even if you understand ONLY a piece of it, you will see a picture of the horrific destruction the substances caused at Ground Zero and within human bodies—the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, on our soil, in our people.

“These thermitic substances also created rare cancers due to unusually high levels of benzene and derivatives like 1,3-DPP, again suggesting energetic materials like thermite and nanothermite. Analysis of first responders’ lung tissue indicated them too.”

Beyond the evidence Kevin Ryan points to, he “strongly suggests further study of this startling correlation between environmental testing results, first responder health study results, and the unparalleled use of energetic materials at the WTC.” For anyone drawn by the tragedy of 9/11, its victims, and the fate of its first responders, Kevin Ryan’s full article linked here deserves your undivided attention. His dedication to 9/11 Truth is unflinching.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer, life-long resident of New York City. An EBook version of his book of poems “State Of Shock,” on 9/11 and its after effects is now available at and He has also written hundreds of articles on politics and government as Associate Editor of Intrepid Report (formerly Online Journal.

6 Responses to Chemist Kevin Ryan cites energetic materials as potential cause of 9/11 First Responders’ illnesses

  1. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see that the smoking gun of 911: Nanothermite could be demonstrated in the living tissue of survivors. Which is why it will never be allowed to officialy happen.

  2. Anton Vodvarka

    There is a plainly visible “smoking gun” in the 9-11 affair, WTC #7. It dissolved uniformly into its basement at freefall speed, five seconds or so. There is no other conclusion possible except that it was imploded with explosives. This undeniable FACT alone makes the government’s conspiracy theory rediculous and destroys their credibility generally.
    Tony Vodvarka

  3. Well, the more evidence the better, Anton. And since it’s here already, why not use it?

  4. Anton Vodvarka

    Absolutely so, Jerry. No criticism intended above, I was simply reminding readers of what I believe to be the most obvious anomaly of the tragedy and the most effective talking point in attempting to convince fellow citizens of the foul play that occurred. There is no possible benign explanation for the building’s freefall and it is in plain sight. Appreciate your reporting and analysis, thanks.
    Tony Vodvarka

  5. That was a great read. Nevertheless I wonder if there is a real basis to all conspiracy theories, or we, people are just doing our best to entertain ourselves with the invented illusion of hidden conflict as it gives us an opportunity to experience total immersion in life’s drama and fight the dragon. See, imaginary drama and its effect on our brain chemistry is as strong as the real events, at least that’s how our body perceives it. Fear is a very strong emotion. When something makes us feel afraid, the body immediately releases endorphins, norepinephrine and dopamine. And as you might know the greater the release of mentioned chemicals, the greater the addiction like symptoms to any conflict. You know what I am talking about, correct? Of course, you do. And I am not saying that your story is not true, I am just reflecting on overall phenomena. Why are we so fascinated by conspiracy stories?

  6. Ah Bonita,
    A conspiracy is a plot by two or more people to inflict harm on others. The conspiray belongs to the conspirators. The theory is an attempt by the afflicted to explain how and why the conspirators proceeded. The afflicted (victims) gather facts, establishing a time line, and try to understand as precisely as possible the motivation and modus operandi of the perpatrators. So much for endorphins, norepinephrine and dopamine. Save that for ADHD discussions. They’re more relevant.
    Jerry Mazza.