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Why would (Ras)Putin target a sure loser like Trump?

The new McCarthyism was born when WikiLeaks revealed the truth about the leaders of the Democratic Party. The leaked emails showed that the vile Democratic National Committee boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her crew of foul-mouthed punks perpetrated election fraud by rigging the Democratic primaries for Hillary Clinton. Continue reading

What about violence from the Clinton campaign?

Some roughhousing at a Democratic Party convention in Nevada over the weekend shocked party leaders and the mainstream media. The official custodians of propriety demand that Sanders control his followers and denounce their actions. The double standard on this issue is simply appalling since the Clinton campaign represents failed policies that got 350,000 killed and future plans (the “no fly zone” for Syria) that will cost even more lives. Continue reading

Masters of disaster bring cholera to Haiti and polio to Syria

Haiti and Syria are victims of their rescuers. The two nations are now sites of major disease outbreaks. Cholera in Haiti and polio in Syria didn’t just happen. Through negligence, those who claim to rescue the people imported the disease entities and fostered the conditions for wider outbreaks. Continue reading

Uncontrollable Boehner and the Bait and Switch Index

The Money Party’s latest training exercise with live ammunition (aimed at us) is over for a while. At the last minute, the geniuses in your nation’s capital got it together long enough to pass a relatively clean budget resolution and raise the debt limit for a few weeks. The bill also included some intrusive income verification requirements for the Affordable Care Act (ACA)/Obamacare from the people who say they hate the government in their business. Continue reading

Baffling Boehner—who owns this guy?

The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives has the power to end the government shutdown and avoid the U.S. entering into default on October 17. Speaker John Boehner refuses to exercise that power. Why? Who will save us? Continue reading

Goldman, other welfare queens tell us forget Social Security and Medicare until 70

WASHINGTON, DC—A long standing Money Party front, the Business Roundtable, wants you to wait until you’re 70 years old before you get Social Security and Medicare benefits. This is just a reprise of the November 2012 dictate from the king of corporate cronyism, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Continue reading

Kill for peace—US and EU sanctions deny medicine to the critically ill

United States and European Union sanctions against Iran prevent much needed medical care for the Iranian people. Those with cancer, for example, have lost the option of treatment through chemotherapy while hemophiliacs are at high risk for any surgery due to a denial of essential pharmaceuticals. Continue reading

Liar’s poker—Obama and Cameron on Syrian WMD

WASHINGTON, DC—Here we go again. Continue reading

Susan Rice’s conflicts of interest—major holdings in tar sands oil, Keystone XL Pipeline, and Canadian financiers

WASHINGTON, DC—United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice will face serious and blatant conflicts of interest if nominated and confirmed as United States Secretary of State. Rice has major financial interests in the company extracting oil from Canada’s tar sands, the company building the pipeline that will carry the oil across the U.S., and the Canadian banks financing this deadly project. Continue reading

Turkey plays Lee Harvey for NATO plotters

WASHINGTON, DC—The United States and European Union are setting the stage for a Syrian invasion. Continue reading

How we know what we know about Syria

Obama administration support for Syrian rebels is based on a United Nations authorized report from November 2011. In that document, Syria is accused of committing “crimes against humanity.” The report’s co-author is a board member at a Washington, DC-based think tank that just happens to have the former chairman of ExxonMobil, a consultant for the Saudi Binladin Group, and a former CIA executive on its board of directors. Continue reading

Bilderberg meeting a wrap, who would trust these people?

CHANTILLY, VA, 6/3/2012—The Bilderberg Group completed its annual meeting today in Northern Virginia. The group was founded in 1954 by the financial, political, and military elites of Europe and the United States. Annual meetings provide for “regular, off-the-record discussions [to] help create a better understanding of the complex forces and major trends affecting Western nations in the difficult post-war period.” Bilderberg Meetings, Official Website Continue reading

Choreographed budget cave-in—The Money Party stabs citizens in the back

So this is how it is going to be: “After putting controversial cuts to Social Security and Medicare on the table in negotiations with congressional Republicans over a plan to raise the nation’s debt ceiling, President Obama still doesn’t have a deal in the works.” Chris Moody, Yahoo News, July 7. Continue reading

Questions for The Money Party: Why negative job growth since 2000?

Negative job growth for 11 years is the best evidence concerning our economic troubles. There were 135 million jobs in 2000 for a workforce of 144 million. Today, there are 139 million jobs for a workforce of 154 million. That represents negative job growth when you factor in population growth. Continue reading

Will the NY attorney general bring doomsday charges against Wall Street?

If so, how long will he survive?

Gretchen Morgenson of the New York Times just published one of the few feel good stories in months following the 2008 financial crisis. She describes a possible day of reckoning for the perpetrators of the 2008 crisis and much of the pain that has followed. Continue reading

Beyond ForeclosureGate it gets uglier

The ForeclosureGate scandal poses a threat to Wall Street, the big banks, and the political establishment. If the public ever gets a complete picture of the personal, financial, and legal assault on citizens at their most vulnerable, the outrage will be endless. Continue reading

The crazies versus the sleepwalkers—big budget showdown

The Republican crazies are in a celebrity death match with sleepwalking Democrats. It is a fabricated drama amounting to not much of anything in terms of the nation’s well being. The stakes are supposedly the shutdown of the United States government at midnight this Friday. But the most pressing issue isn’t discussed on Capitol Hill. Continue reading

Libya, gas prices, and the big payday at your expense

Another triumph for The Money Party

The average price for a gallon of gas rose 30 percent from $2.69 in July 2010 to $3.49 as of March 6. Most of that 30 percent has come in just the last few days. Continue reading

IMF rates up dictatorships just before revolutions

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) made an embarrassing error just two days before the start of the Libyan people’s revolution on February 17. This quote from an IMF country study appeared in a previous article: “The outlook for Libya’s economy remains favorable.” IMF Feb 15 This advice was 180 degrees off target. The Libyan economy has ceased functioning as protests and popular demands imploded the Gaddafi regime. Continue reading

The Money Party on the road to ruin

The Money Party is destroying the United States. For 10 years, there have been no new jobs with flat income. Unemployment and poverty are making a big comeback. The party consists of those who own and control concentrations of great wealth and the select few who serve them (their Mandarins). Based on the efficiency of the demolition job, you have to wonder is this is by design? If greed, ignorance, and paranoia constitute a plan, then they are master planners. Continue reading

Egypt and the false dilemma—decline and fall

The people of Egypt have had enough of a failed dictatorship masquerading as a democracy. As events unfold, we’re seeing a cautionary message entering the corporate media coverage of this event. Having never exposed the dire conditions that prompted the massive protests and demands for change, we’re now told that this could negatively impact oil supplies, the stock market, and anti-terror efforts. No foundation for the claims was provided but they’re repeated regularly on CNN, the NBCs, Fox, and the print media. Continue reading