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Three Mile Island nuke plant closure strengthens call for renewable energy future

Tuesday’s announcement that the Three Mile Island Unit One nuclear plant will close unless it gets massive subsidies has vastly strengthened the case for a totally renewable energy future. Continue reading

‘The power to create a new world’: Capital versus humanity

Catastrophic climate change is no longer a subject for argument, at least on a mainstream level within the science community. Yet, as temperatures continue to rise, American efforts to combat global warming, sadly seem to decline. Continue reading

Trumping the environment

Whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump was elected, the environment is going to suffer. Continue reading

How nuclear power causes global warming

Supporters of nuclear power like to argue that nukes are the key to combating climate change. Here’s why they are dead wrong. Continue reading

Pro-capitalist climate problem needs anti-capitalist solution

The Paris meeting of national officials united to save capitalism by rebranding climate change was challenged by outside demonstrators from all over the world calling for system change. The people were way ahead of their governments. Whether called revolutionary by supporters or disastrous by opponents, what should rightly be called COP-OUT 21 came to a final agreement that means business as usual. Private profits continue to come before any consideration of public loss and that is the root of the problem for humanity. Continue reading

The pope smokes out Congress on climate change

The funniest line of the last few days came from Arizona’s Republican Congressman Paul Gosar. Continue reading

Scotland bans growing GM crops

Independent evidence shows GM foods and ingredients harm human health. All nations should ban them. Continue reading

Climate change challenges: Support the environment or the U.S. military?

Having lived through the 1991 Desert Storm bombing and the 2003 Shock and Awe bombing in Iraq, I tread carefully when speaking about any danger greater than war that children in our world might face. I won’t forget children in Baghdadi hospitals whose bodies I have seen, wounded and maimed, after bombing campaigns ordered by U.S. leaders. I think also of children in Lebanon and Gaza and Afghanistan, children I’ve sat with in cities under heavy bombardments while their frightened parents tried to distract and calm them. Continue reading

Fukushima is still a disaster

The corporate media silence on Fukushima has been deafening even though the melted down nuclear power plant’s seaborne radiation is now washing up on American beaches. Continue reading

The social cost of GMOs

Ecological economists such as Herman Daly write that the more full the world becomes, the higher are the social or external costs of production. Continue reading

UN panel: Renewables, not nukes, can solve climate crisis

The authoritative Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has left zero doubt that we humans are wrecking our climate. Continue reading

Fighting our fossil-nuke extinction

The 25th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez disaster has brought critical new evidence that petro-pollution is destroying our global ecosystem. Continue reading

The nuclear omnicide

In the 35 years since the March 28, 1979, explosion and meltdown at Three Mile Island, fierce debate has raged over whether humans were killed there. In 1986 and 2011, Chernobyl and Fukushima joined the argument. Whenever these disasters happen, there are those who claim that the workers, residents and military personnel exposed to radiation will be just fine. Continue reading

Japan stops treating radioactive water

Can it ever be treated? Is it even possible?

SAN FRANCISCO—It is time to call it what it is: It’s a Scam. It’s a Con Job. There is no solution, never was and never will be. That’s the whole Con and you, like most people, probably fell for the notion hook, line and sinker that radioactivity can be removed from water. Continue reading

Disposable assets in the fracking industry

The oil and gas industry, the nation’s Chambers of Commerce, and politicians, who are dependent upon campaign contributions from the industry and the chambers, claim fracking is safe. Continue reading

South-central US poisoned by New Mexico nuke garbage dump

Enough to kill 35,5000 people released so far

SAN FRANCISCO—Carlsbad, New Mexico is the site of the nation’s only nuclear weapons program garbage dump. Plutonium is used in making The Bomb, it melts at 640 Deg C or 1,184 Deg F, and is made in reactors. It is not mined anywhere on Earth. Reactors exist to make bombs. Continue reading

Documents say Navy knew Fukushima dangerously contaminated the USS Reagan

A stunning new report indicates the U.S. Navy knew that sailors from the nuclear-powered USS Ronald Reagan took major radiation hits from the Fukushima atomic power plant after its meltdowns and explosions nearly three years ago. Continue reading

Obama’s nuke-powered drone strike on America’s energy future

So the “all the above” energy strategy now deems we dump another $6.5 billion in bogus loan guarantees down the atomic drain. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz has announced finalization of hotly contested taxpayer handouts for the two Vogtle reactors being built in Georgia. Another $1.8 billion waits to be pulled out of your pocket and poured down the radioactive sinkhole. Continue reading

50 reasons we should fear the worst from Fukushima

Part One of a two-part series

Fukushima’s missing melted cores and radioactive gushers continue to fester in secret. Continue reading

Japan’s deadly new ‘Fukushima fascism’

Fukushima continues to spew out radiation. The quantities seem to be rising, as do the impacts. Continue reading

Untamed nature: Is the world ready for another tsunami?

Since the beginning of recorded history, mankind has struggled with the destructive forces of nature. Continue reading

No area safe from fracking

At the time New Jersey established a ban on fracking, it seemed symbolic, much like the moratorium in Vermont, which has no economically recoverable natural gas; the Marcellus Shale, primarily in New York and Pennsylvania, doesn’t extend into New Jersey. Continue reading

Coal vs. the Great Barrier Reef

Every year 1,000,000 tons of coal dust blows or washes onto Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This has gone on for the past decade and is set to almost quadruple in the coming years as Australia accelerates its great coal rip-off. Continue reading

Pandora’s atomic box score

The first prophetic sign to follow CNN’s irrelevant Pandora’s Promise is this: the Dallas-based Luminant Power Company has cancelled two mammoth reactors. Continue reading

Shipping crude oil down the Hudson River from Albany, NY, is a potential disaster

For several months now long trains of rail cars full of crude oil can be seen inching along, or stopped altogether, beside I-787 in downtown Albany NY. Other tankers fill the rail yards off I-90 not far from the SUNY campus. Continue reading

Hey pro-nuke climate scientists, note the global terror at Fukushima Four

Four climate scientists have made a public statement claiming nuclear power is an answer to global warming. Continue reading

Fukushima: There may be no more time

In the movie classic “On the Beach,” the end scene shows a banner flapping in the breeze over a radioactive and dead Melbourne, Australia, proclaiming, “THERE IS STILL TIME . . BROTHER.” Continue reading

Strontium-90, another radioactive element discharging from the Fukushima mess

In the past months, there has been between 90 and 900 Tbq (terabecquerels) of strontium-90 pouring into the Pacific, raising levels by up to two orders of magnitude. Since June 2011, there have been further large discharges of strontium-90 from Fukushima that have not been measured with precision. Continue reading

Canadian natives resist: ‘What the frack?’

Last week’s anti-fracking protest has put Canada’s First Nations at the forefront of Canada’s political life, injecting spirit back into our moribund political scene. Canadians watching the evening news were shocked by scenes of burning police cars, and riot squad of 100 police wielding tear gas and tasers on horseback. Continue reading

14,000 Hiroshimas still swing in the Fukushima air . . .

Japan’s pro-nuclear prime minister has finally asked for global help at Fukushima. Continue reading

Standing in the sunshine, the answer is blowin’ in the wind

Tokelau, an independent territory of New Zealand, is a small three-island archipelago of about 1,400 residents about 300 miles north of American Samoa in the South Pacific. In October 2012, the Polynesian nation turned off the last of its diesel generators and became the first country to use solar power as its only energy source. Continue reading

Shut it all down: Report Calls for nationwide ban on fracking

Hydraulic fracturing gas drilling turning America's water into cancer-causing, radioactive waste

The explosion of hydraulic fracturing in the last several years, according to a new report, is creating a previously ‘unimaginable’ situation in which hundreds of billions of gallons of the nation’s fresh water supply are being annually transformed into unusable—sometimes radioactive—cancer-causing wastewater. Continue reading