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Why you should care that Facebook is at war with LUV News

Every person who believes in a free press should pay attention to Facebook’s war with one of their own groups called “LUV News.” Continue reading

How today’s plutocrats are not so different from the czars

Czar Nicholas II believed that he and the Romanovs had a divine right to rule. If the peasants froze or starved to death, that was their problem—he was chosen by god to live a life of luxury, much as American billionaires of today who inherit from the robber barons. No matter how much suffering it causes, they expand their wealth to deprive the masses of so much as a crust of bread. Continue reading

How Trump might win reelection with the continued help of the Democrats

It’s difficult to see how President Trump could be reelected if he stays on his current path, pushing capitalism to excess (leaving no billionaire behind). After all, it was his lurch to the left which got him the presidency, as many of the Rust Belt working class believed the Democrats had abandoned them. Continue reading

Big Pharma is Murder, Inc.

Thousands of people have died from taking Big Pharma’s products as directed, with Big Pharma executives aware that their products caused sickness and death. Continue reading

We have always had racism in our sports

As a boy in the US-Apartheid 1950s I remember being indoctrinated about differences between the races which made white athletes superior. No need to look in any particular place, it was a dominant theme everywhere in U.S. culture. Continue reading

Abortion rights about to end and why it should concern you

With the retirement of Justice Kennedy from the Supreme Court, abortion rights are about to end, said Jeffrey Toobin, CNN’s judicial watcher, this morning. President Trump, bowing to his glassy-eyed religious right minions, will appoint a replacement justice who will vote to abort Roe v. Wade at the earliest opportunity. Continue reading

Why Republicans always win, even if they’re called ‘Democrats’

In their casual rhetoric at election time, Democrats pretend to represent the public interest, saying you should vote for them to stop the Republicans, but never tell you they are the Republicans in a two-corporate-party duopoly made up of clones with two names. Continue reading

My interview with The Peace Mom

Cindy Sheehan is better known as The Peace Mom who gave President Bush hell for his illegal invasion of Iraq, in which Cindy lost her son, Casey. I interviewed her to bring readers up to date in June of 2018. Continue reading

An open letter to Scott Pruitt and his ludicrous pig god

EPA Administrator Pruitt, you lying son of a bitch. You are telling people that god talks to you? And your pig god tells you to trash our air, water and soil so that greedy plutocrats may become wealthier at the expense of everyone else, as species go extinct because of your heinous corruption? Continue reading

Why Trump will not fix the Korean situation

There has never been a peace agreement between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the United States. When the Korean War ended is was planned that both sides would work out an agreement, but it never happened. President Trump is boasting that he will fix this problem, but, ignorant man that he is, he doesn’t understand that he can’t fix it. Continue reading

Spankings from Stormy, golden showers, and other presidential stuff

To really understand President Trump, one must first understand what’s behind the spanking he got from Stormy Daniels. Continue reading

Foreshadowing the Trump legacy and what the genuine left must do to counter

President Trump has eluded predictions since he began his quest for the White House, most not imagining he would ever govern. Now it is possible to see where all of this is going, but, before that, we must assess how he got there. Continue reading

I know who really controlled our elections (and it wasn’t 13 Russians)

It is amazing to hear from the corporate media warnings about those who spread what they call “fake news.” Amazing because nobody spreads more fake news than the mainstream press. This week they are parroting FBI charges that 13 Russians are the most important part of the control of our elections, as always, without investigating the charges. Continue reading

The best we can expect from our corrupt government

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt can’t fly coach because people in coach inform him that he is “Fucking up the environment,” so he is forced to fly First Class, where, ostensibly, people don’t give a damn if he is “fucking up the environment.” This is his actual excuse. Continue reading

The worst child molesters are in Congress and the White House

I watched the sentencing of Dr. Nassar, convicted of molesting under the age of consent Olympic athletes. CNN ran the court drama for hours, interjecting comments from their regular panelists telling us what a monster Nassar was, sometimes concluding that he is the worst child molester of all. Continue reading

Will the human race end this century or is there a glimmer of hope in the stars?

At our current pace of capitalist exploitation, the human race will die out within a century. Homo sapiens, the last species of the genus homo, will be no more. Continue reading

Dead peasants in Las Vegas? The rich get richer

While some may see the slaughter of 59 people in Las Vegas and injuring of more than 500 others, some of whom will likely be added to the total of the dead as attempts to save them fail, the rich will benefit handsomely from this. Continue reading


The Civil War continues to plague us from a dark corner of our history. We’ve got to make sense of what happened in Charlottesville last week–the corporate media are doing a horrible job of it, largely because they are represented by elites who have no understanding of anything happening outside their servile echoes of capitalist propaganda at any cost to the public interest. Continue reading

Trumpcare has long been with us

Watching CNN’S New Day health care exchange Tuesday morning I was ready to explode after Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo traded words. Cuomo pointed out that many Republicans now favor simply doing nothing on health care until Obamacare falls apart, with, perhaps, a push from the president. He then remarked that a great many people would suffer. Continue reading

Killing all the billionaires is not the answer

If all the billionaires and those in their wills were to die today, the world likely would be a better place, with suffering massively diminished. The economy could then blossom, no longer working only for the few at the expense of the many. It would be easy to kill all the billionaires, there are millions of us for every one of them. Continue reading

One nation under plutocracy

Americans are brought up believing a fairy tale in which there is somehow democracy in their governance. But the late, great, Leonard Cohen exposed the system’s dirty little secret, “Everybody knows that the dice are loaded, everybody rolls with their fingers crossed.” Continue reading

Let’s call it the democracy movement

At first I thought they were trying to kill me. I’d come home to find a bullet hole through my front window. Immediately I guessed who it was. Continue reading

How to get rid the bastards before they murder us all

If most Americans knew what was happening in our extremely corrupt government, there would be a bloody riot, and most of the Democrats and Republicans would be slaughtered with as little mercy as they’ve shown the American public. Continue reading

If you are a leftist, you might be a Buddhist

On a miserable day in 1966, I was being shot at from several directions and jumped into a ditch for cover. In seconds the field in front of me was riddled with bullets, as American soldiers returned fire on Vietnamese rebels determined to eliminate their sworn enemies, foreign invaders bent on returning colonialism under a new guise. Continue reading

Why the massive Women’s March will fail

Like Mark Twain, “I am always on the side of the revolutionists, because there never was a revolution unless there were some oppressive and intolerable conditions against which to revolute.” I do support Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington and its offshoots around the nation and the planet. Continue reading

Is it possible that Trump will move us away from our new Cold War?

I was just watching on CNN NATO troops moving into Eastern Europe in the latest “get tough” move against Russia. This intimidating buildup is frightening to those of us who understand the significance, and why it is being done. President Obama and the rest of our National Security State players have been demonizing the Russians in the public forum. Continue reading

Corporate media’s diversity myth as FOX News morphs into MSNBC

For corporate media to be successful at lying to us on behalf of the portfolios of their owners, board members and advertisers, they must pretend to offer diversity in their reporting so as to convince the majority that different sides of issues are being aired. Continue reading

Fake news from corporate media kills

But lies continue to dominate corporate media reports

I believe that the murder of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, was the result of the influence of fake news dominating the corporate media around the world. The shooter, identified as a 22-year-old Turkish riot police officer, shouted that he was upset about what is happening in Aleppo after committing the murder on video. Continue reading

Corporate media buy CIA claim, without evidence, of Russian meddling in US presidential election

On Saturday CNN put forth on program after program that the recent US presidential election was interfered with by the Russians, offering no proof. Continue reading

Are we sliding toward absolute rule by fascists?

Smearing and censorship in the name of ‘fake news’

I had a sobering thought as I watched a video I’d rented recently, to wit, we may now be sliding toward rule by totalitarian fascists. Continue reading

Hillary: The only person in the galaxy who could lose to Trump

I will not be surprised if President-elect Trump changes the national motto from e pluribus unum to capto per naturale eius debent (grab them by the pussy). This will show the rest of the world that our leader is a celebrity and we may do whatever we want, not that the rest of the world doesn’t already know the Empire feels this way, just clarifying. Continue reading

Our presidents have always been scumbags, a President Trump would hardly be unique

We are all getting a kick out of watching the ridiculous soap opera packaged by the mainstream media as a “presidential election,” with the usual ignoring of issues important to the American people. Continue reading